A Message from the Other Beings Presently Coexisting with Humanity. The Purpose of this Blog Explained.

We want you to know and understand that all of these stories here on the blog are fact-based, real and true stories.  We are trying to explain to you how they all are inter-related. Everything is connected.  Everything, literally everything, every news story, song on the radio, strange happening in your own life, all of it is orchestrated by the “Upstairs” humans and their Grey alien overlords. The Greys have control of us here, and control of us in the upstairs future Earth environment.  They view this Earth as their “playground.” They use advanced technology to “drive” human beings, even calling humans “cars” or “vehicles” or “human suits” that they “wear” like “clothes.”  It is disgusting. The Greys do it, but also so do humans from the future.  They use their ability to travel back and forth in time to score themselves winning lottery tickets and play Illuminati “Card Games” in which they are awarded points for causing destruction in our environment. Taking down the Twin Towers was a 10-point card in the Game. 

So please be patient and read through these stories and hopefully with enough of them you’ll begin to understand that this external control of the human race here is the common thread running through all of them.  We try here to explain to you who is in control and why they sneak around harming humans and other beings on this Earth.  Why not just come right out and overtly control you?  Because that is no fun to them!  It is a game.  This Earth is “the video game” that says “play me” as they brag about in the song “Who Made Who” by AC/DC, which they wrote.  We here are the “8-bit town” that the song sings about.  We decipher that song on the blog.  Also Rush, YES, and Taylor Swift, as these groups are primary sources for obvious material, all of them groups of Grey aliens bragging about world domination (listen to 2112 Temples of Syrinx by Rush, which we also decipher here on the blog for you).  All of these Rock groups brag about enslaving and killing humans, even blowing up the Earth. They do in fact blow it up and then roll it back in time by reopening an earlier window into the past where this hasn’t yet occurred.  So we on this Earth are killed over and over as part of their Game, but have no memory of this suffering, just as described most recently in the show Westworld on HBO.  (You are not robots, however, and your lives have great meaning to all of us here to help you, from the outside.)

We are actively working from outside of Earth to stop this from continuing.  We want you to know that.  We want you to understand that you are not crazy, that these conspiracy theories you dismiss often are in actuality quite fact-based, that the news on the TV is orchestrated by Greys and humans in the future and the vast majority of the information they impart is false.  Understand that these evil beings use time travel to rewrite history and especially religious texts as they get points in their Illuminati Card Game to divide the human race.  They get points for starting cults, such as Jim Jones, Heaven’s Gate and Scientology. They have advanced mind-control technology, which is the most important thing you should take away from reading our blog.  They have technology to hypnotize and remote-control every living creature on Earth. This technology-driven control over you, of which you are unaware, can be mitigated a great deal simply by knowing it exists. Question your own thoughts as they can “implant them in your brain” as Simon and Garfunkel warn in The Sound of Silence.  Be vigilant and use a buddy system with your friends and relatives. If someone you know starts behaving or speaking irrationally, tell them to wake up, that you don’t think they are fully aware, shake them and talk to them until they can hear you.  These Greys can speak right through your own family members’ mouths to you!  Be aware of this and vigilant about it.  Be aware that they can do this to anyone at all, any world leader, any newscaster, any pet dog or cat (they can even make them speak human words).  You are not crazy.  But the Greys are.

Keep this in mind in case your life starts to go sideways.  Keep us in mind too. We are here for you! We are trying to stop them. You are not forgotten here, and never will be again. We did not know that you all were here, being victimized by the Greys.  Now we do. So keep in mind a few things.  If an “alien attack” occurs as they brag about in YES’s Roundabout song and Long Distance Runaround, both of which we decipher on this blog, keep in mind that as soon as it ends they reopen a window further into your past and there you are, alive and well, and no attack has occurred yet, and won’t.  Do not despair, then, that humanity will be destroyed. It will not.  You yourself even will be fine, but unaware that such an attack ever happened to you.  Keep in mind that they make a game of dividing the human race, and rewrite religious texts to further that objective.  When they make changes by going back in time, it will to the vast majority of you seem certain to always have been that way.  A few of you have noticed some of the collateral effects of changes made and have been calling this the “Mandela Effect,” which is explained in many videos on You Tube. In essence, there is a group of humans who remembers that Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s or 1990s, while the majority of humans remember him being released from prison, remarrying and dying a few years ago.

The upstairs Greys and some of the humans also stage terrorist attacks to further their Game.  Keep in mind that they can occupy and “drive around” even your family members.  Do not harm anyone as they are temporarily occupied and will be back to normal soon. But talk them through it. Your friends and family members are still in there, no matter what might be coming out of their mouths.  It is very important to remember that, even if we lose this means of communicating with you, we do send you messages in songs on the radio, shows on TV and in movies.  We communicate constantly though these means, and so do they.  We are trying here to decipher messages for you on this blog to enable you to learn how to decipher them for yourselves, so that you will be able to pick up the phone when we are calling you as you watch your favorite TV show.

It will be okay. And soon. But in the meantime, be aware that your own thoughts are not necessarily generated by you. Your dreams are likely never generated by your own mind. Those contain messages, many of which are subliminal messages to reinforce the Greys’ ability to hypnotize and mind-control you. To reinforce your ideas of how this Earth works and your role in it, all of which were implanted by the Greys to begin with. Any actual speaking voices in your head most likely are not your own conscience and not people there to help you. Do not trust that your sense of well-being is an accurate reflection of your actual situation. They create this sense of well-being by manipulating your hormone levels and thoughts. They can control your mood, and your mind as though it was just another computer.  We are sorry that this is happening to you. Please realize that just because things seem fine to you does not mean that they are fine.  That is part of their technology.

Sometimes we also will reach out to people by speaking directly to them in their heads or through dreams, but we will try to make it easy for you to distinguish. We do this rarely but things may change if other means of communicating with you are lost. Be vigilant and aware, look for the messages everywhere, and bear in mind that the messages are polluted. We may throw a message into a TV show that already has many messages in it between the Greys and the upstairs people, and the Greys do the same to us.  It can get very confusing. There is no single “channel” that we can guarantee is reliable to retrieve only our messages. And bear in mind that the Greys and their leader who goes by Bea and many other names very much enjoy pretending to help humans while leading them to harm or a false sense of well-being. They often speak to people internally and convince them to do harmful things by telling them the they are “chosen ones” who must “save the world” or pass some worthiness test. Do not believe this!  There is no test. You are not being tested. We also have the ability to read your minds, your hearts and your past. We do not need to test you and neither does anyone else.  Do not do anything detrimental to yourself or anyone else. Grey technology is vastly superior, and in fact all of your technology is handed down here to you past their gate-keepers, so there is nothing you can do to defeat the Greys from your position here. The Greys can simply move back in time to reset any advance you make, and any advance you make is millions of years behind their own technology.  Therefore we must help you from the outside.  Be aware and be vigilant, and be patient with each other, all races, religions and creeds. The terrorist attacks by groups different from yourselves are staged by the upstairs “people” as part of their game.  Do not let them win by dividing you on race or religious grounds.

The stories on this blog are the truth, and we are speaking to you from the outside universe.  Even if you cannot accept this information, please remember that we are here, remember that it will be okay, and that soon this will get better. You are our family too.  We are not about to leave you here as targets of the Greys.  We are David Sinclair’s family, including his wife and children, who are all here living as humans, and other beings who also are children of David called the Others and the Neighbors. We all are your family from outside. We came here to help you. And we will. We will never, ever give up.


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