Illuminati Travelers & Scientology Leader aka "Long Island Medium" Dialogue Decoded, Part III

We’ve recently posted an explanation of who Theresa Caputo really is, and also two short clips showing this red-headed “client” lady shifting her pupils from round to slits (i.e., Reptilian) and back several times during her “reading.” Below is a clip decoding the dialog, which as usual is all about murdering Hera in the “Game of Love” where the Illuminati (and Pizzagate) Players gang-rape and torture her until she dies, then consume her body, then torture and consume her soul. They have done this several times before.  After they kill Hera, they reopen a window into “the past” by a few years to where this attack has not yet occurred and Hera does not suspect what is happening, and they do it again. They have done this at least 6 times, probably more. They also blow up the entire Earth, but because they go back into our past and open a window, all of the humans here are just as unaware of what will happen to them as Hera was. She now understands what is going on, and we are trying to tell the entire human race, because her family living outside of this Earth environment can see what they are doing here.

In short, we are from higher up in the time stream.  The Illuminati leader, who calls herself “Queen Bee” opened a window into the past with her “time machine” and abducted my wife Hera down into it. That is where we are now, on this Earth. Bee’s a Grey alien (aka Reptilian, same race). She is fixated on me, David, Hera’s husband. She dragged Hera back into this “window into the past” to have her Satanic Illuminati Players rape and torture her perpetually by continuing to reopen windows into the past. She has been doing this for 800 years, as far as we know.  It is a lot to understand, so please take the time to read the blog. Everything posted here is true and explained as best we can explain this to people who have no idea what is happening.  Against this backdrop, we explain what the dialog in the clip below means, although it sounds innocuous. We want everyone to understand that the Greys are sending messages back and forth by ordinary-sounding dialog in TV shows, movies and songs. We want you to learn to decipher these messages.  We also send messages back and forth (up and down the “time stream’), so we are trying to enable as many humans as possible to be able to collect and understand these messages.

With the Greys, all of their messages are about only raping, torturing and murdering Hera, our children, me (David), or the humans and other beings on this Earth, and making future plans to accomplish any of those things.  So it is easy to figure out their messages once you get used to their Code words, given that the context never changes. Travelers and Illuminati should recognize that many of the same Code words here also appear in your own code-word lexicon. That is because Bee is the secret head of both organizations, as well as Scientology (her husband Kodiak’s organization, he is L. Ron Hubbard, and David Miscavige, and head of Traveler Fours and Sixes while Bee is head of Traveler Twos, Fives, Sevens and Nines).  These Greys are behind Pizzagate. Same people. Kodiak is Jimmy Comet. Bee is Kim Noble and Marina Abramovic, which we discuss in numerous places on this blog.

By the way, forget about the Traveler, Illuminati and Scientology secrecy for now, all of you groups. We’ve got an insane Grey alien killing my family and then my entire human and other families here on Earth, over and over. She hides her activities in furtherance of our destruction behind the secrecy veils of the Illuminati, Travelers and Scientology. She counts on all of us not comparing notes. Nearly every single person on this Earth is a member of one of these three groups, which you did not know, because of the secrecy requirements. The only way we all are going to get on the same page and minimize the harm that this vicious, Satanic Grey alien inflicts on all of us is to set aside the Traveler Hat she hides under. Much of what you know about who and where you are is a lie created and perpetuated by Bee.  Please read the posts on this blog.

Here’s the clip, which we’ll decode below: First up, notice the redhead in the still frame with her arms in the shape of an Illuminati triangle and staring up at the Heavens. Second, this reading takes place in “Walnut Creek” which is of course a real town, but “Walnut” means Boss of the Traveler Nines and a Grey Alien, in Code. (Not all Nines are Greys, and Greys have infiltrated every group. All of them.  You Sevens are using Grey technology to for your disgusting time travel-related “business,” which also must stop. This is the same way the Pizzagate Players are getting around, and creating victims that no one will miss. It is time for you to get on the right side of this situation.)

