A Message to the Sandy Hook "Victims" and the Rest of The Family Members Who Perpetrate These Hoax Crimes

We want you to stop lying. We didn’t ask you to retract all of your ridiculous and cruel scams.  We didn’t ask you to step up and take responsibility for the mass murder that began with the timed detonations at the World Trade Center on 9/11 and continues to this day.  Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives over your “Illuminati Card Game.”  You will be left behind, holding on to your Illuminati Card Deck for comfort when the rest of us move on.  Stop these scams, they are not victimless crimes.  Next time Bea puts you up to participating in something that is going to cause the deaths of any innocent people, you decline. Next time the news calls you for an interview about your “tragic losses” over whichever hoax you are perpetrating, you decline.  That goes for you as well, Len Pozner, and Anderson Cooper and the news people who are in a position of trust.  All of you stop lying from this point forward, or you will be moving forward, for whatever may be left of your eternity, here. These aren’t victimless crimes. They are disgusting to us.  Spread the word to your friends as well.  There will be no more excuses going forward.  David.

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