One of Illuminati Queen Bee's human "personas" is Corinne on The Bachelor. In this clip calling for a hit on Hera.

This is the second time this week that we are posting about Kodiak and Bee, heads of the Illuminati, calling for Hera to be killed in coded messages. The first time, they called for a “character” to be “viciously assassinated,” and we knew that was about Hera because the Illuminati also code-named Hera “the Story.”  We decode that lengthy hit order here.

We also told you about a week ago about Bee acting as the human persona Corinne on The Bachelor. We told you that she is a vicious psychopath and sociopath who should be avoided at any cost, here, in our Pizzagate and Newtown connection discussion, which we know sounds cruel to grieving parents, except that those particular parents did not lose a child and in fact are the same hideous Illuminati that are behind Pizzagate.  In any event we’ve warned about Corinne before. Avoid.

Anyway, here’s a clip of Corinne that contains both a random and inappropriate use of the word “Character,” since a reality show has no actors, and also the words “direct hit.”  We know for certain that Bee is Corinne, that Bee has code-named Hera “the Story” for years and most recently also “the Character.”  And we know that Bee called for a hit on Hera twice last week.  Because Hera is a prisoner of Bea’s, everything Hera looks at, including TV shows and internet, are broadcast to her Illuminati Players.  Therefore they often send coded messages back and forth inside of shows and web stories that Hera is watching or reading, so that the Illuminati elsewhere will see the message.  Stupid, but true. They aren’t that smart. Or they are that arrogant about getting away with it. But they do have a Time Machine, and they are Satanic, and therefore they pose a very dire threat to everyone.

The third hit order on Hera this week is explained here.  And our notes on the Thugs who keep casing our block are here.  Kodiak and Bea’s attempt to cut off Hera’s legs by remote laser the other night is documented here.  And the creep who pretends not to understand our Onion post while asking for Hera to describe her height, weight, hair and eye color, breast size, and age, can be found in the You Tube Comments section here, as Phillip Franklin. This guy, or he claims to be:

phillipfranklin  We take his questions about Hera to be an implied threat to hunt down her personal information.

Here’s the clip with Corinne misusing the word “character” about a real actual person, so that she could throw in the “direct hit” order on Hera, code-named “the character.”  Obviously they change the context so that the general public does not catch on. That is exactly why we are decoding these evil beings here on this blog, and exactly why they keep ordering hits on Hera, although truthfully they always intended to kill Hera. No non-Players of Pizzagate ever get out alive. And Hera is the main target for her entire life anyway, as “The Story.”  Hera is the star of their version of The Truman Show, except that instead of sneaking around behind Truman putting in advertisements and product placements, the Illuminati sneak around behind Hera pretending to care about her and be her friend or boyfriend, until they drug her and gang-rape her, then let that subside and do it again a year later. Now her family has found her and this insane STORY will be concluding quite differently than the Illuminati have planned.

Corinne also flashed this handsign as she said the word “character” and you can’t see it well in our still-frame but up in the video thumbnail it very clearly is Bee’s subtle Illuminati handsign, the same subtle version she flashes while playing the human persona of Taylor Swift, which we just posted a picture album of today, here.


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