Trump: “I was down there on 7/11 . . . . right after it came down.” Get it? The joke’s on us. Landshark "tells"

Notice how the Source from the Matrix looks like Colonel Sanders, the “chicken man”? It’s no coincidence. We are looking at The Independent’s slide show about why Trump is a “malignant narcissist. ”  We implore people to understand, he is not “mentally unstable,” he is insane. They do not think like humans, they have no empathy or sympathy.  Their only occupation is to rape, torture and murder humans, while playing an Illuminati Card Game where the goal is to harm as many, as viciously, as possible, before the human population here catches on.  They themselves do not die, they jump into another “human suit” whenever they choose, often occupying several at once, and thus they have no sympathy for the weak humans who are mortal.  It is time for you to catch on. Trump is a Grey. They do not think like humans. They do not care. Hence statements like “I was down there on 7/11.”  Please don’t overlook the importance of this statement and numerous other “tells” that they are inhuman, and inhumane. No human who was in NYC, or even in on the Planet Earth, on 9/11 would misspeak and call it 7/11 without even a pause to breathe. He does not know the date because they orchestrate numerous versions of these attacks in the multiple time loops.  He does not care. What does “I was down there” mean? It means he was “descended down into our time loop” to watch the event live, from his upstairs home on “future Earth.”  What does “when it came down mean”?  Who calls the Twin Towers and WTC7  “it”?  Nobody from NYC, I assure you.  We are Westworld to them.  Kodiak (Trump) is portrayed in that show, Westworld, as this guy:

Kodiak depicted in Westworld on HBO

He also is depicted as Hector, the “chicken man” of Los Pollos Hermanos chicken on Breaking Bad:


They are stupid as all get out!  They say stupid things, they make inside jokes entirely about raping and killing humans. They are a gazillion years old and have advanced technology gained by wiping out other beings and stealing it.  They are good at destroying, and literally nothing else.  They have plenty of “tells.”  They are portrayed in old SNL skits for example as the idiotic “Landshark” who tells the victim behind the door that he’s a landshark so “open the door.”  That Landshark also was “into Pizza” (we send current relevant messages using time travel, throwing them back in time to serve as advanced warnings, explained all over the blog, but you must learn how to “answer the phone” when we call you in this way).  The Greys are this dumb and they are saying “Landshark ma’am, open the door,” while we vote them in as our President.  

We are not political. Samantha Bee is his fake “liberal” Illuminati “eternal wife” (and she’s also Ivanka). In fact, Trump is leader of the Illuminati, along with his wife “Bee” who occupies Samantha Bee.  She’s also Noah Pozner’s mom from Sandy Hook, while Kodiak is Anderson Cooper. Look at this sociopathic, snickering and utterly unfeeling video of these two talking the day after Noah Pozner died.  Their coded conversation was about breeding children specifically for #pizzagate purposes, ha ha ha.  This is true and is decoded here.

Here’s an image from Samantha Bee on Full Frontal when Trump/Kodiak was sworn in, see if you can spot the “Landshark tell”:


How about in this photo from Jimmy Comet’s Instagram?


Can you spot the Landshark “tell” in this “Close to Home” Green screen interview photo?  This one is harder, the interview is obviously in front of two green screens not adjusted for scale (see the Jolly Green Giant on the far left right next to the Lilliputian man). This tell is their in your face middle finger of an obvious green screen interview called “Close to Home” while they were nowhere near it.


How about this Landshark “tell”?
Featured Image -- 12224

The triangles flanking Bush are Illuminati symbols, disguised as respect for war heros. It’s another middle finger to you, since the only reason that the memorialized human being has been reduced to an American flag display is because Bush & Son play Risk and Chess, Illuminati style, with live human “pieces.” There are no coincidences with these Illuminati Players. Everything is scripted and staged to sound caring to us, while also overtly acknowledging their fellow Illuminati Players. That’s the Rules. Skull & Bones. Where else did we see a Skull & Bones? Etched into the sidewalk across the street from Comet Pizza. Hideous. So while Bush may not be Pizzagate, he spends his days with Jimmy Comet, head of the Illuminati, who is the Player occupying the “human suits” of both Jimmy Comet and his beloved son George Bush Jr.  

Notice any similarities between the two photos below?  Both feature Illuminati triangles flanking “the star” and “the comet.”  We aren’t happy about this, we aren’t looking to find connections that aren’t there. We are sickened by this situation and we are working actively, and enduring a lot of threats, with the goal of removing the Illuminati Players from this Earth environment that is nothing but a “playground” to them.

Humans need to wake up and avoid these sociopathic “Illuminati” Grey aliens who secretly hold us hostage. They rape, torture and then eat people. Don’t vote for them. Don’t laugh with them as they make Coded jokes about the raping and murdering of the human population. Don’t get mired in irrelevant political party debates designed intentionally to distract you from the actual Illuminati Grey occupation.  They are nearly all of the celebrities, politicians and big business leaders. Nearly all newscasters. The vast majority of information you’ve been told in history books and even in Sunday School, is a lie. It is 1984. They are the terrorists. Trump is a terrorist. Samantha Bee is a terrorist. Taylor Swift is a terrorist. Jimmy Comet is a terrorist. Mrs. Pozner is a terrorist. All of them, the same terrorist.

Here’s the video link at the bottom of this post for Trump’s “I was there on 7/11” speech, we can’t access this video for download but he says the above at about 1:18. via ‘Malignant narcisissm’: Donald Trump displays classic traits of mental illness, claim psychologists | The Independent

Read a transcript of the Source from the Matrix (who is Trump (the Chicken Man, aka “Coop” aka Cooper aka Anderson Cooper) and also his wife Bee) as they brag about destroying us all, here.


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