Cloaked alien ships in the sky. What to do about them? Ionizers work.

But then we’d have no oxygen to breath. We’ve been telling you that the Greys are all over the sky in cloaked aircraft. The appearance of the crafts varies from oddly shaped things that look like multi-faceted coal, to fighter jets, to Jetsons buggies, to triangles, boomerangs, and circles or mushrooms.  They are the aircraft putting chemtrails in our skies in order to keep us relatively “docile.” This makes us more susceptible to their mind-control technology. They miniaturize themselves as well and can be zipping around your home right now in miniaturized and cloaked form.  They can miniaturize all the way to nano-particle size, and they do that to enter people’s ear canals and control them by operating your brain like a computer.  They can make a chemtrial “microclimate” right inside your house without affecting the nearby air outside with these miniaturized ships. They are all over our house since Hera is their “Illuminati Game of Love” hostage on an electronic leash.  After experimentation we have found that using an ionizer will “clear the air.”

An ionizer works by turning O2 oxygen we breathe into O3 by putting negatively-charged ions into the air. These extra ions float in the air until they attach to another positively-charged particle. Those tiny ships are that particle. People use ionizers to clear dust and allergens from their homes because the ions also attach to those. Once all the additional ions have attached to a positive particle such as dust or invisible alien aircraft, the particle drops to the floor and the air is more oxygen (O2) rich even than before, allowing us to breathe in that treated space. We use our ionizer to clear them out of our house. They drop to the floor and remain there for a few minutes to an hour or more. So they do come back, but the ionizer works. Now how to knock them out of our skies without killing the rest of us in the process?  We hope someone with the ingenuity of Elon Musk will try to find an approach.

Below are just a couple of the many videos of cloaked and other alien ships in our skies. They are there. The Greys are all over the place and they are hive-minded PIZZAGATE “Players.” So let’s find a way to immobilize as many of them as we can, while we wait for Outside help to “delete them” entirely from our environment.


via TERRIFIED Man Records Giant MACHINE UFO Hiding In Sky 4/7/16 – YouTube

In the next video, notice how low in the sky they are. They are there all the time but are cloaked. They must not have realized they dropped their cloak. They aren’t hanging out in the solar system, they are right there, all over the sky, cloaked.  Obviously we have seen them too and know for certain that they are there. They look surreal, like a tin can hanging on a string, in the sky. Like a weird overlay. That is how they actually look, just like in this video. These may be cloud seeding. They also do chemtrails. Dispersing chemicals to make us more pliable for their mind-control technology.
Pay attention to the clouds as well, other beings in our family manipulate them. The top set of clouds is a Komodo Dragon (ie. Lizard, which is a Reptilian, which is a Grey). The bottom set of clouds is a demonic “human-looking” being reaching out with his hands and with his legs trailing behind. We are talking about the clouds at exactly 1:16. They do this frequently all over the sky yet no one notices. Most of the time the cloud paintings are warnings to us of what is happening at that moment. So these clouds are saying that that ship you are looking at is full of demonic Greys and they are reaching out for us. We talk about it all over this blog, and here’s a link to other cloud paintings, and also here.


Pay attention to people talking in the video below, and how they use (or actually misuse) words. This pilot “Danzinger” misused the word brandished (should be branded, a completely different word). This is a tip off that the person talking is a Grey alien. Even though they seem to be “on our side” often. They do this. Pay attention to oddly mispronounced or misused words. They signify two things: (1) They aren’t completely fluent in American English, and (2) they also intentionally do this to notify their fellow Greys that they are sending a Coded message within the everyday words that they are saying.  In the segment about “fighter jets” chasing a UFO, those probably also were alien ships. They have space buggies that look like fighter jets with afterburners too, and those have been recorded up running around on the space station that they tell us is “the Moon.”  See that clip here.



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