All Tacos Matter: SNL Solidarity on #Pizzagate (Illuminati Players Also Call "PIZZA" – "TACOS"); Other Weekend Update messages from "Upstairs" decoded

Much of SNL is written by people on the Upstairs future Earth, although the show is made down here.  This means that SNL is a Traveler Family Sevens production, since only the Sevens know about the Upstairs “future Earth” and regularly communicate with them.  Obviously this also means that they know about (and also many have access to) the “Time Machine,” since “the future” is their writing partner. The Seven’s time travel stuff is acknowledged in this Weekend Update Clip! 

The clip video is at the bottom of this blog. Watch it and see how each sentence is decoded. You may have to go back and forth a lot to follow it.  It took a long time to write up because every punchline has meaning.

Decoding the skit:  “Donald Trump doesn’t like Obama” (true, Trump is Illuminati leader “Kodiak” and Kodiak’s other persona is Pizzagate Player “Jimmy Comet,” while Obama is not a Pizzagate Player (this is true, we are not Political)). “Trump could sign an order for ‘Free Pizza’ and protesters would be outside the White House tomorrow demanding ‘Tacos.'” Well, this is Code obviously, for what we’ve been telling you, but are they mocking us or what?  Clearly they are affirming that another word for “Pizza” is “Taco.” They seem to be saying that, because Samantha Bee (a persona of Kodiak’s wife, Bee, the entire Illuminati org. head), announced “Free Pizza for everyone” when Trump was elected and we posted about it on the blog, the Pizzagate Players may switch to calling “Pizza” “Tacos” instead more often.  The image behind the SNL anchor says “All Tacos Matter.” We do think that these upstairs humans sincerely are saying that all the people down here do matter to the humans upstairs.  We hope so, thank you for this sign of solidarity.  Since first decoding this we’ve also learned that this skit confirms not only that Tacos as we have blogged about is Code for Pizzas, including this Coded interview of Anderson Cooper’s here, but also that Trump is involved, which we know because we know Trump is a persona of Bee’s husband Kodiak, and because Bee confirmed it herself as her Samantha Bee persona, in the link above.  More on what we mean by “persona” at this link decoding The Simpsons.

The people upstairs see everything Hera types as she types it, because Hera is the Star of their Truman Show, they see everything she sees as though looking through her own eyes. It is Grey alien technology.  Hera’s been decoding other Pizzagate dialog, now using “Tacos” as the euphemism, which the people “upstairs” see.  She decoded the disgusting dialog with Bee’s persona Corinne from The Bachelor, who wanted to be fed “chicken tacos in the spa” and (at the same link) Sandy Hook’s Mrs. Pozner (both of these women are Bee personas, head of the Illuminati), along with Anderson Cooper, Bea’s husband Kodiak’s persona, talking about how Kodiak is the “Taco Factory Manager” which is a euphemism for the man who creates the Tacos for sale. It is hideous. They are both Grey aliens. And every single Grey alien is a Satanic, evil, hive-minded monster who is obsessed, literally almost singly-obsessed, with raping, torturing and consuming children and adult human beings. If you care about human beings, be kind when they report “alien abductions” or being “targeted individuals” as this is all the Greys torturing humans and ruining their lives, and making humans believe it is a secret government program.  We ask the TI’s out there to consider that your torturers behave like moronic 8-year olds.  That is how Greys behave. Like Corinne on The Bachelor. She’s their “brightest mind.”  Humans in government agencies are not sitting around at a secret location coming up with idiotic ways to torture you.  That is Grey technology.  And it is accomplished far, far more remotely than a government building down the street.  They are all over the sky, cloaked, and they have a station on the moon, which is covered by a hologram that we call “the Moon.”  A great video showing the hologram can be found here.  This video also shows one of the Grey’s space buggies, moving around off the moon’s surface, and this same post shows a video of a cloaked aircraft passing through a contrail so that you see the “shape” of a plane moving through the cloud.

