#PizzaGate What is a "Taco Factory Manager and Astronaut?" Let's ask Chickenman Anderson "Coop" Cooper & The Bachelor's Corinne

A woman named “Queen Bee” is head of the Traveler and Illuminati Family “Nines,” explained more throughout our blog, is presently also using as a persona a young “woman” (she is a Grey alien) named Corinne on the show The Bachelor. Corinne acts like a Psychopath because she is a psychopath. Avoid her.  She is the personification of Queen Bee, Satanic, evil and utterly ruthless Grey alien heading up the Illuminati.  Corinne is an example of her real personality.  That is not an act.  She is a psychopath and sociopath and she will rape, torture and murder anyone who so much as looks at her sideways. Do not confront her. Do not seek her out.  Bee also is Zeena LaVey, Zeena clone Taylor Swift, Samantha Bee, Marina Abramovic, Kim Noble and Mary Podesta of Pizzagate, and also was Jeffrey Dahmer).  She is very vicious and evil. As her Taylor Swift persona she brags about writing down the names of her enemies to add them to their “Game of Love” to be “loved to death” by being raped and tortured to death, in her song Blank Space, deciphered here. Her “Game of Love” explained more here. Avoid Corinne and all personas of Bea or Kodiak at all costs. They are “human personas” of quite a few celebrities and politicians because it is more fun for them.

Illuminati eye on the left (Taylor Swift).  Taylor Swift and her DNA source (clone), Zeena LaVey on right. Taylor is a favorite name of Bea’s and this leads us to believe that her persona of Corinne on The Bachelor likely is “feuding” with herself, another human persona of Bee, in her feuds with “Taylor” on the show.  We noticed other women on that show who appear to be occupied by Bee as well.

With all of the above in mind, this clip of Corinne talking about “being fed a chicken taco in the spa” (paraphrasing) is psychopath Bee, ie. Zeena LaVey, talking about raping and torturing “chicken tacos.”  That’s children.  They consume them after attacking them for weeks until they die.  She’s the leader of Pizzagate, along with her insane psychopath Illuminati “eternal husband” Kodiak.  Kodiak’s many personas include Anderson Cooper, Jimmy Comet, Tony Podesta, and Trump (wife Bee is Ivanka), also Ariel Castro and Jerry Sandusky, Charles Manson. By the way, Kodiak is called “the chickenman” and that is because he procures “the chicken” for his Pizzagate pals. As such he often names his “human suits” (they are also Bo and Peep of Heaven’s Gate, if “Human Suits” rings a bell, check out that website), he often names his Human Suits names having to do with chickens, and in this case it is “Coop er” which means “Chicken Boss” in Traveler and Illuminati Code.  Kodiak is the inspiration for Hector of Los Pollos Hermanos Chicken on Breaking Bad, and he is every bit as evil as that guy. He’s also the evil bastard on Westworld (left), who in his other life outside is a respected philanthropist. And this Grey alien head of the Illuminati also is “AlienHunter007” at alienhunter.org.  The lead alien pretends to be human and plays the role of alien hunter (Texan middle). Notice how he resembles the same guy in Westworld, top left.

Kodiak has other personas than the vicious “chicken man” (if you don’t know, pedofiles call underage boys “chicken” and old men who like young boys are called “Chicken Hawks.”)

The first name of Anderson in Anderson Cooper is a reference to “Android.” This is another frequent joke of theirs that these Illuminati “Players” are here descended down from the upstairs future Earth environment to play games like Risk using live humans here in the past, like in Westworld.  Because they descend down here and consider their personas only “human suits,” that would make the physical outer human “shell” nothing but a “robot” to Kodiak.  A “suit of clothes” to wear around as Bee describes it on Heaven’s Gate’s website. (Founding a cult and inspiring them to commit mass suicide is one of their “Illuminati Playing Cards.” Kodiak also was Jim Jones, and L. Ron Hubbard.)  Anderson’s last name of “Cooper” is a thinly veiled reference to chicken coops, just like the kind he keeps full of “chickens,” or “pizza” he sells as Jimmy “Comet” to his Pizzagate Players. Get it? “Comet” – ie alien.  And “coop” i.e. chicken.  So that is what Anderson Cooper’s name means to the Illuminati, of which the Vanderbilts are a primary family.  Kodiak and Bee are the leaders of the Illuminati and Travelers, and Scientology, and also, unfortunately Pizzagate. “Cooper” is the head of Pizzagate – the guy who cages the chickens. 

