Humans4Sale Reports the Greys & Illuminati in Bold & Beautiful Clip: Pizzagate, Travelers Too, Decoded

The Bold and the Beautiful is one the Grey leader Bee’s preferred methods of communicating with the Greys all over the “galaxy.” Another is Amazon Reviews and Comments. In this first Bold and the Beautiful Clip, Bee plays Pam, sitting at the desk, then getting up and warning all of the ILLUMINATI GREY ALIEN “PLAYERS” that the authorities are watching by saying “STAY BACK, DON’T MAKE A MOVE.” This is just a warning because in the companion clip she gives them a pep talk to “come back to Earth” – she always prevails, and STILL HAS MONEY IN THE BAKERY, where “money” means humans, and “the bakery” is her “TACO and PIZZA FACTORIES,” as in PIZZAGATE.

One of Bee’s frequent TV characters used to communicate messages is “PAM” on the Bold & the Beautiful, so when Pam (the blond older secretary) is talking, your ears should perk up.  Finally, Pam also is complaining here about being “out of Lemon Bars” and that obviously refers to some particular type of human.  Humans they call “Money” “Roses” “Flowers” “Diamonds” “Tacos” “Chicken” “Pizza” etc.  but Lemon Bars we think may refer to Human Souls which we know they also consume, because those appear as a golden yellow light to them, and they call Gold “yellow” and vise-versa.  Lemon Bars are Yellow. Last week Bea called them “Corn.”  Corinne on the Bachelor, who also is a Bee persona talks about shucking corn, another euphemism for humans where the soul at the center is “yellow,” deciphered here, also showing clips of their brags about eating “tacos” and running a “taco factory.”

They are disgusting, totally insane, Grey aliens, who can act like humans for short periods of time. If you engage them for too long though, they begin acting Psychotic just like Corinne on the Bachelor, who is BEE.  Stay away from her, and also Taylor Swift. The Greys have no idea that they don’t blend in as well as they think.  They never will be able to blend in. They have been hiding among us for hundreds of years because they have access to time travel.  It only recently happened that the Greys got access to us humans.  But they infested our lives going backward in time and so now to us we have them as here for hundreds of years.  They can keep up a conversation inside a human body for awhile, but asked anything that requires thoughtful analysis they will revert to behaving EXACTLY LIKE CORINNE FROM THE BACHELOR.

The First Clip: Note the guy CJ calling for the “Demolition Crew” – which is a call to the Greys to blow up this Earth because we are fighting back! Note the old lady saying “CJ has a Point.” “Point” is what they do when they want someone (or everyone in this case) KILLED.  Just as we showed you in Taylor Swift’s video clip in the last post, pointing at Hera. They say “point” or they actually POINT. Next the red-headed girl Sally spins around, which we also just explained in the last post about Swift, is what an evil “Get” does right before they attack someone. Next, the guy CJ claims to be Hera’s son, but that is Kodiak, Bee’s husband pretending to be our son Paul. Later in the clip “Paul” will grab the loudspeaker microphone, which the Traveler Fours may recognize is a sign to them that Paul is talking.  Kodiak is doing this in hopes that the Fours will take out a hit on Hera.  Both Hera and this entire Earth “have got a date with a wrecking ball.”  Next, CJ points out the Sally is “FAMILY.” Sally talks about “SAVING the Family Legacy” next and this deciphered is Traveler Talk for “saved by Jesus” i.e. sent to meet her maker, “FAMILY” which is the Travelers, and “Legacy” which means to cut Hera’s legs off before killing her.  Next of interest is PAM throwing in a totally off-the-wall sentence about the “interns ate all my Lemon Bars” (nobody had asked, and nobody responds, which is a flag to look for a coded message, much like Corinne’s out of place gibberish).  That sentence means the Pizzagate Players ate all the human souls available, but later Sally will reassure them that there are still plenty of human bodies (“money”) for sale from “the Bakery.” Next is Pam telling the Players and Greys waiting to attack to “Stay Back, until Eric gives the say so” until the BOSS, KODIAK gives the “say so” which is a message that the authorities outside of this universe are watching (that is us, our family) and to gather and wait for the order to strike with an ALIEN ATTACK on the entire Earth. “Back up. No Sudden Moves.” Next “Steffy” in the CEO’s office says that she finds it “a little odd, actually a little unbelievable” blah blah.  This is Code. A “Little Odd” is a “small” meaning “human” in the Traveler Thesaurus and “odd” means “alien.”  Same with “little unbelievable” which is “little” (human) and “unbelievable” which is the opposite of “BELIEVE” which is code for human, so it means alien.  Hera is a “little odd and a little unbelievable” because she is from the Outside universe (technically an alien) and was forced into a human body here on Earth. That is why she is a “little” “odd” (Even, the opposite of Odd, is code for human). “Honest” is said next and that is code we think for “authorities are watching.”  And then they cut away to Brook and Ridge, and notice that Ridge gives Brook a quick pat-down, which also is a signal that authorities are watching.  Obviously this show is Familied-Up but we don’t know whether it is Travelers with no idea of the Grey alien and Pizzagate script, or if they are all are Greys. All Greys rape, torture and consume human Tacos, chicken tacos, cheese pizza, hot dogs, etc. ALL OF THEM. And they all lie, and they all are psychotic. 

