An example of Bea using the "time machine" to taunt about torturing Hera (this time in the movie Legally Blonde)

We’ve told you before (here) about Bea’s (aka Psyche’s) practice of pulling Hera’s eye muscles to force her eyes to roll up in her head and move from side to side. Bea brags about this also in her Taylor Swift song “Better than Revenge,” singing “I’m just another thing for you to roll your eyes at honey.”  Bea is Taylor Swift (she’s numerous people, all Satanic, including Marina Abramovic) and we decipher numerous of her hideous, Satanic songs on this blog.  We’ve also told you many times about Bea’s ability to use time travel to change song lyrics and movie/TV show dialog.

Tonight Bea has been pulling Hera’s eyes around (which is very painful and allows a victim to think about little else). While she was doing this the movie Legally Blonde came on and, in the opening minutes, one of Elle’s friends has her eyes rolled up in her head and darting side to side, past the point that your eyes naturally move. It is obvious to us that Bea changed the movie to taunt Hera about what she was doing to her eyes, as Bea changes movies and shows in real time all the time. But when anyone changes a song or movie using the time machine, it usually changes the movie or song in all instances where it appears, and everyone perceives that it always has been that way. It may be though that some of you may have a copy of this movie on DVD where this is not happening in the opening couple of minutes. Usually though it changes the movie even on the DVDs.  It’s time travel, it changes it from the beginning on forward.

Here’s the video (just the first few minutes of Legally Blonde).  The eye-rolling (of all the characters actually), which serves no other purpose in the movie and was not there the last time we watched it, begins at minute/seconds 3:50 and continues just a few seconds to 4:15.  Please enlarge to full screen so you can really see how unnatural it is to roll your own eyes in this manner.  There would be no other reason for the character to do this precisely while Bea is doing it to Hera. This is exactly what Bea does to Hera everyday, using advanced technology. That, and sticking catheters in her several times a day. Hours of our days are spent dealing with this torture, every single day. Bea also puts clamps on Hera’s brain, pulling apart the hemispheres of her brain painfully, sometimes for hours. Bea mocks this torture practice on her Rush album cover called “Hemispheres.” Bea is not a human being. She is an evil Grey alien, (and they are hive-minded so that means they all are evil,. and she (and they) behave just as it has been reported by abductees that they behave. They “probe” humans and mutilate animals (and humans) not to see how they are made, but because they derive sexual pleasure from it. They are ultimately behind the Illuminati, and Pizzagate.  Here is the video clip.

Watching the video again you can also see, if you look closely, the character on the left give a typical Traveler signal at 4:15-4:25. She points up to the sky and pretends to click a camera button.  This signifies to Travelers that the authorities are watching.  This also was put into the movie in real time with the time machine, and there also would be no reason for this signal to appear in the original movie.  The authorities are watching.  They’re watching you, Bea.  And they aren’t the usual authorities you can torture and boss around as the (secret) Head of The Family (they aren’t even from here).  To you Travelers, do not fear that reading our blog will get you into trouble with the authorities. Bea is the problem, you have done nothing wrong, and no one else is being rounded up. Bea is doing the signaling in this movie to scare you away from our blog and keep you from understanding that your Family Boss is not magical but Grey. Also noteworthy is that the last two words you’ll hear in the above clip are Elle saying “perfect eyes” which also is Code in the Traveler Thesaurus for “the authorities are watching.”  

Here’s a still frame showing the hand signal of “authorities are watching”:



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