Quick Note About Dead Links to Video Clips – We Soon Will Host The Clips Directly to Avoid Copyright Blocks

You Tube removes any video clip claimed as a Copyright Infringement. We have an attorney and we have a strong belief that the short clips shown here to demonstrate that hidden messages are found in common everyday TV shows, are protected under the Fair Use doctrine. While Fair Use appeals on You Tube must go through hoops and filter back to You Tube before the clips can be shown, the opposite is true in the real world. Meaning that we are within our legal rights to post and maintain short clips of TV shows that are not monetized in any way when they are posted for the Fair Use of furthering political discourse.  Therefore soon we will begin hosting video clips on our own blog’s server rather than on You Tube.  In the meantime, we will try to quote the TV show clips to demonstrate the hidden meaning and context found within scripts.  Unfortunately you will have to do the work of looking for the videos on the broadcaster’s website. Thank you.


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