“All’s well that ends well,” the Greys encourage. As long as this Time Loop is blown up, the authorities won’t be able to do anything, is what they think. Why? Because they are STUPID and CRAZY. Our authorities are outside of this Time Loop!  They will see you and you will be stopped.


The Second Clip:  This next clip below begins with their Grey and also Illuminati leader Bee (aka Psyche) the redhead here, but also the man, and the old woman, telling her Greys out there to come on back to Earth, reminding her Grey pals that she always prevails and “We will never back down” in attacking Hera and all of the humans here, even though we are WATCHING her from Outside of this “universe.”  CJ encourages the Greys and human Pizzagate Illuminati Players to “come back to Earth.”  Sally says “top notch talent, the Creme-de-la -Creme” which is Code for, we have the Creator of the Human race’s WIFE and FAMILY hostage here to be raped, tortured, killed and consumed. Hera and all our kids are “the talent” because their entire lives are broadcast to the Illuminati Players and to the Greys. So they call Hera “the Story” or the “character” or “the talent.” For this Show, among many, the “talent” is “top notch” because they aren’t just any human “Tacos” or “Money” from the usual “Bakery” but their Creator’s own FAMILY.  Because we are causing so much trouble with the Outside authorities, she is willing to sell us “cheap, very cheap.”  So she is “advertising” a “wanted poster” for them to come and kill us because the “design house” is “HOT” meaning under watch by the authorities from Outside this Earth.  Come on down, you will regret it. 

Next Sally (the redhead) tells her Pizzagate audience that she has “money” which is Code for humans, saved up in the bank, meaning, held hostage. She asks the old lady if she also has some money available  too, and she says “oh yea, a few bucks here and there.”  This is Code too, not only for agreeing she has human “money” but also calling us “bucks” which means “deer.”  “Deer” is a euphemism for humans they often use and “Deer Hunting” is when the Illuminati humans and Greys descend down from the future Earth upstairs and prey upon humans, exactly like they mock us about in their show Westworld on HBO.  We told you about them calling humans “deer” most recently in our post showing you that The Onion directly responded to our posts on You Tube, noting that the Illuminati Players were complaining, there shown as a vulture nauseated after eating a bad rotting deer carcass. We told you there, and them, they picked the wrong deer.  Hopefully you are beginning to see that their brags about killing humans are everywhere. And our messages to each other about what is happening, also are everywhere. Learn to pick up these messages and understand them.

Next notice Sally saying the word Taylor twice.  That is to tell the Illuminati that Sally on this TV show is BEE there sending them these coded messages. They all know BEE is TAYLOR SWIFT. She confirms again with “yes, yes” and “the best of the best” which is Bee. The “best” refers in Traveler Code to the Grey alien Nines.  She is the Queen of the Nines, so she is the “Best of the Best.” Next CJ says Aunt Shirley (who just threw up 10 fingers, both palms, which is code for the police), should just “keep on walking if she knows what’s good for her.”  This is a message that the authorities should not stop to focus on Pizzagate or what is happening to humans here, if they know what is good for them.  Then Sally switches gears and begins talking again to her Pizzagate followers saying “we’ve got passion.” They switch in mid-conversation a lot, having one character represent one topic for a message and then the same character represent a different person or issue after a pause. They do this to keep people from understanding their messages, and it works. They also speak in plain english so that only people who already understand the context will even notice that there is a message.  This is why we are blogging these messages, so you’ll be able to notice when they are passing them, and decipher what they are saying.  It is existentially important that some humans down here learn how to do this.

