Another example of Bea's particular brand of insanity can be seen here: "Huntington Beach real estate agent charged in New Year's Day double slaying – LA Times"

As we’ve been explaining throughout this blog and to anyone who will listen, we all here on “Earth” are unwitting hostages of Bea, an insane and Satanic Grey alien with the emotional development and logical reasoning skills of an 8-year old.  It is so horrendous and preposterous that even I (Hera) continue to be amazed that humanity itself could possibly continue to exist only at the whim of an immature, bizarre, and evil moron.  

So-called “targeted individuals” will recognize Bea’s behavior outlined throughout the blog, because they are subjected to it every day.  They think however, and mistakenly, that there is some secret government agency where mature professionals in government jobs are paid to behave like evil, immature morons day and night to drive select upstanding citizens insane.  It is not the government. It is Bea and her Grey pals.  And they really are immature, evil, insane and moronic beings. It is no act!

Once you understand how insane and irrational Bea actually is, it becomes easy to spot examples of Bea’s endless crime spree here on this Earth that she has dubbed her “playground,” because her excuses offered in connection with such crimes reveal characteristic fundamental logical fallacies. I call these characteristic rationalization attempts the “Jerry Sandusky Defense” because her interviews always play out similarly to that where Jerry Sandusky (who also is “driven” by Bea and her “husband” Kodiak) told that sportscaster in an interview that he was only “teaching the boy how to soap off properly in the shower.”  Only an insane person would think that such an excuse could do anything to ease the suspicion of Jerry Sandusky.

With this in mind, here’s a story quoting a woman about why her husband could not have killed her two co-workers after attending their New Year’s Eve party. See if you can spot the Jerry Sandusky Defense statement by Bea, in support of her husband here, who probably is being “driven” by Bea’s husband Kodiak.  We explain elsewhere what that means, that these evil Greys can and do occupy numerous people, simultaneously even, using advanced Grey technology. Note the complete lack of concern, sympathy or empathy evidenced by Bea in her interview following the revelation that her coworker friends were murdered, or even that her husband is wrongly accused! I’ve bolded them for you, just in case you miss it…. it is classic Bea.  She is everywhere but reasonably easy to spot based on characteristic comments and behavior. These two vicious beings also occupy (in other words, “drive”) Jimmy Comet and Marina Abramovic, just fyi, and also “occupied” Ariel Castro, Amanda Knox, Jeffrey Dahmer, and numerous other (alleged) evil “humans” in appearance only. Completely evil loons with little regard for whether they get caught because they just jump into some other humans and “party on.” (After we published this post, the linked article by Reid Forgrave was published, and includes a “suicide note” clearly written by Bea which quotes “party on.”)  Read about Castro’s insane interview before his suicide complaining that his prison conditions were “too harsh.”  Watch Knox’s insane Netflix special where she behaves like such a loon you can practically see her eyeballs rolling around loose in her head. Dahmer speaks for himself, as does Marina Abramovic, who we’ve discussed and decoded on this blog before.

Here’s the latest insanity:

via LA Times, by Veronica Rocha

January 4, 2017

A real estate agent was charged with arson and murder Wednesday in connection with the slayings of two women and a house fire in Westminster on New Year’s Day, according to court records.

Christopher Ken Ireland, 37, faces two counts of murder and one count of arson, according to an Orange County Superior Court criminal complaint. He is also charged with one count of aggravated mayhem for “intentionally and unlawfully [causing] permanent disability, disfigurement, and deprivation of a limb, organ and body member” of one of the victims, according to the complaint.

Westminster police have released few details about killings, which they said occurred sometime Sunday.

Firefighters were called at about 5:30 a.m. to put out a fire at a home in the 5000 block of Northwestern Way in Westminster, police said.

But the homeowner, Yolanda Holtrey, and her friend, Michelle Luke, were nowhere to be found.

Police said the fire was suspicious, so an arson investigator and detectives were asked to look into the case to determine what happened.

