CNN's Illuminati Express w/Robin Meade: 2 Hidden Messages About Hera. THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT (Decoded)

We’ve explained before that the Illuminati Players on “upstairs” Earth, which sits up in the future from us, pass messages back and forth via news stories, tv shows, movies and songs. They send messages by all methods but they also make a point of sending messages via media that Hera happens to be watching at the moment that the message is ready to be sent.

We’ll explain.  The “Players” of the Illuminati Card Game, all of whom actually live “upstairs,” have Hera held hostage down here “in the past” on this Earth.  She is from upstairs of even the “upstairs” Players.  She was abducted down here by Bea, head of the Illuminati, in a play by Bea to have Hera killed here so that she could, in her delusion, make a play for Hera’s husband David.  Insane, and also true. And there’s much more to it as well but we can’t re-explain in every post. So please do read the blog, all of it, because it is important. We are not “theorists” and we post about the information we have based on what we currently know, from firsthand experience.

So Bea, in order to make Hera suffer, made up a new “Illuminati Game” for the Players and the Travelers, that she calls the “Game of Love” where they broadcast Hera living here in the past, her entire life here, without her knowledge just like The Truman Show, (a movie sending an actual message to her husband David about what was happening here to his wife). It’s a long story and for purposes of this post, all you need to know about the very very long backstory is that the Illuminati Players and many Travelers see everything Hera sees as though looking through her eyes. Therefore even messages about Hera but not directed to her, are passed on via TV by working the messages into the current dialogue while Hera watches TV.  They apparently never expected Hera, or the rest of our family, to be able to decode these messages.

We are decoding these messages on the blog, in numerous posts, so that some of you out there hopefully also will learn to intercept and decode them. It is of existential importance to all beings here on Earth and also upstairs. We need to know what the Illuminati Players are doing, and what they are ordering their Traveler Family Captains down here to do, as these Players also are The Parents of each sub-group in the collective Family.  The Parents, in turn, all answer to the Illuminati Leaders of each Traveler Group, from Ones to Nines, but until recently they did not know that every one of the subgroups except the Ones (our family, David’s family), is run by Kodiak and Bea, pretending to be suitable Leaders of all the various groups.  We anticipate that if they have not already, Illuminati heads Kodiak and Bea soon may tap their Scientology resources as well to harm Hera, other humans, or even themselves. If any of you are Scientologists, your church leader David Miscavige is Illuminati, and actually is the “eternal husband” of the head of the Illuminati, Bea.  His Illuminati nickname is Kodiak.  Kodiak’s other “human personas” include, among others: Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Anderson Cooper, Nick Viall of The Bachelor, Jimmy Comet, Tony Podesta, Ted Bundy, Ariel Castro, OJ Simpson, Charles Manson, Anton LaVey, Antony Hopkins, George W. Bush Jr., Vladimir Putin, Jim Jones (Jonestown), Marshall Applewhite (Heaven’s Gate), and L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology).  So be careful.  He IS PIZZAGATE. His wife Bea also maintains numerous human personas here on this Earth, (which we try to explain here), including among others: Corinne on The Bachelor, Sally Spectra on Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor Swift, Zeena LaVey, Lady Gaga, Samantha Bee, Ivanka Trump, the BTK killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, Mary Podesta, Marina Abramovic, Kim Noble, Mrs. Pozner of Sandy Hook, Victoria Munoz of Sandy Hook, Dance Mom, and online goes by Bee, Psyche, and Nymph, also Teri, Jean, Gene, Taylor, and Samantha. She IS PIZZAGATE. They are vicious and cruel, both of them.  Avoid their personas.

We began this blog several months ago because Kodiak and wife Bea (the other half of Pizzagate, as human personas Marina Abramovic, Kim Noble and Mary Podesta), who is head of the entire Illuminati, have been torturing and murdering our family members who all hail from “upstairs” in the future, by dragging them down here into the past where we could not find them.  This version of Earth is far enough into the past (about 200 years from where the Illuminati Players sit, and 800 years from where “Earth” should be) that the activities of humans here have no effect on the humans “upstairs.”  They are more like parallel worlds. And any time someone opens a window into the past down here, and leaves it open, this gives rise to another parallel Earth with all the same people “twinned.”  So in short, Bea abducted our family into a window of the past, this Earth, and she had so many windows open that it took hundreds of years for us to locate each other, and we still have not found all of our twinned family members.

