Pictured: Affable Long Island Medium connects to "Spirit" – PART I

(By rewinding your memory and reading your mind.) We know that Long Island Medium is Illuminati “Queen Bee’s” show for obvious reasons. Nearly every frame of this hour-long show contains a Satanic, Illuminati or Pizzagate reference, or a call to destroy the human race. Horrendous. Avoid this Satanic Grey alien Illuminati Queen. It’s important that people realize that Theresa Caputo is not a medium channelling your lost loved ones.  She’s Bee, head of the Illuminati, and one of her common aliases is “Teri,” and in this show, “Theresa” (Caputo).  She is the same Grey alien who heads up the Illuminati, and is responsible for Pizzagate. Also known as Kim Noble, painter of this artwork:kimnoble

Bea also is Spirit-cooker Marina Abramovic.  Bee and her Pizzagate Players, in fact the entire Illuminati, all live in the upstairs future Earth environment that sits about 200 years up the time stream from us.  They descend down here to “The Graveyard” to “party” as though we are Westworld on HBO, a show by them mocking their practice of treating us like expendable robots. Because we are a world in an adjacent time loop rather than direct, any activities down here have no direct bearing on their lives upstairs. The head of both the Illuminati and Pizzagate, is Bea, along with her equally-insane and vicious Grey alien “eternal Illuminati husband,” who goes by Kodiak.  Together they are Bo & Peep from Heaven’s Gate, and Anton & Zeena LaVey, among many others. For purposes of this post, just remember that Bea is Theresa Caputo. Avoid, unless you want to become possessed like Regan in the near future. At best. Most people she simply tortures and kills, and consumes, and then does the same with their soul. AVOID.

Bea can use her advanced Grey technology to play back any point in your entire life like a movie.  This enables “Theresa” to give you messages that you’ll care about, on the spur of the moment, using words that sound like something your loved one would say, just like Regan did to the Priest in the Exorcist, “channelling” his dead Grandmother.  Bea does this “playing back” of your life thing to our family all the time, just not while posing as the Long Island Medium. In fact she can not only “play you back” in entirety, but she can jump back to any point in your life and harm you, or your loved ones. She and the asshole human Traveler Sevens who she chooses to give “time travel access” like to play a game called “don’t look down” or “look Ma, no hands” with the time machine. This involves them going back into your past by a year or whatever and cutting off your hands or your legs, so that in the present you look down and “magically” have no hands or no legs, or both. She brags about playing “don’t look down” in her hideous AC/DC song, (yes, HERS) Who Made Who, decoded here. That same song brags about the fact that this Earth is their “video game,” and how especially attacking Hera is a “Game” to them. But that song applies to all human beings here on Earth.

For you Travelers out there, this Exorcist mimicking thing is what she is doing right now to all of you, by holding The Parents hostage and blocking them from communicating with you, while also mimicking them to you and saying things that sound like something The Parents would say, in the very same voice that your Parent would say it.  That’s Bee.  She did it to us off and on for years. She had me (Hera) and my husband (David) separated, and for nearly a year once we thought that we were talking to each other, when in fact each of us was talking to Bee mimicking the voice and mannerisms of the other.  Recently she had the President of the Philippines convinced that she was the Voice of God inside his head, and convinced him to hold a press conference promising to give up swearing. She brags about being the voice in your head, and controlling your thoughts and your moods via remote in her song from her band RUSH (yes, it is hers, they are Greys), Spirit of Radio, decoded here and also in Rush’s 2112 Temples of Syrinx.

Theresa Caputo is not channelling your relatives, and I am sorry for that. She is very convincing, and that is because she can look up anyone on a moment’s notice and rewind their life like a movie in her head. She’s the mimic that you would expect The Devil to be. Avoid her. Getting drawn in by her is no different than the Regan in the Exorcist talking to the Priest in the voice of his dead grandmother. Same person, same thing. Except she isn’t an innocent girl who is possessed. She’s the evil Grey alien who does the possessing. She’s what makes a human look like the above photo. She is far more terrifying than any movie can convey. Please don’t be drawn in by her. Don’t reach out to her.

Back to decoding her hideous TV show. Because there is an Illuminati, Pizzagate, or Human Extermination-related message in nearly every frame, we hardly know where to be begin. We are limited by copyright laws to the amount of footage we can show you under the grounds of Fair Use for commentary on “Political Discourse.”  There is no Fair Use legal exception for attempting to notify or save humanity from Satanic Grey aliens who secretly control the Illuminati, Travelers and Scientology. So we will put up some still frames from the show to point things out to you and then in separate posts show just a few important clips of coded conversations. But especially sickening is Teri interviewing a Jonestown survivor in this episode and telling her it was an honor to do her reading. Teri’s Illuminati husband, Kodiak, was Jim Jones of Jonestown. Heading up a cult is a move in the Illuminati Card Game. Inspiring them to commit mass suicide garners bonus points. So this reading of the youngest Jonestown survivor was a particular delight for Teri. These two are pure evil, please don’t romanticize them. They are Pizzagate. Stay away from the Long Island Medium.

