Spirit Cooking With Bea, or Buzzing Through the Ages with Time-Traveling Illuminati/Traveler "Queen Bee" – Pictorial Salute Part II.

In Part II of Buzzing Through the Ages with Bee, we celebrate Bea’s matronly grandma persona (aka “Happy Nana” in Amazon.com reviews).  Bea is ubiquitous, and we hope you’ll come to understand this.  Bea is Marina Abramovic. She is Alice from the Brady Bunch. She’s in men, she’s in women. She’s head of The Family, both the upstairs Illuminati people who are down here preying upon us, and the downstairs Travelers.  She’s the boss. She’s Kim Noble, painter of hideous child porn.  She’s Jeffrey Dahmer.  Bea.

Bee is Nellie, and Mrs. Oleson from Little House on the Prairie. I am Laura Ingols in this show so I have to throw in the gif I made of giving Nellie a boost in her wheelchair:

You’re such a good friend Nellie!
Nellie, someday that’ll be the Brea Tar Pit.
Mrs. Oleson, also Bea.  Bea’s husband Kodiak is Mr. Oleson, the Town Merchant (same thing as a “Banker” or Boss, in the Traveler Thesaurus).  These are not coincidences.


“Aunt Bea” of Mayberry, obviously modeled after Bea:


Aunt Bea


Bea is all over the Matrix. She is The Oracle, The Source, and all the Agents Smith. Notice in many portrayals of Bea she is chain-smoking and drinking.

Bea as the Oracle
Bea as The Oracle
Bea as The Source
Bea as Agents Smith


Bea depicted as Alice in the Brady Bunch.  Kodiak is her boyfriend “Bob the Butcher,” and that name (Bob) and occupation (Butcher) is not coincidental. Kodiak goes by Robert as head of the Family’s Six clan. Similarly, Kodiak playing Dr. Carver, the autopsy man (get it? Carver, autopsy) of Sandy Hook School was not coincidental, in that case Kodiak was making a joke of the whole Sandy Hook scam generally. (See here for that story.)  Back to the Bradys. I am Mrs. Brady and also Jan. Bea is Alice and also Marsha and Cindy. Those names have meaning too. Marsha is a play on “Martian” like we’ve been explaining.  Bea is not human, she is a Nine in The Family, a Grey alien.  All aliens in the family are called “Martian” just for shorthand (there is nobody on Mars). So Marsha is Bea.  And Cindy is a play on “synthetic” and also represents Bea.  Jan has a name similar to my own (my name Outside is Hera and on “Earth” in this time loop it is similar to Jan).  Here’s where the time travel comes in… Jan’s real name is “Eve Plumb” and I literally am “Eve” because my soul was made from David’s. Your soul was made from mine, by the way. And the Bible itself has been”Bea-ified” by this evil beast with time travel capabilities and therefore should not be relied on as “gospel” so to speak, for the time being. We’ll “fix it” someday when we are free of Bea. Anyway, in this time loop Bea tried to hide me from my husband David by blocking my memories of my own family, and also by making me appear to be an alien Four in the Family, which is denoted by a corresponding Plum color. So “Eve Plumb” refers to me, as Eve and as a Family Four, or plum. As does the name Jan, closely approximating Jane. Wild, we know!  These go on for days, such intentional coincidences.

Bea (center)



Bea and Kodiak (“Bob the Butcher”)


This “Dark Angel” Will Send You to a Buttery Grave.  Really, Bea is Mrs. Butterworth.

A Buttery “Dark Angel”


Bea as Auntie Em in the Wizard of Oz:


Bea also is depicted as the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz. Note that the Witch is dressed like a “Get” which is an evil wizard to Travelers. Gets carry umbrellas, wear top hats and bow ties, usually gloves, and they also often are depicted on bicycles for a couple of reasons, one of which is because the spinning of bicycle wheels is meant to evoke a Get spinning around before it attacks.



A tapestry of Bea portrayals, notice the identical poses of Mrs. Oleson (left) and The Master from Dr. Who (middle woman), and the umbrella, a signature accessory for a “Get” which is an evil wizard to Travelers. Compare the female version of The Master to the Wicked Witch above. The picture of the male is another version of the Master, who also is Bea.  The Master from Dr. Who is a Time Lord, and can regenerate as a male or female.  So can Bea. But Bea can be all of these people we are showing you at the same time. 


Bea is a rock star as well.  She penned many many Rush songs. Rush is Satanic, although their tunes have an uplifting tone to them.  Look beneath the top layer and you’ll see that they are Bea’s hideous brags of ruling over all of us as her playthings, making “Magic Movies” out of raping, torturing and murdering us, (she is Marina Abramovic) until she finally blows up our entire time loop in an “alien attack,” as she sits perched in the upstairs “future” out of the fray.

Bea (left) reaching out to a Pentagram on the Satanic cover of Rush’s Moving Pictures album (deciphered here) in the 1980s.  Bea (bottom right) cruising through Charlie Chaplin’s movie set for Circus in the 1920s, while talking on a cell phone just to be funny (further explained here).


Bea-depiction Grandma Ida in Malcolm in the Middle, a dead-on awesome portrayal by the way. Ida is a battle ax who murdered Mr. Lee’s wife on a cruise ship by throwing her overboard.  Here she’s drugging his tea to hypnotize him into marrying her.  When the drugs wear off at the alter, Ida tries claiming that she is pregnant. This is a reference to how I (Hera) was dragged down here to Earth by Bea from our upstairs home in the future, and how Bea is using mind-control technology and environmental drugs in the air and water, which Bea dispenses to keep us all a little bit confused and easier to manipulate and control.  But particularly she was hoping to kill me and pave the way clear to “win” my husband David.  This is why understanding the meaning of the messages should be important to you. The messages are there for a reason. This show’s message was, “hey, Bea is murdering and drugging your family and all people, and preying upon you… run away.  Beware.”  So please pay attention because these messages are for all of us here on Earth and upstairs. And elsewhere.



Bea-depiction Frau Farbissina, yiddish for “bitter,” another spot on portrayal:


And with her eternal husband Kodiak, who is the inspiration for Dr. Evil:


Bea does not approve of “wire hangers.”  The movie Mommy Dearest was a warning to me that Bea had taken over physical “occupation” of my mother. And she had, and she did. And now my birth mother in this time loop has dementia.

Bea as Joan Crawford. When she says “No wire hangers!” she means it.


Finally, for this era of Bea’s pictorial, Bea is depicted as Sybil, the girl with multiple personalities. Ironically – but not coincidentally – Sybil’s mother forced a catheter in her and expanded her bladder full of fluid and then forced her to hold that fluid for hours, as punishment for various minor infractions. By “but not coincidentally” we mean that this story of Sybil, especially the movie, showed scenes of this catheter torture – in order to pass the message to us that this is one of the things Bea (Marina Abramovic, do not forget it) does to people. And it is something she is doing to me (Hera) several times a day.




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