Street vendor food too much to stomach for "Crisis Actor" Victoria Munoz, after witnessing carnage at Sandy Hook, Boston, San Bernardino, Albuquerque, Watertown, and Philly. We've found evidence that she also is Bea, secret head of the Illuminati, which explains how she gets away with these obvious deceptions.

We talk throughout the blog about the importance of a “person” named Bea, who secretly heads the Illuminati and Traveler Families. In fact she appears so frequently that we don’t bother to tag our entries with “Bea” – she is discussed in nearly every entry.  That’s because she is ubiquitous.  She’s everywhere.  And although it is hard to believe and hideous to contemplate, it is unfortunately true that Bea is a Grey alien who resides further up “the time stream” from us and has the ability to travel through time. She’s also Satanic and hates humans, because we are made in God’s image.  Because she can manipulate our past and present, she effectively holds every one of us hostage.  We are in the past from where she is perched.  Her Grey technology is very advanced, and through it she is able to descend upon us down here and “occupy” human bodies, even thousands of them simultaneously.  Many of those human bodies are empty shells that she occupies completely. They do not have a God-given human soul. But she also occupies regular humans, subtly or overtly too, often tricking those humans into thinking that she is a man and is God, and that they are “chosen ones” who must engage in some act she directs in order to “prove themselves worthy.”  This is a game to her. She enjoys inciting humans to harm themselves and each other.  She secretly heads the Illuminati Family, all of whom around here are actually people from the upstairs “future Earth.” She also heads this Earth’s Traveler Family although very few Travelers here are aware of this.

Bea’s “eternal husband” Kodiak was L. Ron Hubbard and is also David Miscavige of Scientology, and he also was Marshall Applewhite of Heaven’s Gate, and Jim Jones of Jonestown.  Kodiak and Bee are Anton and Zeena LaVey. Kodiak and Bea are not from here.  Both are Grey aliens and they are playing what is called The Illuminati Card Game.  The objective of The Game is to prey upon and destroy as many human bodies and souls as possible. The World Trade Center attacks on 9/11 earned them 6 points in The Game, for example. Heading up a  mass-suicide via a religious cult is a 10 point card.

It took us awhile to realize this, but one of the roles Bea plays here is that of a “Crisis Actor” named Victoria Munoz, Nancy Lanza’s friend in Newtown, Mass, who was interviewed about the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings. (An entirely fictitious event designed to extract cash donations for the Illuminati Card Game Players from upstairs “future Earth” to live comfortably down here without doing much actual work. They also did it for fun and Card Game points. Among many other clues previously discussed, recently we also learned that Lanza’s maiden name is “Champion.” That’s “Champion” of the Illuminati Card Game.)


Victoria Munoz also was a witness interviewed on television, actually CNN in all cases, in connection with: The Boston Marathon bombings (staged event), the Watertown, Mass shootings, the San Bernardino mass shootings, the Philadelphia train derailment, and of course Sandy Hook. A better video of her Sandy Hook, Boston, and Watertown interviews is here, below.  Watch the whole 4:40 minutes please and pay attention to her unusual lispy pronunciations while trying to disguise her voice in some appearances.

Even more recently than the above appearances, which added an Albuquerque church stabbing witness, and a Colombian government employee to her list of aliases, Munoz has appeared on CNN and other networks as: (1) a person advocating to keep street food vending illegal in Los Angeles (below); (2) the Assistant to the President of Syria (below that); and (3) CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr! (same clip as no. 2) (the implications of Bea as Pentagon correspondent should disturb you).

These are the video clips for the new Munoz appearances, listen to her weird pronunciations, especially her lingering “s” sounds, pronunciations of “gunshots” as “gunchots,” and crisp/odd enunciations of each word as though she is not practiced at speaking English in America, and compare them to her speech patterns in the other videos posted in this blog entry.

Street vendor hearing in Los Angeles, Dec. 2016:

Assistant to the President of Syria, and also CNN Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr. Bea is everywhere, infesting every level of society. This is her “playground” as she sings, while occupying Taylor Swift, another Bea persona. 