Images just from the opening credits are below, scroll over for explanation, but also here we note from top left to right and then down:

(1) Teri in front of 2 candles, signifies that this show has messages for the Alien Twos in the Family.

(2) Truck on freeway says “XTRA” – signals that there is news here for the Illuminati (as in “extra, extra, read all about it”).

(3) Lizard tongue.

(4) Middle finger pointing to sky, Illuminati handsign.

(4) Teri in front of mirror, which is an Illuminati reference, and here also shows “screaming” which is a message that the alien Twos and Nines (Greys) plan to attack this Earth soon. See our numerous posts about this, such as these here, here, here, here, herehere, here, and here and numerous others, including in her band YES’s song Roundabout, and others.

(5) North and South freeway sign is an Illuminati reference. Illuminati Players live “upstairs” and descend here to the “playground” (Earth) to prey upon us for “fun.” It is the same meaning as the “Mirror” reference in (4), there are two parallel but different “Earths” – one Above and one Below. “As above, so below.”

(6) Balloons flying is their symbol for gutting humans and “releasing” the souls to fly away (they then torture and consume them too).  This same releasing of souls is portrayed in the above hideous Kim Noble painting. Kim Noble also is a Bea human persona. Another Bea persona is Corinne on The Bachelor, and here she talks about peeling back a human body to consume the human soul, which is gold, using “corn” as Code for the soul. Your soul retains memory, and therefore has “pellets of information” that Corinne speaks of, which obviously an ear of actual corn does not.

(7) Back left of the image is “The Body Shop” which is a reference to their Pizzagate Human Factory Farm called the “Taco Factory” here, and the “Pizza Oven” here. Top right says “Not on Every Corner” – a “not” is an alien (see Traveler Thesaurus). So “an alien on every corner” is a reference to them being everywhere among us disguised as humans and preparing to attack.  The Greys also are the “Reptilians.”

(8) “Walnut” is Code for alien too. But also it is a Pizzagate code word for “person of color.”  These are the very same people in Pizzagate, so “Walnut” could refer to a “person of color” meaning a Traveler Three, which are humans in a sub-family color-coded black (also called “Coffee”). Jimmy Comet brags about breeding Threes to sell as Pizzas in his MetroWeekly interview. Numerous Podesta.com emails talk about “no time for food, let’s get coffee” as well. And the Family alien Twos report that they also have been bred to be sold as “Pizza” in this message on the Simpsons, sent down to us from the other, future Earth. Most recently, humans were reported to still be available for Pizza purchase, here.

(9) “Oil rising” in the thermometer in the background, which is a message to the Alien Twos that they should prepare to rise up against the humans. “Oil” is a code-word for the Twos of the Family.  The Twos did not know until recently that their Family Leader was Bee posing as a Two, and that Bee and Kodiak were Greys responsible for breeding them to sell to Greys and humans as “Pizzas.”  So Bee planned to have them rise up against their “oppressors” except they now understand that their oppressors are their own representatives and not the humans.  If you are a human who values your continued existence in any time zone, including upstairs, I advise you to stop attacking any beings or buying tacos or pizzas, immediately.

(10) The sign in the kitchen window behind Theresa says “believe.”  This is a Code word for the humans.  I think since this show features news for the twos and notice of “aliens on every corner,” it may be saying that the kitchen is serving humans (breeding humans for sale as Pizzas, which is true), or it instead could be saying that the “food” (which is Code for information) served in this kitchen (meaning the show itself) is intended for the humans. Bea is secretly the head of every Traveler Family and the Illuminati, and her husband Kodiak is head of Scientology.  Thus they have many human and alien followers from many walks of life.  They control this planet, and the upstairs environment.  We are working hard to change this situation. The first step is to inform people of who they are and what they are doing to all of us here on this Earth.

(11) Last photo at bottom. The clouds very often have messages in them as cloud paintings. In this photo from Theresa’s opening credits, the clouds show a shark on the right with two other fish. A shark is a Family Nine (a Grey), and the two smaller fish represent the alien Twos in the family.  Far right looks like maybe a horse looking down on the shark, which jives with their messages before that the Three’s (knights) are watching (a lot of people are watching you!). There are other images in the clouds as well.

This is just the opening credits, so you can see how time consuming it will be to sort out an entire episode worth of messages. We’ll divide these into several posts over the next few days, with any luck.

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