The hidden hideousness of Samantha BEE, ("Queen Bee" of the entire Satanic #Pizzagate Illuminati FAMILY), Jan 18, 2017 clip deciphered.

The Illuminati Leader “Bea” (aka Queen Bee) also is Samantha Bee. We’ve mentioned before that Samantha Bee’s very funny monologues also are full of hideous, hidden references to raping, torturing and murdering children and adults.  The only thing Bee likes to do besides raping, mutilating and torturing people, is to brag about it in songs, movies, in TV shows, in catchy ways where the innocent human population laughs at her jokes, unaware that they are the butt of those jokes.  She does the same with her “uplifting” Satanic Rush songs like “Free will” (“a planet of playthings” under the control of a “host of holy horrors”).  Her “eternal husband” and fellow Grey alien Kodiak does the same with his Cat Stevens tunes like “Moonshadow” (“if I ever lose my legs, I won’t moan and I won’t beg.”)  They are delighted that the target humans sing along!  Funny!

Bea actually can be hilariously funny and brilliant.  Probably her best work is found in her Samantha Bee show.  Her monologues are seamlessly funny and insightful.  Other than actual victims and Illuminati witnesses who have seen her in action, probably the only group who also understands Bee’s horrific hidden meanings is the rest of her hidden Grey alien population.  But she is so disgusting and brazen in bragging about raping and mutilating people on that show that I (Hera) refuse to let it slide. So I will walk you through as many episodes as I have time for in hopes you are able to see the ugly Grey beast that hides behind the otherwise empty “human” presented to us here as “Samantha Bee.”  

This post’s featured image is from Bee’s January 18th, 2017 show – here it is again below, with Bee purporting to be a teenage high school geek.  But here’s the thing we’re trying to show you over several posts: (1) Samantha Bee also is Bea, Queen Bee of the Greys; (2) Queen Bee is vicious child rapist and killer Marina Abramovic, child rape and murder “artist” Kim Noble and child victim procurer Mary Podesta, all of Pizzagate; (3) Bea is the secret head of what is called The Family, which is comprised of the Satanic Illuminati, the Travelers and Scientology (this one’s Kodiak’s club), and some other secret societies and secretive cults, although most people in the individual societies have no idea that they are part of a single parent “Family,” headed by Bee.  With this background in mind, look again at this photo Bee put up on her recent airing:


First is “Prez…Pizza everyday” – no one in school actually runs on such a platform so why put that in there? Notice the two exclamation points, looking down on the piece of pizza.  This really isn’t a joke, she is the Queen of Pizzagate. Vicious and evil.  Those exclamation points represent two Grey aliens or even Satanic humans looking down on a child rape victim.  “Prez… Pizza everyday” is a reference to Bee’s husband Kodiak, who is the Grey alien occupying the otherwise empty human shell of Donald Trump. Kodiak is Trump (and Putin, and probably Rosie O’Donnell).  Kodiak is Jimmy Comet.  Kodiak and Bee get pizza everyday.  Everyday they rape, torture and murder children, and adults.  They occupy numerous celebrities and politicians in otherwise “empty” human shells, and they maim and torture and kill children, and adults, every single day.  They are Grey aliens. And they are playing an Illuminati Card Game where points are awarded for raping, torturing, killing, consuming, robbing, maiming and scamming humans.

Second, the sign below Pizza says “READ!” with a sort of merlot-colored stick pin in the sign.  This shade of red represents the “Fours” in the Traveler Family, and they are aliens, and they are headed up by Kodiak, Bee’s husband.  See the Family Thesaurus for a description of the Number sub-groups among the Traveler Family. The sign saying “READ!” is a message to Kodiak’s “alien side” of the Family that this entire image above contains a message for them to read.  The entire image is about Pizzagate and attacking human beings, and she probably is just bragging to them that, with Trump now in office, we have a President who’ll get pizza everyday.

