The hidden hideousness of Samantha Bee, secret Head of the Illuminati and Travelers "Family" and called "Queen Bee." The very same Bea we've been telling you about in nearly every post. Jan 11, 2017 show deciphered here in horrific, graphic detail (ADULTS ONLY).

In this post we are deciphering Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal episode aired Jan 11, 2017. Recently we decoded an image from her Jan 18, 2017 show where she brags about getting “Pizza Everyday” now that her Illuminati “eternal husband” Kodiak occupies the guy who occupies The White House, Trump.  Samantha Bee is “Queen Bee” who we here also call just “Bea” or sometimes “Psyche.”  Bea is head of the entire Travelers and Illuminati combined Family. Her husband Kodiak, who occupies both Trump and Putin (and Jimmy Comet) also occupies David Miscavige and formerly L. Ron Hubbard.  You Scientologists may be surprised to learn that the “Secret Knowledge” about our universe explained to the upper levels is the same horsehockey Kodiak peddles to the human Illuminati members of the Family.  It’s total bunk, from Xenu to Zebra, all completely made up.  We’ll get into that later, but in the meantime, please don’t close your minds and turn your heads.  You are being led down a bad road. You are being scammed by Grey aliens and Satanic humans who are playing what’s called the Illuminati Card Game. L. Ron Hubbard is the same guy as Jim Jones. Both guys are Kodiak.  So is David Miscavige! He’s vicious and lies about everything!  More on that later as this post is about his “Illuminati eternal wife” Bea, aka Queen Bee, aka Samantha Bee.

As we said in our last post about Samantha Bee, it takes a lot of practice and familiarity with the Family Code Thesaurus (here) to be able to see the hideous brags about raping, mutilating and murdering people buried in Samantha Bee’s hilarious and smart monologues.  They are awful. Bea is horrific. Here’r clips from the latest episode, deciphered (we can’t put the entire episode up without infringing on the network’s copyrights, and anyway Bee couches her horror in seemly topical and relevant contexts. Deciphering this show takes a lot of practice).

Yesterday we explained this image from Jan 18, 2017. Note top left “Pres… Pizza everyday!” and note the two exclamation points looking down on the piece of pizza. Moving on to today’s decoding below this pict.


First up on Jan 11’s show, (taken out of order of appearance so we can group them roughly by the meaning of the messages) Bee tells her Illuminati and alien pals that the show contains hidden messages for them, by blinking out a coded message for them (Antony Blinken did the same thing with Sandy Hook, and yes that name is a message to them as well – that this person will be blinking out coded messages).  Watch the woman on the left while Sessions speaks:


Notice how Samantha Bee just keeps plugging along with her comedy. That is why she goes unnoticed. Not anymore!

Next Bee tells her Illuminati pals and fellow Greys that her Illuminati husband Kodiak is now the US President.  Her husband Kodiak “occupies” both Trump and Putin:

Two new presidents!  Putin and Trump, both of them are Bee’s husband Kodiak.  Bee also says in the clip that Trump is poised to take the wrecking ball to the past administration’s accomplishments.  This is Code too.  In fact Bee and Kodiak are “poised” to take a wrecking ball to the entire Earth.  They have done it 5 times before, as Bee brags about as “The Source” at the end of the movie the Matrix Reloaded.  Central to this plot is Bee’s ability to open new time loops by going back into our past by a day or two and opening a window. Then all her Illuminati pals are moved over to that time loop and our is blown up by an “invitational alien attack and human hunt” where she and her Grey alien pals destroy this planet and every living thing on it, at least the version in the time loop where we are living today.  She brags about doing this in her YES songs Roundabout and Long Distance Runaround, which we deciphered for you earlier.

We are thwarting their plan to attack us.  We have “outside help” from our family, who has spoken directly to you on this blog before.  They are closing the time loops as soon as Bee opens them, to preclude her from moving her friends to another loop.  That means she is stuck with just this one, and another second one that we call “future Earth” that is unreachable from here to everyone except the Illuminati “Players” and “Traveler Parents” who came down here from there in the first place. Thus far the inability to move her homegrown friends has deterred her from blowing us up.

