Mardi Gras "King Cake" – A "time-honored tradition" created by the Illuminati Pizzagate Players.

We just came across a recipe for King Cake during Mardi Gras and realized how this particular recipe wormed its way into our collective cookbooks. We’ll not repeat all the posts before this to bring you up to speed, please read a few and you’ll know. We will say that the Satanic Illuminati have access to their “time machine” and use it to rewrite the Bible and other sacred texts, and also to create instant “time honored traditions” by throwing an idea of a thing, such as Mardi Gras or King Cake, back into the past, instantly creating in the present, something that never existed before but is known to us as having been in practice for decades or even hundreds of years. The converse also is true, by going to the future and deleting something via the time machine, it is to all before that point and after, as though the thing never existed in the first place.

Knowing that Mardi Gras itself is brought to you (originally) by the Illuminati Players, it required no leap of imagination to understand the secret meaning of “King Cake,” which is a Mardi Gras cake with a small plastic infant baked inside. The King of this Cake refers to Kodiak, King of the Illuminati (and also Mardi Gras).  Given that Kodiak also is, among other human personas, Jimmy Comet, we want to point out to you just what it is you are saluting when you bake an infant into a cake and throw a party.  Although we certainly are not the “cake police,” we thought you might like to understand the real history of King Cake. Jimmy Comet’s MetroWeekly interview bragging in Code about running a human factory farm, breeding children for the sole purpose of raping, torturing them until they die and then consuming them, can be found here. His brags about the same thing while using his Anderson Cooper human persona, can be found here.

Below is the website explanation that goes with the picture above, which is a recipe for King Punch, their idea of a new twist on King Cake. Unfortunately even this explainer published by for making and consuming King Cake, is a coded message about #Pizzagate, Hera’s murder, and the Illuminati’s planned attack on all of us. The most important Coded words in the short paragraph are in bold.

The Message:

Mardi Gras might bring to mind beads, booze and another more NSFW B-word, but for those in the know, king cake is the real, well, king of the debaucherous holiday. For those unfamiliar with the classic Fat Tuesday dessert, king cake is a circular, buttery, brioche-style cake, glazed with a sweet icing and showered in purple, yellow and green sugar. According to lore, if a king cake is consumed too early before Mardi Gras, that year’s festivities will be cursed with rain. An even more bizarre tradition is hiding a small baby figurine inside the cake. Whoever gets the baby in their slice “gets” to make or buy next year’s cake and host the annual party.

Decoding the above paragraph, the words: “for those in the know king cake is the real, well, king” refers to the Illuminati Pizzagate Players and also the “Aliens” who stage an attack to wipe out the Earth, all of whom know that the King of the Illuminati, who goes by Kodiak, also makes the King Cake.  Kodiak is a Grey alien but occupies many “human personas” down here on Earth. One of them is Jimmy Comet of Pizzagate, and he literally makes the King Cake, in that he breeds children to sell them to his Pizzagate pals. The words “real, well, king” in the sentence have additional coded meaning as well.  “Real” in the Traveler and Illuminati Thesaurus means “human” and “well” means “alien.” So this affirms to “those in the know” that this paragraph is talking about Kodiak, who is “King” of the Illuminati and also “King” of the Traveler Family Fours and Sixes, both human and alien. He is a Grey alien hiding in numerous human bodies.  So he is is a human and an alien, the “real, well, King.”

The next bolded line says, “if a cake is consumed too early before Mardi Gras, that year’s festivities will be cursed with rain.”  “Rain” in Traveler and Illuminati Code means “the authorities are watching” (as in “careful, it’s raining”).  This a warning to the current Pizzagate Players that if they show up early for the final rape and murder “show” that involves attacking and killing Hera, looking to buy “Pizzas,” the authorities will be watching and recording them.  The authorities Kodiak warns about most likely are our family members operating Outside of this Earth.  Likely Kodiak is warning not only about ordering Pizzas while we are watching, but also about attacking Hera before the final show, which is part of the sick Illuminati Players’ “Game of Love,” starring Hera as the victim who is broadcast to all of the Players.  As background, historically the Illuminati Players attack Hera throughout her entire life, and those not attacking watch “the show” broadcast live to them 24/7 for Hera’s entire life.  In the final days, they viciously torture Hera for a few weeks and as she is about to die, the Greys and possibly other beings all descend upon the Earth by filling the skies with their space ships, and then they blow out our ears with sound guns, and blow holes in the ozone layer with lasers to irradiate us, and this all causes massive wind storms and every living thing on Earth dies within a few days, which they brag about in their YES songs, Roundabout, and Long Distance Runaround. And also in their band Rush’s song Fly by Night.  We are telling you that the Greys hide in humans and they operate the bands Rush and YES.  Many of their songs are deciphered on this blog. The above paragraph is reiterating what other of their messages we have decoded have said, which is “sneak in here at the last minute, don’t just come in and shop for Pizzas. Rather just hang back for the “Game of Love”  finale of killing Hera and be ready to wipe the place out with the “alien attack.”  The Outside authorities are watching and if they see you coming in here to set up for the attacks, or to buy Pizzas, they may find a way to shut you down. You also are being recorded by these authorities. This is the very same message we decoded here, here and here about murdering Hera now, and here and here about wiping out the planet Earth now.

The final line we are decoding says: “Whoever gets the baby in their slice ‘gets’ to make or buy next year’s cake…” Next year’s cake refers to Hera. What these evil beings do is rape, torture and kill Hera and our family, and then wipe out the entire human race. They then reopen a window into the past at a point before the attack using the time machine and there we all are, still existing, with no idea of the attack that is to come.  “Whoever gets the baby in their slice” refers to whoever, in consuming Hera, winds up with Hera’s soul to consume. That “winner” gets to choose which human body Hera’s soul will be thrown into, as they restart the show with Hera in a new human body. When they abducted Hera to here from Outside of Earth, they blasted her soul to pieces with a laser and stored pieces of her soul. They torture and consume Hera’s body and soul at the end of each “Game of Love” and then restart the process with a new piece of Hera’s soul thrown into a human body chosen by the “winner” who captured Hera’s soul and consumed it at the end of the previous Game.  While we know how preposterous this sounds, it is true. The Greys are utterly insane.  They are hive-minded, which means the most ruthless, aggressive and psychopathic one of them will drag all of them down. One bad apple will spoil the whole bunch, but with the Greys there also are numerous psychopathic and sociopathic bad apples. In fact they all are that way.

We are doing everything we can to thwart this planned murder of Hera and attack on the entire Earth population.  In the meantime, please, if you are a caring human or other being, skip the King Cake “tradition.”

via The Ultimate King Cake Mardi Gras Cocktail Recipe – Supercall


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