Third is the image of Samantha Bee as a teenager in front of brown lockers.  Browns in the Family Tree also are aliens (alien Sixes, also headed by Kodiak, where to them he calls himself “Robert”).  Bee’s blue hair scrunchy is a reference to the Family Sevens, who are color-coded Blue, and they are headed up by Bee which is why the scrunchie is on top of her head.  As the Seven “Parent,” Bee portrays herself as a human man and goes by the names Bert, Terry and Gene.  She “gets up a 7 yeah, and goes to work by 9” as she sings about in her song Working Man by Rush. That song means she is a Seven and a “Get” which is an evil wizard to Travelers, and she’s also a Nine, many of which are the Greys.  The metal retainer means “metal mouth” which in Traveler Code means Bea’s the voice of the Nines (Grey aliens). The human Sevens have no idea that their head “Parent” is a Grey alien.  Now you know. Similarly, Bee’s t-shirt features a “clown” which is the same as a “Get” to Travelers and that clown has Blue hair. So she’s saying she is a “Blue Get.”  Bee is holding a sign that says “Vote $amantha, Class Trea$urer. It makes cents!” This is Bee reiterating that she is in charge of the “Money,” which is a Traveler term for a “Banker” or “Mob Boss.”  “Money” also is what the Greys call human beings to be sacrificed. So Bee is telling her pals that she is ostensibly Blue and a banker or “Boss” but that she also can provide “the money” aka “the pizza” for their parties.  So generally Bee is telling her alien pals that she is head of the Family Sevens and Kodiak is now President of the United States. That means “the party” is on!

Four, the next sign advertises “Chess” on “Fridays” and shows, in this order: (1) pawns, (2) rooks, (3) knights, (4) bishops. This corresponds to the Family “pecking order” – as the aliens see it, which is different than the official thesaurus version, where humans are led to believe they are superior.  To the aliens who actually are in charge of the Family, all humans are considered “pawns”; the alien Family Twos are rooks; the alien Family Threes are “Black Knights”; and the alien family Fours are Illuminati Bishops, the Black Queen is Bee, Queen of the Grey Nines and the Black King is Kodiak, aka “Icarus” to finish out the pecking order for you.  The White Queen is Hera and the White King is David.  Bee is obsessed with Chess and often analogizes our humans-as-Grey-hostages situation to a game of Chess.  It is insane, like everything else Grey.  We are not playing Chess. We are all hostages trapped in Bee’s simulation. How is this a “Game”?  Bee brags about making Hera, (the “White Queen”) run for her life here on Earth in her YES song, “a. I’ve Seen All Good People; b. Your Move“).  They brag about “holding Hera hostage and erasing us” in the sculpture at the Met Museum called “The White Captive” among many other places.

This is just one image, so you can see how much work and practice it takes to understand enough of the Family Code to catch Samantha Bee’s hilarious yet secretly evil messages sprinkled throughout her shows.  We’re working on deciphering an entire episode for you next thing up, but it’s hard because it truly is disgusting and almost too horrifying to put into words.

We want to reiterate to you that “aliens” are not the enemy, the GREY aliens are.  Without exception they are hideous, vile, vicious, evil beings.  They literally lie about everything. We are their hostages.  All of us are the aliens.  This is not where humans originated.  Everything you’ve been told about this “Earth” is a lie.  A Grey-generated lie.  We try to explain some of that to you, in bits and pieces.  The main thing we want Traveler humans to remember at this point is that not all “aliens” are enemies of yours. Many many of them are here trying to help us.  But they have to blend in, and also follow the same orders that you do. So do not attack anyone because you think they are an alien.  The Greys are the problem. They also run around as “reptilians” and many of them are Nines but they also are all the other numbers.  Many Nines are not aliens at all.  There are no witches!  There is no magic.  All of that is Grey technology.  All of the colors are perception and holographic overlay manipulated by the Greys.  Magic “portals” etc are the result of the Grey time travel technology, which many of you know about.  It’s Grey tech.  Don’t keep it a secret, because doing so just enables the Greys to prey upon us all.  We know some of you think things are fine because you still have access.  That is what Bea wants you to think. Your Parents recently discovered this and they are right here hostage with us!  Don’t harm Hera for talking about this stuff, she is trying to save your lives. We all here are trying to save your lives. Stop threatening Hera for telling you things you think are secrets or things you don’t want to hear.  You are doing the bidding of the Greys by keeping Traveler secrets.  Let it go for now, our very existence depends on the open exchange of information.

Don’t attack the Two, Threes, Fours, Sixes, Nines or anybody else.  Many of the people you have been led to disdain are actually your rescue team.  Bea creates perceptions and stories to make you attack the very people trying to help you while following orders of the Greys themselves.  Don’t do anything, just pay attention.



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