The next clip shows Bee taunting her Illuminati pals in the Senate for following her orders to give Senator Sessions a ringing endorsement for a Cabinet post in Trump’s administration.  Judging by Sessions’s Klansman sensibilities, we are guessing he also is a persona of Kodiak’s (like many of the Goldman Sachs bankers also now in Cabinet posts).  Bee’s just being an asshole in this clip, these Senate guys are either human hostages, or fellow Grey aliens, probably a combination of both.  We want you too recognize when a bunch of people are clearly following the orders of their higher up (Bee here).  Obviously these guys were told the same thing, even down to how to endorse Sessions although he is from the other side of the Aisle.


Next Bee tells her Grey pals that David (yes, our David) will not be able to stop the Greys from attacking this planet and blowing us all up.  As background, we’ve mentioned before but will again, David of “Hera and David” is “the David” of Michaelangelo’s David, and that sculpture was carved by our son, Michael.  We have access to the time machine too, and our family is responsible for much of the beauty in our world. Not to overwhelm you but David is our Creator.  He also was murdered 2000 years ago by Greys hiding in humans.  He was crucified but did not “die for our sins.”  He was murdered.  Think about that common-sensically – there is no caring God that decided to have his beloved child tortured and murdered as a proxy for the humans so that they would be absolved.  He would just absolve them!  But he hasn’t, and it doesn’t work that way.  The story in the Bible is Bee’s own spin. The entire Bible has been worked over by the Greys and their “time machine.” Do not rely on it. David is wonderful and kind, and is our Creator, which we try to explain in small doses so as not to upset you too much with the entire false nature of the reality in which you have been living.  Anyway, David was called Jesus at that time.  Jesus is a Jew. David is depicted by Michael’s artwork in the Creation of Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and as “David” in Michael’s sculpture of the same name.  Our son Michael is Michaelangelo, Michael the Angel, Michael – Angelo.  More on this later and certainly David looks forward to spending time with you all when this crisis is resolved.

David also is depicted as “David” in the stories and artwork of “David and Goliath.”  Bee knows all of this, she has been preying on our family, both David’s family and his entire human family, for a long time.  This is going to change, and soon. With this background information in mind, here is Bee telling her followers (towards the end of this clip, starting at about 1 minute in) that David will not be able to stop the Greys from attacking:

“And this little Jew can’t do much to stop Goliath.”  Bee’s a Grey, and a monster, as are all Greys.  They have a hive mind so do not think there is some “reasonable” Grey out there to reason with. There isn’t.  By the way, Bee’s hatred of David is what blowing up our Earth and preying upon his beloved humans is all about.  The way they kill Hera, over and over in these time loops, is by Crucifixion, and they call it the “Crucifixion of Hera” Game.  The other Game where they rape, torture and murder Hera in other time loops is called the “Game of Love” and also bragged about in this song by Taylor Swift, another Satanic Bee persona. Another place the Satanic Illuminati send messages back and forth is in reviews.  Here’s one from someone named “Christ Love” (Christopher Love) bragging about raping Hera and also calling her “garbage.”  So you can see that Bee is well aware of who Hera and David really are.  You can also hopefully see that Samantha Bee is an evil Grey alien’s human persona.

The above clip is long because there are other things going on in it to show you.  First up is that the Jewish man being interviewed also is Samantha Bee.  Notice that his features don’t look like a real human.  Notice that his lips, eyebrows, and nose look like Samantha Bee’s.  She’s wearing cheek prosthetics.  Notice also in the clip where Bee points to herself at 1:24, then touches her nose and points to him a second or so later.  She is saying, “check this out!  This also is me, and these idiots will never notice.”  She thinks that’s amusing. We left in a lot of his interview before that moment so you can examine the guy speaking for awhile.  Notice his head tilts like Bee’s and notice that he holds his head always higher, lower, or to the side, but not head-on in such a way that he might look identical to Bee during the interview.

Another thing going on in this clip is the large foot coming down to kick people off of the US map.  That is a hidden message to Bee’s Greys that she is ready for them to come in here and blow us up with an “alien attack.” Here’s the two still frames sending that message: (1) Getting the Boot from “Above”; and (2) “Poof” goes the planet.

