Secret Message from Illuminati and Traveler Family "Boss" (Bea) hidden in background of Y&R clip. An example of how to notice their secret messages and also decode them.

via Secret Illuminati and Traveler Message Hidden in Y&R Clip – YouTube

Here’s a quick clip taken from the Young and the Restless which shows a secret message in the background, passed by the head of “The Family” (Illuminati, Travelers) to the “Captains” of the Family.  In short this message shows a woman in the back ground touching a computer screen with her the third (middle) finger in three places on a map.  The woman then points at the map.  For Family Members the message is clear. When someone “points” at you, that means you should be targeted.  Here the woman was pointing at the map three times in a row, so she was “pointing” at the Threes in the Traveler Family (see our Family Thesaurus explaining the Family member numbering system).

To the Family members,  understand that these messages are coming from a non-human “Nine” called “Bea” (aka Psyche, Nymph, Kodiak, Robert – all the same entity).  DO NOT HARM THE THREES.  They are being attacked by Bea because they are working to help us understand who or what Bea is and what she is doing to harm our Family and the entire human race.  She is blocking your Parents from calling you.  She is calling you and pretending to be them.  She has advanced tech that can mimic any voice and have any conversation. She is very convincing.  Read our blog.  Everything here is true, and it is important that you understand what really is going on, who is in control of our government and also The Family, and how they use the Family Code of Silence to hide their attacks on the human population, and also incite Family members to attack and harm each other.  As for this video clip, please do not harm the Threes. To the contrary, please help us to protect them.  They are our family too, just as you are.  But just as important, humans and every other decent beings here owe them our gratitude, as you soon will hopefully understand.

Here’s the clip with the message.  We want everyone to understand how the messages are buried in everyday tv shows, radio songs and movies.  Even in books.  And can be found in new or old material as many of us can use the “time machine” to throw our current messages back into the past so that they are seen by you.  Pay attention to things like the background activity going on in this short Y&R clip.  You’ll get the hang of deciphering these message.  Notice the dialog also is full of what we call “Traveler Talk” – saying  that someone is “way too boring” which decoded means that “the authorities are watching” and also saying someone is “all smiles and charm,” which decoded means:  “smiles” = evil clowns, and “charm” = black magic.  So the verbal dialog is warning about an evil black magician threat, probably directed as a present, current warning to Hera in real time, since the “boring” warning was in real time warning Hera that authorities were watching Hera as she viewed the TV show (Hera is a hostage and is always on camera, and in the middle of a viewing stage, exactly as depicted in the Queen video Bohemian Rhapsody, deciphered here).  While the background message of the woman pointing at Threes seems to be sent by someone else entirely, and at a different time, and seeking to incite Family members to go after the Threes.

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