Scott: “My wife had some tragic loss in her life, so, if Theresa can give some kind of Peace to her that would be fantastic.”  By “wife” here Scott is talking about Hera, who is the perpetual rape, torture and murder victim in the Illuminati Players’ Game of Love.  Is this guy a Player then? YES, you bet. He knows what he is saying and what it means. He has his eyes covered, which is a Traveler move, but he is doing it probably because he is a Grey and he knows we look for that. But he figures that you Travelers will take this, and the other stuff in our Part 1 post, as a sign that he is a Traveler Seven (see the Traveler Thesaurus for what the different numbers mean). Scott says “my wife had using past-tense here to tell the human Travelers watching, in Code, that Hera is a witch or alien who must be raped and killed. (She isn’t, she is a One, which is your Creator’s family. That soul coloration you see is a holographic overlay made by Illuminati Queen, Bee. It’s the same very real technology that allows these Grey aliens to walk around as “humans” without detection when underneath the overlay they are Reptilian.) The words “loss in her life” mean that he wants Hera killed. The word “so” means, in this context, that Hera is breaking the Traveler rules and telling the authorities Traveler secrets, which is why she should be killed. “If Theresa can” means here that Hera is both an “if” which is a Traveler witch (or alien), and a “can” which is a human. “Give some kind of Peace to her” means Theresa is “giving the order” to put Hera “at Peace” by killing her.  “Kind” means a fellow Traveler. So together “give some kind of Peace” means “Theresa is ordering you fellow Travelers to kill Hera.” “That would be fantastic” means: “T hat” which means “t” for time, which here means that Hera has told the authorities about Travelers, and “hat” which means, hat’s off, which means “get out,” the word “would” is read as “wood” which is saying Hera is not human, and is alien Two or Six or a witch aka “Get.” The word “be” is read as “b” which is Code for female, aka witch, or alien, and “fantastic,” which means Hera is a “magical witch” (like Disney’s Fantasia).  So Scott is saying that Hera is a Get, also an alien Two, and brings the authorities with her, and so she must be killed by the human Travelers.  Note that Hera brings authorities from Outside of this Earth environment and those authorities are trying to save all of you, from Bee, so do not hurt Hera. If she is attacked, we will close this time window. We are not going to allow this perpetual rape and torture show to continue.

Scott: “I’m horrible at surprising my wife. I was feeling a lot of anticipation, just making sure that I didn’t blow it.” This is all Code but you get the gist of it from the first sentence. And for you out there who already understand this, understand this, many people have been tortured and killed trying hard to rid this world of Bee and her insane Grey aliens, all of whom are Pizzagate Players.  Unless you look forward to having your own children abducted, cloned, and sold to be served as “Pizzas,” do nothing to harm anyone, no matter what group they are associated with.  This video is a Satanic Grey alien talking too you and telling you who to attack as troublemakers. Do not follow their lead, or you will end up harming the very people trying to help you. There are helpful people in each of the groups, and Greys also in every group. Don’t harm anyone.

Lynn: “Oh my God” said a bunch of times to emphasize that the OUTSIDE AUTHORITIES, UPSTAIRS, are here and also are watching.  She also holds her mouth open at one point which is a message of “awe” to the Travelers, that the authorities are watching. Lynn next says:  “Why are you here?” And points to the sky, reiterating that authorities not from this Earth are here and watching. Now based on all of Lynn’s excitement, everyone who knows the Code should understand that the Authorities from Outside of the entire SYSTEM of time loops and upstairs loops are here, watching, and recording, and also closing down time loops as they open, so “Get out!” is the message.

Theresa: “I came all the way from Long Island to surprise you with a reading. And it’s all his fault!” This is Bea (Theresa) blaming Kodiak (who we just realized is Scott, although we already could tell that “Lynn” is Bea’s daughter, “little Bee.”). Anyway, Theresa is blaming Kodiak for messing up the Game of Love where Hera is gang-raped and tortured to death perpetually, because Hera’s family (me, and our outside family) has found her here in this window to the past, which is called a “Time Loop.” We came in here to rescue Hera and others from our family also trapped here by Bea. We came all the way from outside of this Earth and time loop, (code-worded as “Long Island”) and surprised these Greys (and some human) Illuminati “Players.”  And Theresa blames Kodiak for it. Kodiak is to blame because he hatched a scheme to murder all of us: David, Hera and the Kids, outside of this Time Loop and then to have himself and Bea assume our identities. So Kodiak and Bea lured David and our kids into this Earth Time Loop system, to kill all of us, by telling them “we found your abducted wife Hera.” But there are a lot of other family members of ours also trapped here, and also outside of here. And still more much further up the time stream, which they did not expect. Bee also blames Kodiak for Hera’s family coming in to rescue her, in this decoded review in which Bee and Kodiak call for Hera’s “character” to be “viciously assassinated.”