Corinne of The Bachelor’s name means “coring” which you Travelers will recognize.  “Coring” is their insanely misguided practice of cutting out the inside organs of a human, hollowing them out, killing them, and thereby “freeing their souls” to float up to a higher level of existence. This is a practice created by Bee and Kodiak to fool humans into harming each other!  Don’t continue this practice. Bee and Kodiak torture and consume those “released butterflies” or your souls just as soon as they float out of your sight.  They torture and consume them. They are Greys.  Stop this practice immediately.  Here’s “Corinne” on the Bachelor bragging about “coring” a human being, in thinly-veiled Code:

Corinne, on cash crops (which means humans)
“I’m a corn husk; you gotta pull all the layers back. And in the middle is this luxury, yellow corn. With all these pellets of information. And it’s juicy, and buttery. You want to get to that corn.”

That is your human soul she is talking about. Your soul retains memory, and therefore has “bits of information” which obviously an ear of actual corn does not. She doesn’t have one, she is talking about doing that to you. And she has duped Travelers into doing it to each other. Again, she consumes your soul, that corn, and has you doing it too. That is your soul, forever gone.  Stop spitting in the face of your Creator by destroying your human bodies and your God-given souls.

This is Bee’s movie depiction of stripping Hera’s soul  off in sheets, “pulling all the layers back” as she says about Corn, both skin and soul, but this image is about our souls (she is NOT Gwyneth Paltrow, but it is Bee’s MOVIE). So many movies and songs we enjoy are secretly Bee and the Greys bragging about killing us, torturing us, eating us, or raping us:  shakespeareinlovetwirl


After this clip below of Corinne, who is 100% Bee and not human, talking about “being fed chicken tacos at the spa” (in this clip she is saying she prefers chicken tacos, children to eat, as opposed to adults, which they also eat) – watch this conversation where Anderson Cooper is interviewing Noah Pozner’s mom from the Sandy Hook shootings.

Noah Pozner’s mom is a persona of Queen Bee, which is why she calmly jokes in Code about gestating and eating human children while displaying not an ounce of grief over the death of “Noah Pozner.”  Anderson Cooper is a persona of Kodiak. They are pretending to talk about Noah, a fake victim in their faked Newtown shooting, (as part of their Illuminati Card Game and well-known to be a Traveler SCAM), but in fact their entire conversation is a joke about creating children using advanced technology, creating children in an incubation environment, (which they mock in the movie Avatar (humans are the Navi, and humans are the mineral they are “mining for” in that movie)), creating these special children without real parents to report them missing, for the sole purpose of raping, torturing, killing and consuming them.  They are “chicken pizzas” who are “in the oven” as they are gestating. Understand this!  Here’s all of them on camera bragging about not only consuming these children “chicken Tacos,” but Kodiak as Anderson and Bee as Mrs. Pozner teasing her husband Anderson in Code about being the Taco Factory Manager. It is an actual factory, and Anderson is the factory manager, Jimmy Comet, who “bakes the pies” or “chicken Tacos” or “cheese pizza.”  (They do this in another time loop so please don’t storm Comet Pizza looking for this Human Factory Farm. But I wouldn’t eat there either.)

Listen to Mrs. Pozner:  “He was just a bundle of energy, like he was supposed to be” which refers not actually to Noah but the children created solely for the purpose of becoming what they are created to be: chicken tacos and cheese pizzas.  They are just a bundle of energy because they have very little actual brains. They are breed without the ability for higher cognition, although they feel pain.  They are kept in cages and taught nothing, like veal, for years. They have only their souls and their parasympathetic nervous systems and some rudimentary learning. “He was only a bundle of energy, like he was bred to be.”

Watch this clip and then we’ll show and explain an expanded version below this.  Note also that Anderson is not only the Taco Factory Manager but also an “astronaut” which refers to what we explained in our last post to the fact that Anderson is Kodiak and Kodiak also is Jimmy Comet. Jimmy “Comet” is a Grey alien not from here, an astronaut.