Folks on You Tube speculate that she is a CIA operative or government-paid “Crisis Actor.”  She is a Crisis Actor but not a government shill.  She is playing the Illuminati Card Game amassing points for participating in “terrorist attacks” and “financial scams.”  In reviewing more footage of her work in the Sandy Hook Elementary School fake shootings, we found internet descriptions of her, in her own words, which quickly made apparent to us that she is yet another persona of Bea’s.  We also found during this footage review, yet another appearance by her in yet another mass shooting event.  Munoz aka Lavinia Johnson, has a distinctive speech pattern.  She enunciates oddly. Thus even when she uses different voices and speaking styles, her idiosyncratic speech style comes through in many of her Crisis Actor roles.  In the case of this new shooting footage we think Munoz also may be playing the role of concerned Sandy Hook School parent because she pronounced gunshots as “chots.” Where had we heard that before? In Munoz’s Watertown, Mass interview. We also found Munoz opposing legalizing LA street food vendors on the local LA news, at first just by noticing her subtle lingering on her pronunciation of the letter “s”, and her odd subtly “choppy” cadence.  Munoz is everywhere, and she also is Bea. Bea is Pizzagate. Bea is the Illuminati.  Bea is as close to Satan as hopefully we’ll ever see. Bea is pure evil.  Zeena LaVey. Here’s more great Sandy Hook footage, although sarcastic (we don’t agree with the ad hominem attacks based on sexual orientation or outward appearance), remember that not a single person died in Newtown at the fake Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. Note at minute 1:25 that Jennifer Hensel also could be Munoz. If you view the video in full screen and look closely at Newtown parent Jennifer Hensel’s chin, you’ll see a faint line where it appears an extension using movie props is added to Hensel’s chin.  The rest of the face, especially the thin pursed lips and sparse eyebrows, and her hair, looks like Munoz’s.

Below’s the still frame of a website description of Munoz, written by Munoz herself, and found by someone researching her role as a witness to the Sandy Hook shootings event (appearing as a parent, and later as Nancy Lanza’s friend) and myriad other events. While reading through this image below it became apparent to us that Victoria Munoz is a persona of Bea herself, which we explain below by deciphering Munoz’s description of herself in this webpage image:


Bea is thousands of years old, but very immature and childlike, if the child was evil and petty, and cruel, and never matured.  One thing that makes Bea stand out when she occupies humans is her frequent use of the same descriptive terms. A favorite is to call her group of Illuminati Players from the upstairs or future Earth “fools.”  Bea refers to “fools” in the Biblical sense. Here’s how one website describes a fool in the Biblical sense, this is a lengthy definition but it encompasses precisely what Bea means when she calls her Satanic Illuminati Players “fools”:

“The Bible has much to say about fools. The word fool today usually means “a senseless fellow, a dullard.” The biblical definition has the added dimension of “someone who disregards God’s Word.” The Bible lists many characteristics of such a person, often contrasting him with one who is wise. Ecclesiastes 10:2 says, “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” A fool is one whose wayward heart turns continually toward foolishness. “Fools speak foolishness and make evil plans” (Isaiah 32:6). Proverbs 26:11 says, “As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.” Fools do not learn their lessons from the mistakes they make. They continue doing the same foolish things over and over again, to their own destruction (Proverbs 18:7).

The following is a partial list of some characteristics of a fool from the book of Proverbs: a fool hates knowledge (1:22), takes no pleasure in understanding (18:2), enjoys wicked schemes (Proverbs 10:23), proclaims folly (Proverbs 12:23), spurns a parent’s discipline (15:5), speaks perversity (19:1), is quick-tempered (12:16), gets himself in trouble with his proud speech (14:3), mocks at sin (14:9), is deceitful (14:8), and despises his mother (15:20). A foolish child brings grief to his or her parents (17:25; 19:13). A foolish man commits sexual immorality (6:32; 7:7–12). A foolish woman tears down her own house (14:1).

The ultimate description of a fool is one who “says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ They are corrupt, and their ways are vile; there is no one who does good” (Psalm 14:1; 53:1).”


You can see by the above description of a Biblical “fool” that a Satanic Grey alien who hates humans and also God might gravitate toward using the term “fools” to describe her entourage.  Back to the Victoria Munoz website image above.  There Munoz describes herself as a “poet” and the author of a book called called “Appleseeds” published by “Sacred Fools Press.”  This is Bea talking about two things, the first is “appleseeds,” which refers to us, David’s Family. We’ve mentioned on the blog before that she is aware that I (David) call Hera “the apple of my eye.” Thus our children held hostage here on Earth Bea calls “appleseeds.”  She tortures and murders our children, then goes back in time to where this has not yet occurred and “opens a window” to the past to do it again and again.  The second important reference above is to Sacred Fools Press, which is a hidden reference to Bea’s Illuminati entourage, which she calls fools in numerous songs and movies. Additionally, by using the word “Press,” (Sacred Fools Press), Bea also eludes to her act of torturing us by beating human souls with hammers and literally using hot irons to press the life from them. Bea also calls herself Psyche, Goddess of the Soul, a mythological character made up by Bea herself.  I doubt this Appleseeds book noted on the webpage exists but if it does, take a look at it, it likely is full of all sorts of coded Satanic messages.  We may circle back to it if we have time, but there already are too many messages for us to possibly decipher in one lifetime.  Bea brags about torturing our family and the human race at every opportunity and she has been doing this and bragging about it for hundreds of years, unfortunately. We try to explain this throughout the blog.  But the short thing to remember is that Bea is a vicious serial killer, a Grey alien actually, with zero empathy or sympathy, and she enjoys flaunting her hideous attacks and reliving them through songs, movies and TV shows that contained veiled brags of her attacks.