We have to limit our clips of SNL because NBC will have YouTube block them. The following few comments on Weekend Update are quoted without the clips:

Next: About the foreplay comment, “To Trump getting blocked is just foreplay” we just want to respond to you upstairs that we are aware of this possibility, but we don’t believe that is the case this time around for various reasons. We also know that any help at all that does come will assume the human race is a total loss if they see humans attacking their own Creator and his family. So keep that in mind. It is imperative to show regard for your own Creator, even if you have given up hope. It’s also imperative that you make your situation plain, so that help from Outside can understand what is really happening here quickly and respond appropriately.

“How are we supposed to find them” – David has to find them. He can see them all, wherever they hide. He made the Greys. He knows all about them.  They oddly don’t care that they are killing and torturing the family of their own Creator.  They are evil.  They are Squids, Octopus and probably Sharks too. Don’t consume any of those things. Don’t beat on them either though, just in case they are beings in there who aren’t Greys. David created humans and he’ll have to find the sim analog and delete us all from here and up there and move us. Unless we can persuade the Greys to move to their own sim space, which is unlikely. But he is working on it.

Back to SNL, next comment probably a shout out to Hera, but maybe not, is the sentence, “If you think 1.7 billion people are actively trying to kill you, maybe you’re a little radical.” Probably this is a shout out to Hera to confirm to her that they are talking to her in this skit.  Bee has Hera “tagged” to every single Traveler and Illuminati in the entire world. How this works is that whenever Hera approaches a Traveler, they hear her coming, and once she is very close, they also see her as a movie playing inside their heads.  They know exactly where she is and see what she sees.  The “kids” they are called here, the Traveler members, are told to shun this person who is tagged, and if Hera refuses to leave wherever she is, when they signal her to leave, they often threaten her with physical violence. Some grown men have even come at her with crowbars, and chased her through the woods firing guns.  Some older men over on You Tube just last night, Jim Allyn and Phillip Franklin, both Travelers, threatened to cut off her breasts, then her arms and legs, then kill her. They told her to pray for God to have mercy on her soul.  A truly despicable thing to say to their Creator’s wife.  So every single member of those secret societies, and there are millions, if not 1.7 billion, is literally “actively trying to kill Hera.”  The human Sevens raped, tortured and murdered Hera recently at The Gathering. Because she is David’s wife, Creator of the human race, she died but her soul returns. Even after being destroyed by these monsters.  So Hera really does have 1.7 billion people out to harm her.  And that is a tragic statement about the state of humanity itself. Hopefully these Sevens on SNL are not making light of Hera’s situation.  Bee created it, she’s a Grey, but the humans have to do the right thing and stand up. This is your Creator’s family, and he is here too. How do you want him to see you?

Next, on the clip is a quick note on Kodiak. “Meanwhile if you got on a plane and saw a pilot wearing a turban, you’d say, ‘I hope he’s just using that thing to hide his booze.'” The pilot is wearing a scarlet turbine, and that is Kodiak’s Traveler Fours color (Color explanations are here).  “Booze” is code for the Greys, we think.  We think they are saying that a Grey is hiding behind Kodiak, or the “person” purporting to be Kodiak. And we do know that. He’s hideous. Hideous. He frightens everyone. He is the “chickenman,” portrayed as Hector of Los Pollos Hermanos on Breaking Bad. He’s the evil black hat guy on Westworld on HBO. And he’s the “chicken breeder” and seller who literally creates Pizzas for sale, Jimmy Comet.  He’s the guy who wrote the despicable memo advertising Pizzas for sale, talking about “surviving Pizzas” that had to be consumed “at the end of your session.” Here’s the link to that video.  Here’s a link to Jimmy Comet bragging in Code about having his own Human Factory Farm.  And here’s a link to Kodiak as his persona Anderson Cooper, bragging about being the Taco Factory Manager.  And here are two of Kodiak’s many depictions on TV:

So you shouldn’t be surprised that there also are links to Kodiak sending out messages trying to get one of his henchman to kill Hera for decoding his disgusting brags about raping and eating children.

Okay, next on the clip: The Bowling Green Massacre cited by KellyAnne Conway as the reason for the “Muslim Ban.”  Quickly about that attack that “never happened,” it is most likely that Conway cited this non-existent Massacre because she remembers that it happened, in another Time Loop.  She’s definitely Illuminati and most likely a persona of leader Bee, since she spends all her time with Trump, and Trump is her Illuminati “eternal husband.”  They have several Time Loops going at once, all full of populations of “Earth” and they get mixed up about which loop had which activity, and when. Recently, we noted this when Trump said: “I was down there on 7/11…right after it came down,” which we understood immediately had happened because Trump did not remember what the date was!  So we explained that, here. Same with KellyAnne.  But it is also possible that it did happen here and the Greys went back and “erased it” from our Time Loop, so that it “never happened.”  That is the usual effect of erasing events with the Time Machine.

