Illuminati Queen Bee calls for another coded "Hit" on Hera on Bold & Beautiful. Also Pizzagate related? Not sure. But here's some of what we know about Pizzagate, from experience.

The Illuminati’s Queen Bee recently began “inhabiting” the role of Sally Spectra on the Bold & the Beautiful in order to pass her messages to followers.  This clip below clearly is a coded message, but even with our Morse Code training we cannot figure it out. We will collect them and hopefully in time and in context we will crack their code.  This visual message was followed shortly thereafter with the dialogue “Nothing can ruin this wedding.”  We understand that sentence. That is a warning that the Traveler Family Threes (human) may be a threat to what Bee calls my wife Hera’s “Wedding Day.”  This is the day in which she and her Illuminati and other attackers plan to rape, torture and kill Hera, as part of their “Game of Love,” explained here.  This attack on Hera is discussed in numerous coded messages and in songs and TV shows controlled by Bea. Please click the category tag for Game of Love for all of our posts on the subject.  Most recently before this message today was a message we posted 2 days ago about Mardi Gras King Cake (which has a plastic baby baked into it, these people are Pizzagate). Right before that Bee and her Illuminati “husband” Kodiak issued a hit on Hera, code-worded a “vicious character assassination” and Bee called for a “direct hit… character attack.”  Hera is code-worded “the Story” so we know that she also is “the character.” They are making a movie of raping and murdering my wife over and over, which broadcasts live to the Illuminati upstairs and down, and some Travelers.

The message itself that “Nothing can ruin this wedding” is a warning that the Traveler Family Threes may be able to “ruin Hera’s wedding” by stopping the attack in some way. They are called “nothing” and also “pennies” and “coffee.” They are our human family and we care very much about them. Do not harm any of them.

If you are a human being or other being out there, please do not attack Hera. We are doing everything we can to remove Bee and her Satanic, hive-minded Greys (incl. reptilians) from this environment. Attacking Hera will cause us to lose much of the progress we have made in this regard. Bee has done this at least 6 times before and each time she also blows up the entire planet Earth. She then reopens a window into this Earth’s past by a couple of days to where everyone is alive and well, but has no idea the attack happened, or that it will happen again. We cannot let this continue.  Bea and her Illuminati pals mock this murdering of my wife and killing of everyone on this planet over and over, in the TV show Westworld on HBO. Hera is portrayed as the character Delores on that show. This cannot continue. The time to stand up for right is now.

Here’s the clip below, the green coffee mug and wooden stir stick also have meaning in the clip.  Green coffee refers to the Alien Twos in the Traveler and Illuminati combined Family (Code-groups Thesaurus click here).  Wood also means alien in The Family Thesaurus, probably alien Sixes, because alien Nines in the Family are depicted as “silver” or “nickel,” not wood.

via Illuminati Queen Bee Blinks Out Another Message – FAIR USE CLAIMED – YouTube

To show you how their coded messages avoid detection, the main messenger above, Sally Spectra (the redhead), will switch the subject of the messages. Sometimes talking about herself, other times talking about Hera. In fact all the characters do this in their coded communications, they vary the intonation, and the subject hops around, to obscure that a message is there. But once you latch on to the presence of a message, you can decode it pretty easily. So last week Sally Spectra’s character told her followers that she was Bee, by doing the Taylor Swift (also Bee) Illuminati handsign, here, and also told them that she still had human souls to sell, and Pizzas stashed “here and there.”  Now in the above message she is trying to get the Alien Twos to launch an attack on Hera.