So we began this blog in order to send information up to the future about what is happening to us here, and to pass on to you all what is happening, and frankly the reality is terrifying.  Once we learned that Bea and Kodiak were creating human children on this parallel Earth from the past, for the sole purpose of raising them like veal and then selling them as “Pizzas” and “Tacos” to their Illuminati Players upstairs, this blog became an imperative. We are telling you as much as we can, as fast as we can, and as accurately as we can.  We go through a lot to bring you this information, including the torturing our family members at the hands of Bea and Kodiak. Many of our family have been killed, in adjacent time loops and in this one. There are no human authorities on Earth who can prevent them from harming us, or unfortunately any of you, including the children bred for sale to be raped and tortured to death for several weeks, and then finally consumed. This does not mean, however, that we can’t stop some of Kodiak’s and Bea’s human personas here from getting away with it.  They aren’t actually from this “time zone.”  Their time travel ability makes them very arrogant.  They know that anything we document today can be disappeared tomorrow.  If this blog, for example, is deleted by them using the “time machine” in the future – up the time stream from here – the effect is that this blog will never have existed in the first place. That doesn’t mean that the facts passed on to you also will disappear.

With that in mind, it is critically important that we get our information out to as many people down here and upstairs as possible.  With any luck the information will persist, even if the blog is “erased by Time.”

We are so distressed and disgusted by what we have learned.  We were disgusted by the Sandy Hook shooting scam.  So disgusted that we spent quite a bit of time decoding the messages and signals among and between the Traveler families (many of whom are Illuminati from “upstairs” living here “downstairs” as Travelers, as though they are on vacation), during their victims’ families interviews and also signals passed on the day that the shooting purportedly occurred. But then we shifted gears, when we learned that the demolition of the Twin Towers on 9/11 was accomplished by internal explosives and as part of the upstairs Illuminati Card Game. 3000 people died that day and hundreds of thousands more have been killed or maimed since that day as civilians in the Middle East, and military members at war with a “Trumped up Enemy,” all in furtherance of Bush Jr.’s Illuminati Card Game, and his additional agenda to avenge an attempted car-bombing of Bush Sr. on American soil, attempted by Saddam Hussein’s direction after the first Gulf War. Hideous.

Then we heard about the allegations of Pizzagate and the Podesta emails available from the Wikileaks website. There isn’t a word to describe our despair at this situation.  We’ve read the emails, and continue to read them (there are 50,000 of them, but the most obvious are found on the server).  We turned our focus to Jimmy Comet, quickly realizing that he is a persona of Illuminati co-head Kodiak. Kodiak has a habit of using the name Jim “down here” and also including somewhere in his identity a reference to being from outer space. So “Jimmy Comet” was obvious to us. Kodiak also is known as “the chickenman,” and references to chickens also find their way into his “human personas” here.  He and his “eternal Illuminati wife” Bea are the most vicious beings in the history of this world, without question.  So when we watched Mrs. Pozner of Sandy Hook talking on video with Anderson Cooper about “Noah Pozner” (a fictional child) wanting to be a “Taco Factory Manager and an Astronaut” our interest was piqued.  The name “Anderson Cooper” has meaning, to Kodiak and Bea.  Anderson is a play on “Android,” which is a reference to being a “robot,” which is what the Illuminati Players from upstairs think of the humans down here on this Earth.  We are disposable people down here, because we are long dead from where they sit, and we are in a parallel time window rather than a direct window, where the things they do here have no effect on them up there.  Moreover, Bea also told the humans upstairs that we were just simulated humans in a sort of virtual reality down here.  Therefore many upstairs people do call us robots, and consider us not “real humans.” They also have technology that allows them to “remote control” any actual human or other living beings on this Earth. They mock us for being their vacation home, full of intentionally bred “human suits” that have no soul or mind of their own, that these Players descend down into, where they are provided with made up names and made up pedigrees.  They most obviously mock our situation on both the show Westworld on HBO and the old TV show Fantasy Island.  So we are robots, to them.  The name Anderson is a play on that. Android.  The name “Cooper” refers to “chicken coops” as an homage to Kodiak as Ruler of the Roost, and “the chickenman.”  And that is how “Anderson Cooper” was born.  Thus Anderson Cooper of CNN is just an empty “human suit” or “robot” that Kodiak can jump into or remote control all of the time. The other humans here are real humans with meaningful lives and God-given souls. You are not robots and you do matter a great deal to all of us in here with you, “upstairs” and also outside of this entire twinned Earth system.

