Snake Eyes! Long Island Medium Part II, short clip of Lizard eyes (#Illuminati #Satanic #Greys)

The above image and below clip is from Long Island Medium, On the Road in San Francisco which aired in January 2017.  This short video is of Theresa Caputo, who we explained a couple of days ago is the Lizard “Queen Bee” of the Satanic Illuminati and also #Pizzagate. Here she is interviewing a fellow Reptile. Notice Theresa signaling to the Rep to blink and look away because her slits are showing in her eyes. Also you might notice too in this clip that this interviewee struggles to keep her tongue under control (they fly out, an involuntary reflex that they constantly work to keep under control).  Nearly every one of our posts is about Bee, secret head of the Illuminati, Travelers and Scientology (and Heaven’s Gate), because it is no exaggeration to say that she is the second most important person in the lives of every creature on this Earth. So please look around the blog for more info, especially the embedded links in this post. Thanks.  Bee also is the human “personas” Marina Abramovic, Kim Noble, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Samantha Bee, and numerous others. She’s actually Medusa. The Grey alien who Medusa was created to portray. Every one of those snakes on her head (actually inside it) represent a different human persona she animates. She’s pure evil, can jump herself into numerous humans at once, and has the ability to travel in time. She therefore holds the entire world hostage, although you may not know it.

Please expand these clips to full screen to catch the interviewee’s eyes changing. Typically they look down or sideways and blink a lot to disguise their eyes switching from slit to round and back.

A different clip, in slow motion:




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