Posing as Nick on The Bachelor, Illuminati boss Kodiak signals fellow Grey aliens: Time to throw this world over.

Nick Viall is but one human “persona” of the Illuminati leader Kodiak, also known as Jimmy Comet, Anderson Cooper, Tony Podesta, Jerry Sandusky and numerous other creeps. His Illuminati wife and co-leader Bee’s “human personas” include Corinne on The Bachelor ,and probably some if not all of the other competing women. This explains how such a stupid premise spawned a hit show. These contestants think they know the main player, Nick, because they have seen him on TV for a few years.  As far as the show purports, Nick does not know any of these women, or understand their secret bad intentions, such as to use him in order to gain Hollywood celebrity status.

The Bachelor is a show designed to mock and mimic the “Game of Love” that the Illuminati play using Hera as the unwitting Bachelorette.  As we’ve explained, Hera’s entire life has secretly been broadcast just like The Truman Show to the human and Grey alien Illuminati Players sitting “upstairs” in the future from us here on Earth. But instead of sneaking in product placements like the actors did in Truman’s life, the Illuminati Players come down here and treat Hera like she is Delores on HBO’s Westworld. They amuse themselves appearing in Hera’s broadcasted life pretending to be her friend or her love interest. Hera had no idea this was happening until last year. These disgusting Players also would prey upon her and sexually assault her and then wipe her memories of the attacks. They are the people behind Westworld, and that show is intended to mock the way Hera and other humans here are treated by the Illuminati Players upstairs. One of Kodiak’s other human personas is Antony Hopkins, as explained here. For this Game of Love where Hera is now held hostage, near the end of Hera’s life (they have done this before), the Illuminati Players compete like on The Bachelorette to win Hera’s affections. She does not realize this is an Illuminati Game, and she is supposed to become engaged to one of the Players, and on her “wedding day” she is, according to the Game and historically, gang-raped and tortured to death over a few weeks by her “suiters.”  That’s what The Bachelor is actually about, mocking the Game of Love in which Hera is forced to star.

We made the above gif from a commercial clip of Nick on The Bachelor. Since this message appearing in a commercial lasts but 1 second, we made it into a gif. The message is from Kodiak telling his alien pals that it is time to come in and wipe out every living thing on this planet, demonstrated by “throwing over the table.” They try to camouflage their messages by burying them in other meaningful contexts. But the Players and the Greys know that Nick Viall is Kodiak, so they know his activities are intended to send signals and messages to them. Later tonight or tomorrow we’ll put up clips from his wife Bee sending out similar messages on one of her TV shows as one of her numerous personas, this one Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium.  The other day we posted a clip of Bee as her human persona of Corinne on the Bachelor, calling for a hit on Hera.  In another clip Bee, as Corinne, wishes for “chicken tacos,” which are the very same thing as “chicken pizzas.” Theresa Caputo’s show clips call for a hit on Hera and also for the Greys to come in and wipe out all life on this planet. And that is what Kodiak calls for in the above very short gif of a scene from The Bachelor. By the way the name Nick means, to some Travelers and all Illuminati, Nickel, as in “Silver” which is Traveler and Illuminati Code for a Grey alien or a Traveler Nine.  Not all Nines are Greys.  But all Greys are silver.

Kodiak and his Illuminati “wife” Bee are Pizzagate.  They are Anton and Zeena LaVey. And they are Corinne and Nick from The Bachelor.  They are hundreds of human “personas.” They are evil, and they are far worse than most humans are even capable of imagining. See the links within the paragraphs above for more info about who these two people are, what they are, and what they are doing to the human and other beings on this Earth.

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