The Onion's Response to Our Chat Last Night Over on You Tube Comments

We tried to engage a couple of skeptical commenters about Sandy Hook last night on You Tube. Mostly they were abusive and certainly immovable. But that is no surprise as there are trolls all over that site.  Not to mention our stories here do sound insane. That certainly would be a more palatable truth. Here’s the Onion’s response to our Comments Section exchange, which we received today by email.  This is not a joke.  Hopefully you’ll start to see the pattern emerge, between what Hera does, and how media responds. They respond immediately because Hera’s computer screen is broadcast to millions of Travelers, Illuminati and Grey overlords twenty-four hours a day, like everything else Hera does, and everything she hears, and sees with her own eyes. They have a view of what Hera sees, from her own eyes, like a GoPro camera inside your eyeballs.  It is Grey technology.

The first image refers to Hera (although it was several of us) engaging some Commenters on You Tube to try to tell them and all of you what is going on here.


Notice also in the above image they are saying that this message to us was passed down here to us by the “Upstairs” Future Earth humans or Greys (collectively Illuminati Players): “According to a report released Thursday by experts who knew this would happen.”  They also say “from the second you opened your mouth” to obscure the message from people who don’t know that they are there.  This is how they do it. They send a message within another more innocuous sounding message.

The next page below shows, top left, not only advice for us to keep a lid on our commentary on You Tube about what is happening, but also a warning that if we do it again, they will torture Hera by putting clamps on her brain, as they often do and we have described here. Outwardly it looks like a migraine but inside they cause brain bleeds, hemorrhages and strokes.  Top right, this is a threat to pin Hera to the wall “like a butterfly” as we described in our post about the child in Jimmy Comet’s instagram photos, here, if she keeps talking on You Tube about the Greys. The bottom left is a joke, that the Greys, here depicted as a vulture, are wishing they had chosen a different “deer” to pick at. This is one of the reasons we are doing this. You picked the wrong deer, “honey.”  (They and their Illuminati pals call Hera “honey” while they are attacking her (and also in many of their songs bragging about it). Bottom left, not sure, other than that our activities are giving them ulcers. We hope so.


Next page below shows on the left a “spider egg omelet” which is a message that our posts on You Tube will just cause more Greys, Travelers and Illuminati to “crawl out of the woodwork.”  We’ll get through to some of them!  The middle one is a message that their attack on the human population will come without warning.  The bottom right we are unsure about but probably it is a map for the Greys to follow when they attack us. They do attack us and wipe our memories of it, which we explain in numerous places on the blog. The attack always begins right before Hera is about to die, and they time it for around 3am to completely annihilate everyone by 25-or-6 to 4, as decoded and described in that Chicago song, and also in Roundabout by YES (“24 before my love and I’ll be there”). They also brag about it in their YES song Long Distance Runaround, which is about humans running for their lives while they are blasted with sound guns and lasers via their planned “alien attack” that according to the photo about the Superbowl, will occur with little warning. This explains a previous post where we tried to decipher what 3:30 meant in connection with the people “upstairs” yelling “fore” down to the Illuminati Players on Earth.  Apparently they plan to attack this time at 3:30 rather than 3 and make quick work of it, since people from the Outside are here and will detect what they are doing. The image at bottom says “5 Things to Know About Milo Yiannopoulis” and this is saying the Hera gave out too much information about herself and about we here to help as much as we can, and about what is happening here.



Next image below, middle, is “How to Deliver Constructive Criticism” which is a joke about the two guys on You Tube who only keep telling Hera that she is insane, with no provable facts or useful (“constructive”) commentary to back up their attacks on Hera.  The middle left is a veiled reference to the fact that Kodiak is now President (Trump) and he will be giving the order when it is time to “Execute” Hera and the human population.  The bottom right is about Neil Gorsuch, who also is Kodiak, which we can tell just by looking at the name, and probably they are pointing to Neil Gorsuh as the person to look to for the execute order, since most everyone knows by now that Kodiak is Trump.  Kodiak often uses the name “Neil,” and “Gorsuch” deciphered is: “Gor” as in gore or gory (Kodiak is Vlad the Impaler and also Vlad Putin), “su” as in authority (as in “suey” calling for a pig, i.e., “the pigs” or “authorities”) and “ch” which means a “Get” or evil wizard in Traveler Talk:  Gorsuch.  Click here for our post about “what is a ‘Get’?”  Our You Tube Comments link is below this image. onionfeb4

Here’s that link for the conversation that is frowned upon by the Onion above:

via Great Sandy Hook Video Also Noting Other Evidence of Our Strange Times – YouTube

PS: Someone claims we faked the Onion Newsletter, so here’s a screenshot of the stories as they currently appear on the Onion’s website:



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