We thought Kodiak’s nickname of “the chickenman” was about his Ruling of the Roost. (He’s portrayed, by the way, as Hector of Los Pollos Hermanos, on Breaking Bad. That guy is now our President.) But then we learned about Pizzagate, and read the FBI and other law enforcement agency explanations of common code words used in the trafficking of children by pedophiles. And soon after we saw an interview by Anderson Cooper of Noah Pozner’s mom on the night after her son was “murdered.”  We already knew that Sandy Hook was a scam because we talked to many involved from the upstairs Illuminati.  So we were watching this interview between Mrs. Pozner and Anderson Cooper, and quickly realized that Mrs. Pozner was a “role” played by Bea directly, herself, while Anderson Cooper was Kodiak, Bea’s Illuminati husband from upstairs.  We paid attention and heard a lot of “Code Talk.”  We realized Anderson was joking with Bea about how he is the “Taco Factory Manager.”  Bea  responds by saying, (paraphrasing), “oh and an astronaut too, an interesting juggling act.”  This confirmed that she was talking about Anderson, since Kodiak often makes reference to being an alien, martian, or man from outer space, or space travel, or time travel.  So Kodiak was the “astronaut” they were discussing, not Noah Pozner. Bea continued on in the interview, which we decode here, and we quickly realized that she was talking about gestating humans for Pizzagate purposes at a “Human Factory Farm,” or in other words, a “Taco Factory.” Anderson Cooper is that Taco Factory Manager.  This is the same thing as being a “Chicken or Cheese Pizza Factory Manager.” Anderson (Kodiak) breeds humans and raises them in cages like veal, and sells them to be raped tortured and, when they die of their wounds after several weeks, consumed by the last buyer. These are not theories of ours, but facts often obtained initially by deciphering their messages bragging about what they are doing to the human race here, and then confirmed to us either by Kodiak and Bea directly, or by other victims, hostages or Illuminati Players (many of whom also are hostages). We also have the ability to play back Hera’s Truman Show” broadcasted life, and those of other victims here who have been broadcast up to the “upstairs” Earth, and therefore we can see who the vicious Illuminati Players pose as on Earth, and what they are doing to harm people. We also have Kodiak and Bea here in the room holding Hera and The Traveler Parents hostage. Kodiak and Bea, and the Traveler Sevens they give privileges too, can easily move in and out of our time loop. They move themselves and they move others. Kodiak and Bea are beyond the reach of human law enforcement. But their human personas here on Earth, are not. Nor are the Traveler Sevens and anyone else down here using the time machine. We can see you, and play your own activities back. This isn’t your “playground.”  Stop attacking innocent people. 

Unsurprisingly, Kodiak and Bea are hellbent on having Hera assassinated for publishing all of the information we have obtained on this blog.  These two monsters send coded messages to Travelers. To Illuminati. Probably also to Scientologists. All of them providing orders to kill Hera, and all for different reasons that match their own values.  Travelers think the Hera hit order is because Hera is blowing their cover in the Sandy Hook scam.  Illuminati think it is because she is giving away their means of communicating while “down here” on “vacation” by telling you all of the code words and how the messages work, and revealing that Kodiak is Donald Trump and other personas.  Kodiak and Bea head every sub-family in the Travelers and Illuminati hierarchy, but Travelers may not believe this.  Believe it!  It is true.  Sandy Hook is the least of our problems for the reasons we just explained.

