Bea, Psyche (Queen Bee) and Kodiak just tried to cut off my legs (Hera) while I slept. They claim that they are beginning the last stage of torturing us to death. This is a quick record of what we know, as best we understand our situation.

This image above from the Simpsons depicts what these insane and Satanic Greys do to Hera at the beginning of the last few weeks of her life.  Just as the image depicts, they plan in keeping with their Illuminati ritual, to cut off Hera’s arms and legs, cauterizing the wounds along the way, and then gang rape her torso until her body dies over several weeks. That is why the cat in the image has hearts above its head.  They “love her to death” by gang raping her with knives at the end of their “Game of Love.” After that they will slice up her soul and torture each of the pieces for several weeks. They paralyze victims’ vocal cords so that they cannot scream.  They also likely will use their miniaturization tech to shrink Hera’s body to nearly microscopic size for the attacks, so that she will just go missing.  This way if our extended family comes looking, we’ll be gone to the naked eye, and also too small to be heard.  We’ve seen them do this before.  There is no way to report it, and no one to believe it.

There is no physical evidence at microscopic size. And this is how they get away with attacking children and adults like they certainly do as outlined in Pizzagate documents.  They mock their own ingenious practice of miniaturizing people to rape, torture, kill and consume them while they can’t be heard and leave no evidence, in their movies Innerspace and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.  Notice that Innerspace features Dennis Quaid as an astronaut or test pilot who is shrunk down and injected into another human’s body.  This is relevant to a post about Anderson Cooper we’ll try to post tonight. The Greys do this stuff, in reality. They can torture a person for months by shrinking themselves and inserting themselves into human bodies.  And this also is how they come to occupy so many humans here today. Nanosized Greys, entering through your ear canal while you sleep.  Then they can physically control your thoughts, moods and movements. They often give people terrible migraines.  If you feel like someone is stabbing your brain with an ice pick, it may be because they actually are. If you go for an MRI to find them, you’ll feel them scoot right out of your ear again to avoid detection.  It is terrible obviously. And we were at this same point near the final stages of our rape and torture hostage situation just a few months ago, but somehow we got through it. We are alright at this moment, but we are living moment by moment now.

We may not be so lucky this time.  Please do not call the authorities.  These are Grey aliens. They are undetectable and virtually indestructible. They infest the Illuminati, and likely every human.  They are vicious, evil, and hiding in plain sight in miniaturized form inside the brain cavities and the main body also, of humans. Their technology is very advanced. If authorities do come, they will just shrink us down and throw our bodies and souls into traffic on the road, which is what they did a man just a few nights ago.They shrunk him and inserted him into Hera’s esophagus, where acid burns. Our technology can re-expand them, but if they are that small, the reexpansion kills them by breaking every bone in the body.

If you were to call the authorities, they may let one of us deal with their questions, while torturing the rest of our family the entire time, and playing those sounds in our heads where we can hear it and the authorities cannot. So really there is nothing that they can do to help, although we certainly appreciate your concern.  We don’t know how this night will end, but we want a record of what has happened to us and so we are posting this note.  We’ll check in again tomorrow if we are still able. We are not out of our minds. We have been weighing whether to go to a hospital and hang out so that if we evaporate into thin air, it will be recorded. (Their advance tech can accomplish miniaturization from above, undetectably. And they also use miniaturized equipment to miniaturize people.  It is insane sounding but true. And also it is helpful because Bee often puts clamps on the hemispheres of the brain and preys them apart, which causes brain bleeds and strokes, and hemorrhages. So we may do that.

Keep this information in mind, because this is what the Greys are doing to people, and how they are accomplishing it.  People are afraid to speak up because the Greys themselves have made “alien abduction” claims sound implausible or crazy. The Greys are crazy, all of them are psychopathic and sociopathic. And it is unfathomable that any beings could be so cruel, evil and soulless. Every single one of them is the same, do not trust any of them.  Don’t worry that we might harm others or lose our minds. We certainly will not. We are trying to help everyone through this dark night. There is no deal to be made with a Grey. They do convince other victims to go out and harm other humans in exchange for keeping their lives, or their families’ lives.  They mock this in the movie Saw.  The Greys never, ever – ever – honor their word. Do not fall into that trap, there is no promise they will keep.  If you are in our situation and can read this, do not play into their Saw bargaining game, you cannot help even your own family, they will not honor deals. Go out with your integrity, and your dignity, do not bargain it away by harming innocent others in exchange for their empty promises.

