DC PizzaGate: A Primer UPDATED 1/19

At the end of this post is a link to the DC Pizzagate Blog, which is the best and most thorough primer on what Pizzagate is all about that we’ve seen anywhere. For our post about the Simpsons’ message from the future to us about who is responsible for Pizzagate (hint: that Pizza above is pointing at a group of people we know), click here. For the most important video about Pizzagate, which is from the hideous monsters who sell children as “Pizza,” click here. For an explanation of Kim Noble’s hideous artwork, click here, but brace yourself. And for our decoding of the first half of Jimmy Comet’s interview about Comet Pizza, where he talks of “harvesting parties” for tomatoes, click here, but brace yourself. For our initial proof that “Pizzas” also are called “Tacos,” click here and here. We will keep putting up their code words as we encounter them.

Understand that no one else is talking about Pizzagate in the terms that we do, so even if you cannot accept our explanation, which we know is true and is not theory, please do not dismiss Pizzagate itself, which truly does involve Tony Podesta, John Podesta, Mary Podesta, Jimmy “Comet” Alefantis, Marina Abramovic and Kim Noble, as well as others, and these “allegations” are strongly supported by the evidence found in the Wikileaks emails that became public due to the hacking of the podesta.com server. You can download all 50,000 emails re Podesta like we did, over at Wikileaks. If you have a Mac, you can download the entire email bundle and then transfer them into the Mac Mail app entirely, which is what we did and that makes looking and searching through them much easier. See the blog linked below for a primer on the evidence that alerted the public to Pizzagate.

From DC Pizzagate Blog: Warning: Reading this article will result in what is known as being red-pilled.  I’ve created this blog to share the information Anonymous has collectively gathered and researched about a sus…

Source: DC PizzaGate: A Primer UPDATED 1/19

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