In the next clip, Bee makes a bunch of jokes about Trump having a fetish for watching women pee in bed.  We are sorry but from here on below in this post things are going to get really disgusting and so horrible that you’ll find yourselves more likely to believe Bee’s a Grey than that she and her husband Trump actually do these horrific things to people.  They do.  Together they are Pizzagate. They move victims into empty time loops and rape, torture, murder and consume them.  A while back Hera explained what it is the Bee (aka Psyche) is doing to torture her (Hera is still a hostage and still is being tortured like this).  See that entry HERE before looking at the clips below, so that you’ll understand that, yes, this is the same Bee and she is making an inside joke to the Greys about how she viciously rapes and tortures women.

In this clip below Bee jokes that Trump (a human persona of her husband Kodiak) is a pervert for his “bizarre fixation with women and their bladders.” That isn’t what the story was about, it was about women peeing on beds.  Bee brought the entire thing up just to be able to make a joke to the other Greys about how she and Kodiak enjoy torturing people by catheterizing them and filling their bladders with all sorts of liquids, including the seminal fluid of human Illuminati “Players.” Bee and Kodiak both do it.  They do it to Hera several times a day, as we described more delicately a few months back. They also do this to children (Pizzagate) and other women, likely also men. And that isn’t all they do.  They fill the victim’s bladder through a catheter and then they expand the diameter of the catheter and then rape victims through the catheter.  They do this to people every day. They are Greys. And every Grey abduction story you have heard about “probes” is true. They aren’t trying to learn about us, they get sexual gratification from penetrating and torturing humans.  They mutilate cattle for the pleasure of it.  Greys feel little pain or emotion and so they get off on sexually torturing humans and animals, whose tortured screams they call “music.”  We explained this in our deciphering of their Satanic Rush song 2112 Temples of Syrinx and especially in the poem continued at the end of the song.

Next, and last clip for this episode, unless someone points out something important later, shows something worse.  We did not tell you about this one in our prior blog post about Bee and Kodiak (who is Trump)‘s tortures of choice, because it is so horrid and other than Hera, none of the victims survive this.  We are told that the Travelers also are doing this at The Gathering on “Bloody Sunday.”  We want to tell you Travelers something important.  Bee and Kodiak are the leaders of every sub-family.  Every one.  They are Greys. There is no magic, it is all Grey technology. With it they can control your mind and make you feel like you enjoy harming the designated victim.  The victim is not a witch but is an innocent person that Bea and Kodiak create the perception of being a witch or an alien.  Do not harm any other beings at the Gatherings anymore.  Be aware of yourselves at all times.  The Grey tech allows them to hypnotize and mesmerize you into harming people.  Understand that half of the “humans” around you, even your closest friends and relatives, likely are Greys or humans controlled by Greys.  Act as though your Creator is watching, because he is.  Do not harm any of his Creatures for sport or fun, including at the Gathering and including sport hunting.  People are here to help you, including David, and we don’t want any of them to think that you are just as evil, vile and uncaring as the Greys.  So don’t.  You don’t have to change your past mistakes. But stop making them now.

In this clip below Bee jokes about making Christian voters count the number of “dildos in a jar” before they are allowed to vote.  We can tell immediately by this visual below in the image that this is another of Bee’s inside jokes to her Greys and the Satanic Illuminati humans who rape and torture along with them. And also some of the Travelers, which prompted that speech above.  We can see you.  We can “play you back.” And your Creator, and your rescuers from Outside are here.  What do you want them to know about you?

This visual is a Bee reference to their common practice during raping victims of giving them episiotomies and then gang raping them all at the same time to see how many penises will fit into the victim before it kills them.  This is part of what they call their “Game of Love.”  We don’t ever want to see another human being engage in this. This is no better than Pizzagate.  Same players. The victim always dies, except Hera, who we have played back.  We do know who is responsible, and for what.

Following that, in this same clip (still frame shot below), Bee is giving a quick shout out to her Greys about their planned invasion of Earth, showing the quick image of the movie Independent’s Day, Resurgence.  This image can be viewed as counterpart to the above discussion where Bee assures the Greys that David or “This little Jew” will not conquer Goliath and the usual “alien attack” planned to wipe out our Earth will go on as promised.  Hopefully it won’t.  But even if it does, we will not stop until every Grey is destroyed. We want you all to remember that after such attacks Bee “rolls back the clock” by opening a new window into your past where the attack has not yet happened. You then go forward unaware that the attack took place.  You will be alright. And we won’t stop until the Greys are destroyed.


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