Just this week Hera has received at least 3 very real death threats from very experienced killers.  In Traveler Code, this often is portrayed in images or written descriptions as being “hit by a truck” or “thrown under the bus.”  Here’s the video Kodiak and Bea aired this week calling for Hera to be mowed down, i.e., “thrown under the bus.”  And here’s the Coded assassination order in a product review article, calling for Hera (aka “the character” as in, “the main star of the Illuminati’s Truman Show”) to be killed, calling for her “vicious character assassination.”  There were others, particularly from a Traveler named Jim Allyn claiming to be from Newtown (by the way, mob bosses in the Travelers are called “AL” or “EL” so the name Jim Allyn, sound it out, Jim (a Kodiak alias), and AL in, (i.e., mob boss inside), Jim with an AL inside – Allyn, caught our attention when he began talking in Traveler Code and making death threats on You Tube.  Bee’s human persona of Corinne on The Bachelor called for a hit on Hera as well, calling for a “direct hit” on Hera’s “character.” Often they work the key words into sentences about other things. But those in the know understand that “hit” and “character,” coming from Bee, head of the Illuminati, means to kill the main character of Bea’s Truman Show.  It is Bee’s Show. She abducted Hera to here and forced her into the Game of Love, a hideous Illuminati Game explained here, and broadcast Hera without her knowledge for her entire “life” down here as the unwitting Star in her Truman Show life. Every Player knows who the Character is: Hera. Many if not all Travelers also have known for Hera’s entire life that she is the unwitting star of her own Truman Show and also will be raped, tortured and killed as the Queen or “Bride” in the “Game of Love.”

With all of the foregoing as background, this short clip of Morning Express with Robin Meade of CNN caught our attention.  Here’s the clip with two different messages in two back-to-back segments and we’ll decode it below that. We want you to see what we saw, and see how ordinary these two segments seem to the average viewer.  But they are not ordinary at all.

The first clip about a Limbo Queen going under an SUV and “coming out the other side” is a message that Hera has, at least this week, successfully avoided being “hit by a truck.” This Earth here in the past is called “the Graveyard” and also “Hell” by the people “upstairs.”  It’s also called “Georgia” or “the South.” So “Limbo” refers to purgatory, and also to the dancing move of a limbo.  Travelers (or Illuminati anyway) call navigating a sticky situation “dancing.”  Because Hera is the “Star” of their hideous “Truman Show,” she also is Code-named “the Queen” and also “Mother,” among a few others like “the Bride,” “the Story” and “the character.”  So in short the first clip is a message that the Limbo Queen went all the way under the truck and managed to come out the other side. In the segment, the glasses of water the Limbo Queen carried without spilling while passing under the truck also is Code.  In Traveler Talk, “water” means “unwanted attention.”  So even with  a lot of unwanted attention, Hera went under the truck and managed to come out the other side, rather than get hit by a truck.  That is the message in the first clip.  The message came from upstairs in the future, and we don’t know whether it is a message to others upstairs and downstairs about the current status of Hera’s “Game of Love,” or a message that, from 200 years up in the future, they can see that Hera will successfully navigate this entire hostage situation that we are in.  Probably only the former, a message that Hera is still alive despite all of the attempts to have her “thrown under the SUV” in this video, or “thrown under the bus” by analogy. Probably this segment was shown to tell people that Hera is still alive and therefore you still need to organize a hit or assassination of Hera.

The second segment on the clip has more going on. This is clip of a “toddler” who has learned the “dance moves” found in a “movie” or “show” after only a couple of weeks. Hera is the toddler represented in this clip. The message is that she has learned how to “dance” (navigate the Traveler and Illuminati Code and her sticky situation) almost as well as the pros who are down here in “the Truman Show” that is Hera’s life here, after only a short period of time on this Earth. That’s the message of the second segment in the above clip.  But there is more to notice here.  Look very very closely at the child dancing in front of the TV, especially the last few seconds.  Understand that this child is not naturally imitating what he sees on TV. In fact, the child is not even facing the TV when he does a move from Saturday Night Fever, and also is a move that is not playing on the TV behind him. 

This is the child being remotely controlled by one of the Illuminati Players.  Every living thing on this planet can be remotely controlled by them using advanced technology. If you don’t want to be “remoted,” you must first be aware that it is happening, and happens all the time to you and everyone else.  Look at the child again. That is what it looks like when they remote a human being. If you see a friend or family member acting noticeably different, such as this kid turning around and breaking out a Saturday Night Fever move with his back to the TV, you should assume that human is being externally controlled.  The best way to guard against this is to use a buddy system. Once you know it can and does happen, you only have to pay attention to your thoughts and actions, and those of the people around you, question your own thoughts, decisions and actions and make sure they are your own, make sure you agree with what you are thinking, and doing, to mitigate the effects. It is like hypnosis. You must snap the “remoted” person out of it. They will come out of it on their own eventually, but when they are under another person’s control, anything can happen. Not to mention that it is dehumanizing and debasing to treat a human being as a robot.

via CNN’s Illuminati Express with Robin Meade, THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT – FAIR USE – YouTube


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