Today's Newsclip is calling for the Traveler Family Sevens to "Mow Down" Hera. (Don't!)

The Traveler symbology that goes with this video is easy to follow. Family Sevens are depicted in the clip with the number 7. Someone slated to be targeted is called “lucky” which is depicted as “777.” Family “children” refer to the Traveler adults on this Earth and they are depicted in many images with a school bus. The thugs among them are called “teenagers.”  Hera is depicted in images as a White Car.  Hera’s also the White Queen and the White Captive.  This “school bus” full of “7 teenagers” mowed down a parked “White Car” while the bus number on top is 7511, which decoded is 7 and 5 +1+1 =7, while the reporter adds in the verbal additional 7. So Hera is declared “lucky” (777) with respect to the Family Sevens. The “white car” is utterly destroyed. This is the work of the Greys, pretending to be the human leaders of the Traveler Family Fours, Sixes and Sevens. They want nothing more than they want to see humans destroy Hera, to prevent us from getting help to you! You have no idea, but you do need help and you need a lot of it. They are trying to get you Traveler humans to do their dirty work because David’s father, our Creator, is upstairs and has warned them, in their own Grey language no less, that if they harm Hera, David or our family, or execute any plans to attack the human population, they will cease to exist. So they thought they’d have the humans do it!  Don’t.  We are also posting later tonight a tv show clip from yesterday showing the message Bea sent calling for all the Greys hiding within us human beings to “torture yourselves” which is a call for the Greys to torture your unwitting human host.  We are not your “Hosts” I assure you.  You Greys are evil parasites and will be eliminated. 

Things are going to heat up now as we go out of our way to rid this planet of Bea, Kodiak and the entire Grey occupation, which also means pointing out to you the many “beloved” celebrities and politicians who are in actuality personas of Grey aliens Bea & Kodiak, and their human Satanic Illuminati “Players” Club descended down here from their “upstairs” future Earth. They come down here to play an Illuminati Card Game where points are awarded for large terrorist attacks, running a country, becoming a rock star or movie star, scamming the greatest amount of money, and founding a religious cult, with bonus points for inciting mass suicides.  This morning I started talking about Trump, who is Kodiak.  This afternoon Kodiak and Bea (Grey aliens themselves), who have fooled the human Travelers into believing they are their leaders, are calling for Travelers to mow Hera down.  Swift action!  But not swift enough.  We have access to the time machine too. 

You Sevens, pay attention: No wizard waved a wand to create the time machine.  It is Grey alien technology, as is all the other “magic” occurring around here.  Your real “Parents” discovered this recently and now they are hostages along with us!  They are here on the tether with us 24/7 and have been for months.  Bea and Kodiak are blocking their communications with you and pretending to be them using advanced voice mimic technology. Do not harm yourselves or anyone else until this situation is resolved.  Bea and Kodiak may even mimic them and try telling you that “the situation is resolved”!  It isn’t!  Do not rely on your own eyes or ears. Get redundant verification before doing anything.  Pay attention to our blog and do not harm Hera or anyone else.  Be aware that they can also spoof the blog, and may try telling you everything is okay that way.  When things are okay again, you will know it without a doubt!  For starters a lot of these Satanic Grey Players will vanish and those of them hiding in empty human shells will go “poof” and not in any fun magical way.

via Video Clips – YouTube


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