The next day, police found Holtrey and Luke’s bodies in a field off Bonita Canyon Drive and Ford Road in Newport Beach, according to the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner’s Division.

Investigators found neighborhood surveillance video that led them to Ireland, KNBC-TV reported. He was arrested after he and his wife showed up at Holtrey’s home offering to help, the television news station reported.

The couple had gone to a party at Holtrey’s home on New Year’s Eve.

His wife, Samantha Ireland, told KNBC-TV that they went home after the party and she didn’t recall him leaving. She said she thinks her husband was sleep walking.

Ireland is a real estate agent who worked at Realty ONE Group and was going to help Holtrey sell her home, she told the news station.

“I don’t know any realtors that would kill their clients,” Samantha Ireland told KNBC-TV. “That’s stupid — why would he do that?”

A relative of Holtrey told KTLA-TV that Ireland’s wife worked with Holtrey at a department store, the relative said.

Although Ireland’s wife knew Holtrey, the defendant hadn’t met the victims before that evening, the relative told television news station.

via Huntington Beach real estate agent charged in New Year’s Day double slaying – LA Times

Now how this works is that certain characteristic psychopathic behavior may cause you to suspect that Bea is behind whatever activity you are reading about.  That’s step one.  This is classic Bea commentary above.  Step two is to look at the names of the people involved in the story – Christopher Ken Ireland and Samantha Ireland.  Experience with deciphering the Illuminati Code will help you.  Kodiak often pretends to be David, my (Hera’s) husband, who outside of this Earth goes by the name Jim Cramer.  He also is called “Christ” by Bea and Kodiak.  They often use Christopher as code for Christ, as I told you about in deciphering a not-so-secret message bragging about raping women in an Amazon review from “Christ Love.”

Kodiak is the “leader” or “boss” of the Traveler Family subgroup called “Sixes” with a corresponding color-code of Celtic Green (see our Family Thesaurus) and a nickname of “Irish.”  So clearly “Christ Ireland” is Kodiak.  Bea we explain all over the blog and in the Family Thesaurus goes by Queen Bee, Queen of the Family Nines (which are the Greys).  One person Bea occupies is Samantha Bee, which we realize is hard to fathom but one day soon we will get around to decoding her “comedy” show.  It is fraught with hidden and hideous meaning, (allegedly, I am not in the mood for a lawsuit today).  Bea has a tendency to recycle her favorite names, such as Samantha and Taylor (Taylor Swift, Elizabeth Taylor). Bea also is “eternally” married to Kodiak, and here in the above story she is going by “Samantha Ireland.”  So this confirms what we already know based on the characteristic behavior, this couple is human only in outward appearance and Bea and Kodiak, a couple of evil and insane Greys are really driving those “human suits” or “vehicles” as Bea and Kodiak call them.  More to this point, look at the still-functioning website for the Heaven’s Gate cult and you’ll see the now-dead leaders there “Ti and Do” also calling human bodies “vehicles.”  Those two also were Bea and Kodiak, and heading up a cult is one of the ways to earn points in their evil Illuminati Card Game. Inspiring mass suicide gets bonus points.

