The Most Important Video of #Pizzagate Which is a Satanic Illuminati Network Operation

This video has been around for awhile but this YouTuber just reposted it. In all the Pizzagate stuff we’ve read and seen, this video is the most important. It shows the document passed around to the Network offering “Pizza for Sale” and makes very clear that the child victims are held hostage and tortured for weeks before finally being killed and consumed. This is true. We know this to be factually accurate. It also is horrific.  Bee’s eternal husband Kodiak is Jimmy Comet.  And he’s Trump.  And Putin.  And Tony Podesta. And Anton LaVey. Bee is Marina Abramovic, and also Kim Noble, and Mary Podesta.  And Ivanka. And Taylor Swift. And Samantha Bee.  And Amanda Knox. Bee enjoys torturing victims while in her Taylor Swift “human suit” or “car,” as they call their empty human shells.  She’s Zeena LaVey. She enjoys the shock value of raping, torturing and murdering people as a Pop Star. See this video if you want a quick view of what Pizzagate is really about.

The movie Eyes Wide Shut obviously is about the Satanic Illuminati rituals and how following that path will ruin your life.  Another movie by Stanley Kubrick is 2001 A Space Odyssey.  These two movies are connected, and collectively tell our story, which we will explain to you as soon as we are able.  Notice in the movie 2001 that the astronaut locked out of his ship is “David.”  The evil computer represents the Greys, and especially Bee, in that movie.  The Greys have a similar personality and lie and murder and destroy.  We’ll get to those movies if we can.

By the way the image above of the girl in gold, looking scared and cold, is of the statue at Hearst Castle, which is an Illuminati rape and torture location, and also a time travel “pivot point,” which we explain here.

For more about who is to blame for Pizzagate, click on the keyword tabs at the top of this post, and also read a message from “Future Earth” about Pizzagate here.  And also here, where the man in the video (which was thrown back in time to the 1980s via the time machine), is wearing a rust-colored suit which signifies the alien Fours in the Traveler Family, led by Bea’s husband Kodiak, who also is Jimmy Comet.  Literally everything is connected.  We are trying to show you how.



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