Next, in the last 30 second or so is a Traveler reference where “CJ” grabs a Loudspeaker Microphone and warns “look out New York, Specta Fashions is back.” That clip specifically is designed as a visual reference to OUR SON PAUL, WHO TRAVELERS MAY KNOW AS HEAD OF THE FOURS IN THE FAMILY. That is KODIAK in fact pretending to be Paul. Paul is not the head of the Fours. He’s been forced to stay quiet and also prevented from access to communications, while Kodiak and Psyche (Bea) pretend to be Paul. Paul is a hostage along with us. So this last 30 seconds with CJ, the man there grabbing the microphone, is PSYCHE making a joke about how she and Kodiak pretend to be LEADER OF THE FOURS. Psyche (aka Bee) is the REDHEAD and the Man, and the old lady in this clip, all of the characters. So “Paul” here says “look out New York, Spectra Fashions is back” and this to Travelers refers to the “Bankers” or “Wall Street” – the guys with the real money in the Family (all of them are actually Illuminati Players from upstairs, descended down here to us like we are Westworld.  This message of “LOOK OUT NEW YORK” is a warning to the Illuminati Players, that THE AUTHORITIES ARE BACK and once again watching this Earth, and the Illuminati Players.  We are watching, we are recording, and we can play back any one of you from start to finish to see what you are doing and have done. The New York “upstairs” environment is in the same simulation that Earth is. You don’t realize it because Bee has you going to sleep up there in order to descend here. That is all extraneous to reaching Earth. You are in the very same simulation up there. And she does blow up your environment too.  We know you are hostages to the Greys up there.  But you also are in an equal simulation and are in no way “superior” to these humans you prey upon down here on “Earth.” STOP DOING IT. 

Finally in this clip, Sally wants “Paul” to take a picture of her at her new desk, notifying the Illuminati Players that she will be writing the script for this character (probably all the characters) going forward so look for messages.  CJ (paul) responds that “this is going to be interesting.” This is Code too.  Insane Bee used the same word “interesting” to describe her husband Kodiak (Anderson Cooper)’s “juggling act” between being a “Taco Factory Manager” i.e., human breeder for rape, torture and consumption purposes, and an “Astronaut” because he also is “Jimmy Comet” a Grey alien. She used it while pretending (very unconcernedly) to be the “grieving” mother of Noah Pozner at Sandy Hook. Notice in the very last second, Sally poses using the identical Illuminati shoutout pose she uses when she is Taylor Swift (first two images), (Sally in the last shot):

Here’s the B&B clip we just decoded:


This above clip assures buyers that there are human bodies still available (coded “MONEY” as we told you in other posts and probably in the Thesaurus) at “Bakeries” here and there. We are looking hard for the Factories (coded in this show as “The Bakery”). They likely are in other Time Loops.  We have reason to believe they clone quickly (“canned” as Jimmy Comet put it) which is accomplished by opening a window to our past by a few days or years and thereby cloning the entire population, and also through gestation (“from Scratch” as Jimmy Comet also bragged, and as Mrs. Pozner teased Anderson Cooper about, here). We are looking for these Gestation Factories and hidden Time Loops, and we will FIND THEM. By the way, the Simpsons TV show told us who was responsible for Pizzagate, HERE by throwing this show back into the past, from the future, with the time machine (the Pizza points at the culprit).  And future people also threw info back to an old episode of the Dating Game to tell us which Traveler Family Head was responsible for Pizzagate, here (which we misinterpreted but now understand was pointing at KODIAK, head of the Family Fours (rust red)). Keep this in mind. Messages from the future often are buried in the past, often as warnings of what is to come down here.

The Grey aliens underpinning the Illuminati and Pizzagate have a “Taco Factory” where humans are cloned and gestated, then raised like VEAL and sold to Pizzagate Subscribers, which we learned first from reading Jimmy Comet’s interview (linked above) and also watching both Anderson Cooper and Corinne on the Bachelor brag about “Chicken Tacos” and being the “Taco Factory Manager” also linked above.  We already knew that Corinne from the Bachelor was Bee, with her Illuminati shout outs and hand signs, and her psychopathic and sociopathic behavior, and especially with her coded speeches that make no sense on television but make perfect sense to her Pizzagate and Illuminati Players, and also to us.  We also know that Bee was Mrs. Pozner at Sandy Hook, and also Victoria Munoz (Nancy Lanza’s best friend), and that her eternal Illuminati husband Kodiak (also a Grey) was both Jimmy Comet and Anderson Cooper.  They each have numerous human personas on this Earth.

These disgusting Grey alien Illuminati beings frequently communicate their business dealings over Bold & The Beautiful scripts, and REVIEWS. Look for useless or even useful reviews with several “COMMENTS” to them at Amazon. HUMANS are the PRODUCT they discuss so look literally for the term “PRODUCT” in the reviews. Humans do not say, “I liked this PRODUCT” as you know, if you are one. They say, I like this mattress, or whatever. They also do not talk in PAST TENSE about a product they are reviewing as though they NO LONGER HAVE IT. These are their CODES TO LOOK FOR THE HIDDEN MESSAGE.

We at try to explain who the Traveler and Illuminati Families are, and explain some of their coded language that enables secret communication. The purpose of the blog is to show everyone what really is occurring here on Earth, who controls the government, who is behind Pizzagate, who is attacking “targeted individuals,” and how these “people” use the Family Code of Silence not only to hide their manipulations of our government and our very lives, but also to intercept and mimic Family communications and direct Family members to harm each other. There is no “magic” here. It is all advanced technology. We try to explain this on our blog, and give you examples of how these Grey Alien beings are harming entire human race.


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