Kodiak also is Jim Jones.  Or was.  And you can tell that by the narcissistic and mercurial behavior (same as Ariel Castro and OJ Simpson) and also confirmed by his choice of “Jim Jones” as a name.  Kodiak usually copies some element of David’s name (Jim J Cramer) in some part of his chosen “character’s” name.  Kodiak also often refers to outer space, Martians or aliens in his names – examples: “Jimmy Comet” and “Marshall Applewhite.” See these patterns so you can spot them yourselves.  “Jimmy Comet” is “Jim” after David’s real name, and “Comet” is his chosen nickname, as is Comet Pizza.  Comet is a space reference.  “Marshall” is a reference to both Mars, which is a common code word they use for aliens, and also a reference to the fact that Kodiak is the Sheriff around here as the de facto male leader of The Family here on Earth.  “Applewhite” also has meaning.  “Apple” is the nickname David gave to me (Hera) as the “Apple of his eye,” and that these insane Grey beings have tried to turn into a symbol of evil in tales within the Bible (Garden of Eden, a false story) and within lore such as Sleeping Beauty, a story about Bea poisoning Hera that Bea also rehashes in her (deciphered) Taylor Swift songs and videos for “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood.” Bea came up with many of the “Fairy Tales” we all know and they always involve Good vs. Evil, white queen vs. black queen, Hera vs. Bea. Her Taylor Swift songs and videos follow the very same narrative, black opposite white, good opposite evil. They are easy to follow once you become accustomed to Bea’s style. Another example is the YES song “I’ve seen all good people; b. Your Move” which is the official name of the song and is all about Bea’s goal “to capture all we want” and to “make the White Queen run so fast she hasn’t got time to make you wise.” Hera is the White Queen.  Bea is the Black Queen. In Bea’s delusional mind.  The “epic battle of good versus evil” is entirely a battle dreamed up by Bea’s insane 8-year old mentality.  She has a penchant for fairy tales and fantasies. She believes that David will eventually forget that she tortures and kills his wife Hera here and agree to marry her instead. She is that insane.

Bea and Kodiak regurgitate the same stories and names over and over and familiarity will allow you to begin to spot their patterns. Finally, getting back to decoding their names in the Heaven’s Gate story, the “white” in Kodiak’s chosen name of “Marshall Applewhite” also is a reference to our Sinclair family, David and Hera and the Kids, who are coded as “Ones” in The Family lineup, with a corresponding color-code of White. (See the Family Thesaurus.)  Kodiak and Bea are completely fixated on David, myself and our family and the entire point of their Game here on Earth is to torture and murder us over and over again by reopening new time windows into the past to begin the torture and murder process anew right after they’ve killed us the last time.  Reflective of their obsession is their common recycling of the same names or variations of them, most of them a play on names and facts central to us, Hera and David (aka Jim). In fact Kodiak often goes by Jim or even Jim Cramer (David’s full name) – not the celebrity Jim Cramer by the way, and Bea often goes by Hera. They pretend to be us!  When Hera adopted a website user name of “Westside,” Bea later began appearing on various websites under the username “WesCyde.”

They are evil, immature, moronic, and that obvious about it. They are not human and do not share human sensibilities or reasoning skills. They are very immature but have very advanced technology.  They can emulate human behavior and speech to hold conversations but if you press them to expound further on their rationale for whatever it is they are saying, they fold and either stop talking, change the subject, or respond in a manner you’d expect of an 8-year old trying to pretend to be a grown up while calling himself in sick from school in order to play hooky. In short they sound like Jerry Sandusky or Amanda Knox unless they stay on-script. They are simple and evil, vile beings with no regard for humans. We are bumper car “vehicles” for them to play with. It’s important to know what you are dealing with.

We realize this is difficult to follow but once it all clicks into place for you it will become obvious to you when you are dealing with a Bea and Kodiak situation.  This is important because they infest so many purported “humans” and if you do see them at work you want to avoid them at all costs.  They only pretend to be friends with any human.  They enjoy creating good will so that humans are all the more surprised when they are abducted, tortured and killed.  It is especially funny to them to do such things while occupying a celebrity human body, to blow the victim’s mind.  (Allegedly Bea rapes and tortures people while “wearing the human suit” of Taylor Swift, which does not surprise us because we know Bea, and we know Taylor’s songs obviously about killing us and others. Note the teenage mentality of the lyrics. Bea is thousands of years old and does not “mature.” Unfortunately she is typical of the Greys. Stay away from them.)  Beware of Bea and Kodiak, or anyone acting like them.  Don’t answer their calls, just recede from their radar slowly.  It sounds nuts.  Because they are nuts. 

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