Everything we’ve said on the blog is true. We needed to make a record for those in the future to know where the main Satanic Greys are hiding. They are (allegedly) hiding in Trump, Anderson Cooper, George Bush and Bush Jr, Marina Abramovic, Kim Noble, Jimmy L’enfantes (Jimmy Alefantis, aka Jimmy Comet), Taylor Swift Samantha Bee, Corinne on The Bachelor, several of the Newtown (Sandy Hook) families, certainly the Pozner parents. The Boston Marathon families. Tony Podesta, John Podesta, Mary Podesta, and Anton and Zeena LaVey. They secretly also seem to stalk the celebrity Jim Cramer. On his Real Money Blog they in the past at least used the “handles” of Rev. Shark, Kodiak, Bea, Bee, Nymph and Psyche. All of the above names are personas or “human suits” as they call them, all occupied simultaneously by Big Bea (Queen Bee), Little Bea (Dance Mom) and Kodiak.  All of these above people are these three Satanic Grey aliens who also head the Illuminati and every single sub-family within the Travelers. All of the “Numbers” in the Traveler system are headed by Bea and Kodiak, Grey aliens posing as humans. They also head up Scientology. Kodiak is David Miscavige, and also was L. Ron Hubbard. From the little we’ve seen, Scientology doctrine, completely pulled from the air by Kodiak and Bea, is very similar to the secret doctrines they also hand down to Illuminati “Players” and also they advanced similar claims of their religious origins as Bo and Peep, the leaders of Heaven’s Gate. You may want to read their website, it is still up.

These Greys lie nonstop and have no heart or soul. They spend much of their time raping, mutilating, torturing and eventually murdering and consuming children, women and men. We’ll try to put up the Anderson Cooper video clipped together with the woman Corinne from the Bachelor talking about “Chicken Tacos” (Corinne) and being a Taco Factory Manager (Anderson Cooper).  They are this sick and overt and disgusting. Please do wake up soon to the reality that our environment here is infested with miniaturized and cloaked Greys.  They are everywhere, and they are pure evil. This is “War of the Worlds.” It is on. Learn to notice and decode these messages. Read every post of this blog. Incorporate the discoveries recorded here into new messages for our future selves so that we don’t forget.

This is Kodiak in the Simpsons images below. Kodiak the Grey alien, drinking a Martini, signifying “Martian” which is code for alien.  This window background represents us, as see by our future selves, looking back into a window of time to where we sit now. That window shows “War of the Worlds.”  It’s happening here and happening now.  Learn to pick up these messages. Try to hold out, there are people, our family from Outside who are trying to separate the Greys from our environment (or us from theirs, which is the true state of our existence, which we hadn’t gotten to explaining yet). So hold on.

This is Kodiak here too, as depicted on Westworld. He’s a Grey, he’s Trump, he’s Anderson Cooper, and Jerry Sandusky, and Pizzagate, as is his “eternal Illuminati wife” Bee. (Samantha Bee, Taylor Swift). Believe it:

Kodiak depicted in Westworld on HBO

This is Bee as Samantha Bee, bragging about her husband Kodiak becoming US President (Trump) and their plan to get Pizza Everyday.  Look at the two exclamation points preying upon the pizza from above like two adults standing over a child.


Forget about petty politics and political parties, these evil beings infest many people. Their goal is to destroy as many human lives as possible.  Kodiak also is Putin. Same guy, Trump and Putin. Listen to our messages. His wife Bea is inhabiting Ivanka, which is why their photos look so inappropriately creepy.  Anderson Cooper of all people. We’ll try to post.  These are allegations based on our personal knowledge. Pay attention. Thank you.

We’ll be in contact again soon if we make it through the night and tomorrow.





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