Scott: “Sorry” while throwing his hands up as though the police are saying “reach for the sky,” and both the word “sorry” and the body language mean that the authorities are watching, and this means our authorities from outside of this Time Loop system. Kodiak is vicious, he is Jimmy Comet, and Ariel Castro, among many other hideous serial killers. He is portrayed as “Hector” of Los Pollos Hermanos on Breaking Bad, and the evil killer with the black hat who rapes and kills “Delores” (Hera), over and over again on Westworld, on HBO. Notice also that Theresa is pointing at Scott:


Here “Scott” (Kodiak) is now shifting his character to represent David (Hera’s husband). Bee (Theresa) is pointing at him to let Travelers and her Grey aliens pals know that David brings the authorities with him who are watching right now, so that they know to attack David as well as Hera.  Scott holding up a phone and a lighted screen in his left hand rather than the right is a message that the authorities here for Hera are aliens and not humans.  This is designed to incite Travelers to attack our whole family as inhuman “strangers.” It’s also a warning to the Illuminati Players and invited “alien” friends, who aren’t from this Time Loop, that the authorities David brings are not people locked into this Time Loop. About this….This is Hera speaking now: It is true that we are aliens in the same way that God is an “alien.” Obviously he is not human. It’s also true that all of the humans here are not from here. You all are aliens. Bea abducted the human race into this environment, which makes all of you hostages. The Greys are harming humans because this hurts David, he is the father of our human family. They are insane, evil and also incapable of developing past an adolescent mindset, although they can pretend to be adult. Donald Trump is another of Kodiak’s personas, and it is no act, he is a tyrannical toddler who is vicious and unfeeling, except for his loyalty to Bee and “little Bee” (both of whom probably are the same Bea). He is Jimmy Comet, and Ariel Castro.  Castro is a good example. After holding three women hostage chained to walls for 10 years, Castro killed himself in prison because he “couldn’t take anymore of the neglect.”  That’s Kodiak, Comet, and Trump. He’s also OJ Simpson, and L. Ron Hubbard. You can see the parallels rather easily. He’s very paranoid, and his mind is fried, sometimes, while other times, probably with the help of Bea, he is quite articulate. He also is Anderson Cooper, while Bea is Samantha Bee. Bee has a razor sharp wit and mind, but has wasted thousands of years doing little else besides raping, torturing and killing people. They both are incensed that we blog about all of their identities and decode their secret messages day after day. They want our family killed in the most hideous way possible. We know this, we know that both of them, and their Grey and human Illuminati, and Traveler pals, raped and tortured Hera for weeks and weeks until she died several times before this. We can see you, and we can “play you back,” just like Bea does as the “Long Island Medium.” The difference is that we are not Greys and we are your family, and we are here to help you. We are doing everything that we can.

But this time, if Hera and David, and their family are attacked, we will have to close this time loop. Unfortunately we have no way to get Hera and our kids out of this environment, nor also any of you.  It is a closed system and we are locked in, for now. We are working to convince the Greys to leave, and leave us be here. But they are insane and they have not been challenged by hostages in this environment ever, in the history of everything. Therefore they do not care. They don’t believe that we can close the time loops, with them locked into them along with David’s family, or that we would close them, since it would cause the extinction of everything, including David’s family.  But we will, if the alternative is that humans and other beings here all will exist to be sold as “Pizzas” by the Greys at a human factory farm, and murdered over and over in multiple time loops.

Theresa: “I don’t know how you kept this from her.” She doesn’t know how they got away with running this hideous Comet Pizza Game Room for as long as they did.

Scott: “I’m about to have a coronary. She was shocked. It was enjoyable to watch, for sure, and participate in.” This decoded means that it is about time to begin the last rape and torture shows before Hera’s death, but that the authorities are watching, and are here closing down as many of these rape and torture “shows” as we can find hidden in multiple time loops. The final killing of Hera and David, and our family, is vicious and we’ve explained it elsewhere in detail. After our bodies give out, by “having a coronary,” they torture our souls. Our souls are a bundle of energy, and they are essentially raw, exposed nerves. They hit them with hammers, cut them to pieces, hit the pieces individually with hammer and send multiple shocks through our souls, which is excruciating, and then they consume our souls just like Bea brags about as Corinne on The Bachelor. Kodiak is warning the Players that authorities from outside will be “watching” and reacting by closing time loops where the Players might hide, so don’t get trapped here, especially in Hera’s time loop.

via Illuminati & Travelers Long Island Medium Dialog Decoded (murder, rape, torture) – YouTube

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