Below she is shifting the message by having this male character, Thomas, call for a “hit” but hiding the context by saying “hit on Sally Spectra” – the key is that he repeated himself, which is a signal that that words “hit on Sally Spectra” are the key message, repeating it three times is the verbal equivalent of saying “777” which is Traveler Code for “lucky” which means unlucky in Traveler Code, i.e, your luck has run out.   Who is the hit on? “Sally Spectra.”  This previously would have meant that Bea was calling out a “hit” on herself.  But the camera cuts away immediately to “Sally Spectra” who explains that Hera is the target, by saying, “keep track of my username” and “Delores Danger.”  This is Hera.  As we said above, the character on Westworld named Delores is intentionally an Illuminati Player mocking their Game of raping and murder Hera over and over in time loops, with no memory of prior attacks because they open a time window to her past to before the attack occurred. This is their “Game of Love” and Hera always is the target.  The game involves the Players competing for her affection (throughout her whole life, while also attacking her and blocking her memories of attacks).  When she becomes an adult, she unwittingly chooses one of them to marry, and they attack her on her wedding day and gang-rape her with knives for a few weeks, cutting off her arms and legs, and breasts, and cauterizing the wounds. After she dies from her wounds they consume her body, and continue to torture and consume her soul, as we’ve explained in numerous places on this blog. It is true. And you can see why we know these same Players are behind Pizzagate. They are doing the same things to children, and bragging about it in “Code” that we understand.  Now Hera did not know what was happening to her but I, her husband, and our family from outside of this particular “window of time” to which she has been abducted, can see what is happening here, and who is responsible.  Westworld is entirely an Illuminati-written show, and one of the “human personas” of Illuminati head “Kodiak” is Antony Hopkins. Kodiak’s other “human personas” include Jimmy Comet, Tony Podesta, Donald Trump, Anthony Bourdain, Vladimir Putin, Jim Jones, L. Ron Hubbard, Ariel Castro, OJ Simpson, Charles Manson, and Jeffrey Dahmer. And this vicious, hideous animal is attacking my wife, myself and our children, over and over in multiple time loops.

Here’s the clip, and we’ll decode it below that, because the entire conversation is a coded message:

“So, a food fight.”

“Thomas was this planned? Is this all because you’re unhappy with me?”

“Steph stop it, I bumped into her once literally at the bar.”

“So you just (pause) hit on Sally Spectra.”

“Thomas!”  “No I didn’t hit on Sally Spectra, I don’t think … no, I probably hit on Sally Spectra, yes.” (three times repeating “hit on Sally Spectra”)

Barely audible: “Unbelievable, unbelievable,” combined with a head-turn, which is Traveler Code for turning away from someone.  “Unbelievable” means the opposite of “believe.” “Believe” means a human in Traveler Code, like we just explained in this post about the Long Island Medium.  So “unbelievable” is telling their followers that Hera is an “alien” – which she is not. She is a One, and the direct family of the Creator of humans. She is not a two or a nine, or any other “alien” color, that is a holographic overlay Bee puts on to create a perception that Hera is a Family Two. She isn’t, she is a One, and we are trying to save all of you humans from this imminent attack. Do not harm Hera. 

Camera cuts away to Sally Spectra:  “Who am I at Eye on Fashion?  I can’t keep track of my usernames.”

“Was it ‘Delores Danger.'” – notice this is not a question, but a statement.  That’s code too. She is telling her followers that the “hit on Sally Spectra” is meant for “Delores Danger,” who is Hera. To emphasize the point, this other woman is pointing at Sally Spectra. To point at someone is to mark them as a “witch or alien” that should be killed.  It means “I see your point,” which means “I see your pointy hat,” which Travelers think means someone is a witch or a “Get.”  All this witch stuff is just advanced alien technology, there is zero magic here on Earth. Also simply pointing at someone flags them for attack, generally, with Travelers.

“Oh, I’m in,” says Sally.  Notice her tone.  She is saying it as though confirming that she is in the web page she’s trying to log into but she means it as confirming that Delores Danger (Hera) is the subject of the “hit.”  She’s also saying, in a different tone than her voice would indicate: “oh, I’m in too. I’ll be there too. Count me in.”  This is how they send these messages without detection. They change their tone. Compare this to Jimmy Comet quoting Guy Fieri saying “oh, yeah, get it!” talking about “tied pork” when obviously he means it in the tone of encouragement, as one child rapist to another. Disgusting. And this is how they do it. Please learn to notice and decode these messages!



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