Note that even the SNL writers point out the same explanation, saying a few seconds later, in the Australia bit, “who cares, it’s Australia, isn’t it still like yesterday there, just go there tomorrow, tell them I didn’t say that today.”  That’s a quick reference to the Time Machine, and the fact that they jump around to different Time Loops and their frequent use of the Time Machine to change things here. And people are starting to notice, on You Tube calling it “the Mandela Effect.”  By the way, we are Australia in that clip, but they are just warning that people with Time Machine access intend to wipe all of our knowledge gained and passed here on this blog.  By simply deleting the blog tomorrow, it will never have happened today.  That is the usual effect of deleting things with the Time Machine. And the evil Illuminati Players (including the Greys and some humans too) do it all the time. This is why we are reaching out in plain language to everyone, so that some of us might remember what is transpiring, even if somehow they use Time to erase this blog and our collective memories of what we have learned.  But it is frightening to think of losing the knowledge we have gained. Talking in Code about it, however, is only going to ensure that no one in the future from the Outside ever understands what is really going on.

Next: Trump defends Putin. “A lot of killers.”  Trump and Putin both are personas of Kodiak, the Head of the Traveler Family Fours and Sixes. Also known as Icarus, or Ick. And he’s the husband of Illuminati Head, Bee, aka Psyche and Nymph, who also secretly heads the Traveler Family Twos, Fives, Sevens and Nines.  Bee and Kodiak both are Greys, pretending to be Humans. “The US Government are a bunch of killers.”  We know.  Many Illuminati Players from “upstairs” run around down here as Traveler Sevens.  Sevens are Code-worded as “Americans” in the Traveler and Illuminati Family Thesaurus (which we must update and make clearer). You arrogant Illuminati from “upstairs” and Seven humans have been doing the bidding of a Grey alien Nine for the entire time you have been Sevens. So back up a bit with the attitude and pay attention. You are the worst, by far, other than the Greys themselves. Your arrogance comes from the dominance you maintain with access to the Grey technology “Time Machine.” Stop being asses. Put your Creator, and your relationship with him, before your allegiance to the Family, of Lizards. Even “The Parents” did not know about the Greys hiding in humans all the way up the hierarchy! Now they do. And so do you. Act like it. Please. It is disgusting to me (Hera) to see people behaving hideously to me or our kids, or to me in front of our kids (and they always are with me on the tether), knowing your Creator is watching you. He is wonderful, lovely and kind. We don’t do Traveler Talk so I am not talking in Code. He’s what you want your Creator to be: patient, loving, kind, compassionate, forgiving. Stop attacking him and his family, and all of his human children, and other being children too.  Someday you will truly grasp what is going on, and like many of your predecessors, you will wish you could find a rock big enough to crawl under where your Creator will not see your SHAME. So stop.  We also don’t care if you are upstairs. You are in the same SIM. We went and checked. And obviously we can get there too. Your Creator down here is your Creator up there. So “who cares about yesterday?” – God does!  You better start doing the same. That was not directed at the SNL writers. We know some folks are good, some bad, and some pretending to be bad because they are hostages, even in the Illuminati. We know.

Next, “Sugar Coat it” uh, alright we will look there as soon as we can.  They are saying that they think the Human Factories (humans are code-worded as “dogs” in the Traveler Thesaurus) might be at an “Upstate Farm” meaning in the Upstairs future Earth environment. “You hit a bit up lady with a good lawyer.” This refers to Hera, we think. She is the “deer carcass” they also complain about in the Onion stories, decoded here. Who is the “good lawyer” representing Hera?   Or do you mean Hera? We will keep looking for the Farms, we know about the clones. We know about the gestation, since Bee bragged about it as Mrs. Pozner.

