"This One's For You!" 9/11 Reporter's Illuminati shout out to Bush Sr. of "at this juncture" as plane hit the South Tower. Short video.

The triangles outlined in yellow are an Illuminati sign.  This clip requires little explanation for the billions of people familiar with Dana Carvey’s send up of George H. W. Bush (Sr.).  “Wouldn’t be prudent, (not) at this juncture.”  We already know that 9/11 was a literal “inside job” since there is no evidence that those CGI (computer generated) planes actually crashed into any buildings or fields on 9/11 but plenty of evidence that the WTC buildings were taken down by military demolition compounds planted in both towers, (see our other posts with video messages from our family sitting in the future from us – taken from the video of Bush Jr. reading My Pet Goat and also from our future Earth family warning us to stop 9/11 and save the “Twin Pines,” and our videos about commercial Pilotsfor911truth.org, and also the other full videos below). And we already know that taking out the Twin Towers is a 10 point move in the Illuminati Card Game, with the Pentagon worth another 6 points, and Combined Disasters bringing an additional bonus, see our post showing those cards, here, and deciphering the bonus Combined Disasters Illuminati Card because it features every color in The Family, and also here’s a pict of the 9/11 related cards again (WTC, Pentagon, Combined Disaster Bonus):


And we know from our fellow present hostages of Grey aliens Bee and Kodiak, some of whom are Illuminati “Players” from “upstairs” Earth sitting up in the future from this Earth, that Kodiak and Bee planned and executed all of 9/11, involving the TV networks and our government. We also know that one of Kodiak’s “human suits” or “human personas” is George W. Bush Jr. (he’s also Trump and Putin, what’s old is new again).  So we knew that Bush Jr. plotted the attacks on behalf of his father, and we surmised that probably this was done not for oil but: (1) to create a reason to attack Hussein, who had tried to blow up Bush Sr on American soil with a car bomb after the First Gulf War; (2) to generate money for their Illuminati Players running defense contracting companies; and (3) to score 16 points plus bonus in the Illuminati Card Game played by humans and Greys located on “upstairs” future Earth who descend on us here “in the Graveyard” and prey on us like we were Westworld on HBO.  So we knew what was up with 9/11.  Now with all that in mind, this reporter in the below short clip recently caught our attention with an overt, obvious shout out to Bush Sr during the 9/11 attacks, as the “second plane” hit the South Tower.  “At this juncture.”  There’s only two people who use that phrase in all the world!  They are Bush Sr, and Dana Carvey impersonating Bush Sr.

This short clip shows Bush senior ostensibly making fun of Dana Carvey, but actually secretly noting that he will “have his revenge (in Code and meaning Hussein), when the time is right. Not now, it wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture.”  This is all Illuminati Code. And in case you doubt it, notice the two Illuminati triangles in the background flanking Bush Sr.  They all know the cards in the Playing Deck, and they knew sooner or later they would play them in a way that took out Hussein. The second part of the clip shows a news reporter on 9/11 saying “at this juncture” in response to the “second plane” hitting the South Tower. Here’s the two clips combined, and below that are the long versions from where we got the clips. Notice also in this short clip that the plane begins to come out the other side of the Tower before the network quickly fades to black.  That is because a plane did a fly-by and was cloaked as it passed the tower, technology we told you about before here. The explosion occurred inside the South Tower due to choreographed detonations.

Another tell-tale Code sign in the above clip is the reporter’s use of the words “that we cannot begin to imagine” before “at this juncture.”  That’s Code too.  “Imagine” and “imagination” refers to a Witch or “Get” from the Family Sevens (see Bush’s Blue tie above). While “cannot” is Code for Family Nines (as both “not” which is the negative opposite of the positive word “can,” a code term for humans, and as “cannot” a past-tense word which always denotes aliens).  And see our deciphering of the song ” Lookin’ Out My Back Door” by Creedence Clearwater Revival, which is a song from the folks “upstairs” in the future about the Grey occupation happening down here, in the past:  “Imagination sets in, pretty soon I’m singin’ do do do lookin’ out my backdoor.”

The full videos from which we took both clips are below, with the reporter’s shout out to Bush at 4:11, right after the second plane hits.  This one’s for you, Pop! We are Westworld to the upstairs Illuminati “Players,” including the Bushes. Once you understand the background of the Satanic Illuminati descending on us from “future Earth” and their secret Code, much of which is straight from The Family Thesaurus on this blog, it is easy to pick up these hidden messages found in nearly every song, TV show and movie.



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