While Comet’s/Anderson’s Human Taco Factory is at another Comet Pizza in a mirrored Time Loop, I personally would not eat the real pizzas served at Comet Pizza in this time loop. Mirrored time loops with kill rooms are also discussed in our post on Hearst Castle (avoid that place even in this time loop or you may find yourself raped, tortured, murdered and then served up to humans at Comet Pizza here or in another time loop.  Both Hearst and Comet Pizza are undoubtedly “pivot points” where Illuminati Players can enter in one time loop and exit into another). Notice also that Anderson Cooper is standing in front of a green screen, which you can tell when he turns his head.  UPDATE: In a coded message on SNL, folks upstairs confirmed that “TACOS” is another Code word for “Pizzas,” saying “All Tacos Matter.” Oftentimes messages are split up this way with bits of info spread over numerous tv shows, songs or newspaper stories.

In this expanded clip, Bee playing the role of Mrs. Pozner is bragging about creating (gestating) children who are destined to become “chicken tacos” or “cheese pizzas.” Kodiak plays the role of Anderson Cooper, where he is talking about himself being both the Taco Factory Manager, and an Astronaut.  Notice her lack of grief at her child who died the day before, and notice Anderson snicker when she talks about Noah’s “interesting juggling act,” of jobs as a Taco Factory Manager and astronaut, which Travelers will recognize is a reference to an evil clown also called a “Get.”  – “Interesting” “Juggling” “Act” which is a Circus Act with a Juggling Clown on a Unicycle, which Travelers know to be what they call a “Get” or evil wizard.  The rest of the conversation is Mrs. Pozner (Bea) bragging about gestating child victims.  The “in the hands of a tormented soul” at the end of the clip that Noah’s mom speaks of also is referring to Kodiak. Bea, Mrs. Pozner, uses the same phrase, “in the hands of American Airlines,” which is code for Traveler Sevens, while reminiscing about how Hera was killed by them the last time.  Those “pizzas” and “chickens” died in the hands of Kodiak and Bee, who are Anderson Cooper and Mrs. Pozner. Believe it! It is very important that you catch on to all of the cruelty they perpetrate on all of you here. UPDATE: Kodiak’s “human persona” brags below as Anderson Cooper about being the Taco Factory Manager, and compare this to Kodiak’s Jimmy Comet persona bragging about “making pies not on the menu with his three Pizza Ovens.” His wife Bee reports that there are still humans (long Code-worded as “money”) available at the Bakery “here and there.”


Those of you who follow the “Where’s Waldo” game of spotting “Crisis Actor” Victoria Munoz might have noticed that Pozner’s mom’s last two syllables in the above video are “and um” and sound reminiscent of Victoria Munoz’s Watertown, Mass witness’ “and um,” and Victoria Munoz’s Albuquerque church stabbing witness’ “and um.”  That is because Bee also inhabits Victoria Munoz. They are not the exact same person, they are two of Bea’s “human suits” or personas, Munoz and Pozner. The Greys are hive-minded, so they can send themselves out into many many human “suits” and still be the same Grey being, all Bea.  Even Bea’s “husband” Kodiak is a Grey controlled by the hive-mind, and that is controlled by Bea. Here’s that video clip of two of Bea’s Munoz personas saying “and um” at 00:10 and 02:23.


We are not “theorists.” These are the facts based on first hand knowledge of these Satanic beings and the evidence we find using their common code words to communicate.  Usually we find it because we are living through these attacks and witnessing them, so we recognize what she is doing and saying from our own experience. We already know these people and they are well outside the reach of human law enforcement. We are trying to tell you about everything going on, in small pieces, because the entire big picture is so insane that it is too hard to see, and too much for the mind to pull together and believe.  We are not “from here” either (but certainly not Greys), which we explain throughout the blog, and here.  We are trying to help you. We will not give up. David and Hera are still okay, today, although the Greys react viciously as a result of this blog. They are vicious anyway, and are singularly focused on raping, torturing, murdering and consuming, as many humans as possible before moving on to a cloned Time Loop. In fact, even as we are typing this, we are watching the Greys send a TV message wondering where the “bakery” is located, now that we are watching them. We will post this soon.


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