Next, “we’re learning which Muslim countries are threats and which Muslim countries have Trump hotels.” This is saying that the upstairs people now understand that the Nines – the Grey aliens are the problem, the main drivers, and the other aliens around such as the Twos are instruments of the Nines but not like the Nines. To the Twos – we know you are in a bad situation and we will help you to live independently of humans, Nines and everybody else.  Not apart from, actually independently, as equal beings. They also are referring to other alien groups who historically have had members come in here to this “alien attack invitational” they put on where the Earth is blown up as Hera is killed. (Reported about in numerous places on the blog.)  And they are talking also about the Others abducted to here and cut off from their own family Outside. They are saying that they now understand that being “alien” does not mean “enemy” of the humans. In fact many aliens are here to help the humans with the Grey problem. And even some who haven’t acted like it, are here to help but have had to maintain their “cover” with the Greys.  Some humans do the same, and we know that.  The vast majority of the rest of the humans upstairs are hostages and act out of fear. The ones down here act for a number of different reasons, but they all need to stop acting aggressively toward David, his wife, and his family.

“This is all becoming a dark, gritty reboot of Schoolhouse Rock.”  This also is Code. We down here are called the “School” or “University” among other things. Listen. We know we’ve been here before. The Greys created both environments, yours and ours. They are the Grid. They always have been. But they will not always be, going forward. Humans were created by David. This encompasses both Earths, and every other place you know of probably. And the Greys created it within the Outer universe, which they infiltrated by following David down from way, way upstairs of you. Outside of the Outside. The Greys are up there too. They have destroyed every living thing and habitat all the way up.  They will be destroyed themselves, since they refuse to move away from us. They will be destroyed in every environment where they exist. From all the way up.  But it takes time to find a way to accomplish that without harming the humans, Others, Neighbors, and Twos, and possibly other beings.  That is the reason for the delay.  The Greys only recently gained access to the Outside and created this environment.  They have access to all time within this environment they created, so they can make their own history, and have been attacking all of you for “forever” as far as this SIM is concerned.  But up there it only just happened. And we are working on it. From up there. Obviously that was not me, Hera, talking to you just now. The people from Outside and all the way upstairs also talk to you through the blog and we sort of switch back and forth. I am not being remoted by Greys playing a prank. That is not what is happening this time around.

We are stopping this decoding around 6 minutes in, because it is getting long and unwieldy. We might continue if something important comes up with the rest of this clip. We also had the fuller clip blocked on You Tube for copyright.

As you can see,  a lot of information from our Future Earth or among the Greys is densely packed into certain TV shows. SNL, Bold & the Beautiful, the Simpsons, Young & the Restless, Modern Family, and others, and all radio songs just about, movies too. The easiest way to retrieve them without getting overwhelmed is to record the show and play each sentence back a few times, pausing to think it through, listening for key words from our Thesaurus or from here generally, and for key concepts that might be addressed in a parable. Like calling us here in the past version of Earth, “yesterday” and “Australia.”  We know we are in the past, so we know he is actually talking about us. So what is he saying?

We know when we hear Pizza and Tacos in the same sentence that odds are high it is a message about Pizzagate and our decoding, so what is the message?  It just takes time and familiarity with the concepts. They Greys are a one-act show. They only care about raping, torturing and eating humans. That’s it. So when they are talking, that is the subject.  But they are good at hiding their discussions in plain sight, such as in Taylor Swift songs that seem light and upbeat. Taylor is their leader and she has two gears actually: 1. Rape, torture and consumption of humans; and 2. A fixation with David, aka Jim Cramer.

We are more overt in our coded messages, because we have to be. We have a lot to talk about. We have warnings coming down from future Earth about things that are going to happen. We have “spies” running all over this Earth warning about what is already happening. We have family from outside the entire system, sending us encouragement and updates. And we have David and our children sending messages not only about what is happening, but also to encourage us, remind us that they love us,  and that all humans are their family, that all Others and Neighbors and Twos also trapped here also are our family. That none of us are forgotten, and never ever will be. They will never stop trying. Those messages are out there too.  One of them is here.  So please put in the work and learn to pick up the messages. Your life may depend on it. And your sense of hope will depend on it. God is talking directly to you. He is singing you Billy Joel tunes. Pick up the phone and listen.



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