THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES: The Illuminati and the Clones They Occupy

There are no coincidences.

Left, Jimmy “Comet” Alefantis’s restaurant Buck’s Fishing & Camping; Right, Illuminati Dining Hall at Hearst, notice the lanterns in both pics, and how the row of seats at Buck’s resembles the row of pew seating at Hearst.

Jimmy Comet (Kodiak) as “the Source” in the Matrix Reloaded (bottom left) and as Colonel Sanders (bottom right). That is not coincidental.  Comet is called “the chicken man” because he supplies the “chickens” (children) to Pizzagate buyers. See also, Anderson COOPer (chicken Taco Factory Manager). Comet also is portrayed as Breaking Bad’s Hector, chicken man of Los Pollos Hermanos (top right). “Taste the Family” should be literally translated. 

Jimmy Comet’s Illuminati wife “Bee” on the Left as Taylor Swift and Zeena LaVey, and his Father on the Right (yep). Notice they all have the same flanking Illuminati triangles?



Bee’s “Sally Spectra” persona on Bold & the Beautiful, left, and her Taylor Swift persona on the right.


Bee as Taylor Swift, and as Corinne on the Bachelor, flashing same hand signs:


Prince William on the left, and on the right, same interview. He is interviewing himself.


Bee and husband Jimmy Comet do time travel: here is Bee as “Aunt Bea” of Mayberry, as Mrs. Hearst at Hearst Castle (the Illuminati hangout inspiring the song “Hotel California“), walking through the set of fellow time-traveler Chaplin’s the Circus in the 1920s, on a cellphone as a joke, and appearing on the cover of Rush’s Satanic Moving Pictures album in just about the same outfit in the 1980s.



Bee’s husband Illuminati Leader Kodiak as “” on left, as “Texas Shrugged” on his You Tube channel, intentionally evoking Atlas, (top right) and as portrayed as the Black Hat on Westworld on HBO (bottom right):

Illuminati Leader Kodiak as Jimmy “Comet” Alefantis and Mark Strassmann:


Wife Bee as Taylor Swift and Satanic Priestess Zeena LaVey, both far right, also Taylor Swift (top left), as Karlie Kloss (bottom left), and as Hef’s first wife (center):


More of Bee’s Taylor clones:

Bee’s Marina Abramovic and Kim Kardashian clones:


Some of the Illuminati Players, who occupy the same bodies over and over:



Sandy Hook was a scam to give the Illuminati Players some easy cash flow in this Time Loop. Noah’s real name is Kevin.

More Illuminati Players, animating clones:


That chicken in the sky is not a coincidence, good grief


Bee as Elizabeth Taylor, attacking Hera (left); and as Taylor Swift, attacking Hera (right):




There are no coincidences 

Hurricane Matthew October 2016 – NASA image

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