Illuminati Card Game: This card has all the Traveler Family colors, and another one gives 10 pts for WTC take down and another 6 points for the Pentagon.

We posted these cards before within a very important video we deciphered but thought you should see a couple of these Illuminati Playing Cards from their sick card game where points are awarded for harming humans on this Earth. This first one shows either the Tower of London falling down or a clock tower in Tokyo that was hit already, and in it is a shout out to every Family color in the collective Travelers and Illuminati system. Here’s the card, then we’ll explain:



This first card shows either the falling Tower of London or a clock tower in Tokyo and you can read the instructions on the card for yourselves. What captured our interest was the hidden meaning in the card. Notice the people lined up, from left to right:  White shirt, Green dress, Yellow shirt, Blue jacket, reddish -Brown jacket. Look at the Family Thesaurus if you like, and you’ll see that this corresponds to the following Family sub-groups:  White = Ones (human), Green = Sixes (human), Yellow = Fives (human), Blue = Sevens (human), Reddish-Brown = Rust = Fours (alien) and Brown = Sixes (alien) (hybrid human/alien supposedly but they are Greys) and Sixes already are represented by Green.  So we have: Ones, Fours, Fives, Sixes, and Sevens represented.

Where are the Twos and Threes? Look at the clock. The time is 11:12.  The little hand is on 11, which added together = Two (alien), and the big hand is on twelve, which added together = Three (human).  So we have the Traveler and Illuminati Family: Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives, Sixes, and Sevens represented!

Where are the Nines (the Greys)?  They are the represented by the Illuminati triangle in the background behind and above the people that they secretly lord over:

On to the next cards, which speak for themselves:


This is the Illuminati Card Game that the Upstairs “Players” are playing with we live humans down here “in the past” or as they call it, “the Graveyard,” since we are long dead from where they sit up in the future.  That makes them think of us as “disposable people” that they can prey upon with no consequences. To them we are Westworld, just like on the HBO show, which is an actual and intentional Illuminati show making a mockery of our existence.  But not for much longer.

Here’s a link to the original and very important post about who is really responsible for 9/11, time travel, and the Illuminati Card Game.  


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