The Only Person Missing at Sandy Hook is Kevin Bacon.

We’re well on our way to winning a Six Ways to Sandy Hook “bingo” with these fake Newtown victims!  We’ve got Nancy Lanza, lighting a candle for herself at a vigil. We’ve got Nancy’s dear friend Ms. Munoz, so unlucky that she also witnessed the San Bernardino shootings, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Philly train derailment and the Watertown Mass shootings.  Now we have an interview with a classmate of “Adam Lanza,” who also happens to be ISIS beheading victim James Foley’s sister Katie. James Foley, if you’ll recall “got the ball rolling” so to speak in our war on ISIS, to our utter collective despair. This is the work of Satan, and she goes by “Bea.” She also goes by Marina Abramovic.  How much do we hate Muslims for beheading Mr. Foley?  For 9/11, a George W. Bush, Skull and Bones Production?  Yeah, once again, nobody died at Sandy Hook. And nobody named James Foley got beheaded. 

Another notable thing about this video below is that there really do seem to be two different women working two different roles, but both of them definitely repeated. We know why this could be the case. We’ve explained before that there are multiple time loops and we have twins in those loops. For the Illuminati crowd who appears as witnesses on camera, they actually can conduct an interview in one loop and just broadcast it to our own.  They also seem to have done this with David Wheeler, particularly after Wheeler was spotted on the Sandy Hook SWAT response, clumsily mishandling his rifle.  The media then produced an FBI agent who supposedly “resembled” Wheeler enough to account for Wheeler being both a grieving parent and a bumbling FBI SWAT team member at the school.

via Katie Foley Alex Israel Same Crisis Actor Facial Analysis(Redsilverj) – YouTube

Here’s another interview of James Foley’s sister and brother, this time with Katie Couric. Look at the picture on the (green screen) wall behind them. It will fall off and they won’t flinch (much). But also notice that the picture inside the middle frame is of a portrait, a headshot. A sideways facing headshot!  Ridiculous. Fake news indeed. The globe is a nice touch too. Every American family has one in their Pottery Barn living rooms. (More propaganda since we are in a simulation, in fact, but that’s another story.)

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