Another term Bea uses to describe herself in general is a “poet” or writer of “poetry.” In Illuminati and Traveler Code, “poet” and “poetry” refer to the noir horror works of Edgar Allen Poe. Thus if a Family member calls someone a “poet” they mean that that person practices the “Dark Arts” and is Satanic. A Poe poet. Poet.  If you are said to be going to a “poetry reading,” you would want to run the other way fast, since this would mean you are slated to be a victim or other participant in a Satanic ritual. So by this website image above we can be certain that this is Bea describing herself, since she says above that she “carries on the poetic tradition” and notes that she published the work “Appleseeds” through “Sacred Fools Press.”  Munoz (Bea) also claims to be a “music therapist.”  “Music” is how Bea describes the sounds humans make while being tortured (see our deciphering of the poem following the song lyrics to 2112 Temples of Syrinx by Rush (Bea’s Satanic band)).  “The Music” also is another code name for Hera employed by Bea (see our deciphering of Don McLean’s, a Kodiak persona, “American Pie“).  Thus we are certain that Munoz is Bea.  Just in case we weren’t already convinced, Munoz also throws in a reference to a text-book called “Stories from the Other Side.”  – The Other Side is the Other Earth, upstairs in the future, where the Illuminati people actually live when they are not descending down to us here in the past to prey upon us as though we were characters in Westworld on HBO (a show by Illuminati members intentionally mocking our actual situation here on Earth).  Getting back on topic, we’ve already explained how we know Sandy Hook was an Illuminati Family hoax, by simply deciphering the names of the “players” (aka “parents”), here.

Our hope is that by grasping that Munoz appears at nearly every “disaster” and that she also is Bea, it will follow that you will realize then that Bea is in fact a single, evil entity who is ubiquitous and has the ability to prey upon us here on Earth.  You must come to grips with this truth that Bea is here and preying upon all of you.  That she has advanced Grey technology that enables her to control your minds, your moods, your thoughts and actions, just as she brags about in her Satanic Rush songs Spirit of Radio and 2112 Temples of Syrinx.  Bea poses an existential threat to all of us.  Once you understand that Bea does exist and can travel back through time to destroy the lives of anyone she wants, once you understand that she can dictate your moods and thoughts, you will be much better equipped to guard against her controls. But if you don’t know this evil is out there and happening to everyone, how could you guard against it?

Know and accept that this is happening to many many people.  These people think they are “targeted individuals” who are victims of some secret government program, because that is what Bea wants them to think. She is the person torturing so many people around the world today.  She is the person leaving herds of mutilated cattle in the fields.  She is Taylor Swift, she is Rush, she is Samantha Bee, which we will cover shortly, and Jeffrey Dahmer, and her “eternal husband” is Donald Trump, and Bush Jr, among many others, including Anton LaVey. Together they also are Mary and John Podesta, and Bea is both Marina Abramovic and Kim Noble of Pizzagate, much of which also is real (the Clintons and Obamas are not involved in any way).  Kodiak is Jimmy Comet.  Bea and Kodiak both occupy many people and always with the goal of causing as much harm as possible to humans while also inspiring us to cheer them on as some sort of hero, in the process (e.g., Donald Trump (Kodiak), and Samantha Bee (Bea).  It is a GAME to these evil beings from upstairs. That is why in these hideous mass murders, the “victims’ families” creepily smile and wave as though starring in a parade in news interviews given the day after they lost their legs at a bombing, or had their children murdered at a school.  They don’t care.  Some events are staged scams, but others are not. People die, as in 9/11 (which we also are working on elaborating on, but have described with important footage here When the Illuminati “Fools” die here, they wake up back at home, upstairs on future Earth, and go about their lives as though returning from vacation (actually discussed in Mary Podesta’s emails too, which is how we learned that she is one of Bea’s personas too)). 

Please read around all of the blog. Everything here is true, unfortunately, and we need everyone to understand what is happening. Bea has the technology to cause us to forget what we know about being preyed upon by the Greys and Illuminati “Players” from upstairs.  This is why they call us Westworld (as on HBO) and consider us “disposable people.”  That perception is changing, since the upstairs Earth occupants now have learned that they are in the very sim boat (you are, and you know what we mean).  But we must not lose ground by collectively forgetting what we’ve suffered long just to understand.  So please get the word out about our blog.  Preface it with, “These people sound crazy but…” if you must but get the word out.  Read the blog, there are messages from people outside of our Earth environment, including the Traveler “Parents” who Bea continues to block and mimic. As Hera says to you all while out amongst you Travelers, do not do anything detrimental to yourselves or anyone else. Your parents are here with us and speaking to us on “the tether.”  They will be back with you as soon as they can.  Pay attention to this blog and pass these messages along.  Be mindful and aware of your own thoughts and actions, which can and often are being directed by Bea.  We are trying to remove her from our environments and, as we’ll post very soon, Bea has given the order to the Greys to torture and harm humans as retribution.  We must break down this wall of secrecy called the Traveler Way which presently only serves to enable Bea and the Greys to prey upon all of us.  Get the word out.  David and Hera.

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