Bea and Kodiak's coded message to the Illuminati and Greys calling for Hera's "character" to be "viciously assassinated."

One of Hera’s code names used by the Illuminati Players and Greys when they talk about her is “the Story.” Hera is the “star” of the story in the same way that Truman was in The Truman Show.  The movie Stranger Than Fiction was about Hera and the Greys impending plan to murder her at the end of “her story.”  The Truman Show also is about Hera.  Her entire life is being recorded and broadcast to Grey alien and human subscribers located on the “upstairs” future Earth and beyond.  The article below is calling for Hera’s “vicious assassination” by throwing “vicious character assassination” into the article.

The reason we stumble on all these coded messages while you haven’t yet is because, 1. We know their code words and what they mean, and 2. Because Hera is always broadcast to the Greys, they place messages to each other in shows and articles that Hera will look at.  They have time travel access, so they can and do also add messages to an already existing show, once they see that Hera is watching that show.  But this article is written and designed to ask fellow Illuminati to arrange a “vicious hit” on Hera.  Last night the Greys tried to accomplish that with remotely-located technology, which failed. So today they doubled their efforts to find someone in the downstairs Earth environment to physically do the job.  Unless you are a Grey alien, you do not want to assassinate Hera. She and we are trying to help you.  As Hera goes, so does the human race.  The Greys know this and, in their immaturity, believe that if a human kills Hera, we will turn against the humans here, rather than blame the Greys. We know that the Greys are responsible for many atrocities on this Earth. And we know that they want to kill her. Still, do not harm Hera, no matter which type of beings you may be.

Here’s the article:

A review of my new Samsung curved TV: I hate it so much

Sometimes you make a mistake

via A review of my new Samsung curved TV: I hate it so much – The Verge

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