Reptilians, this time at Sandy Hook. Look at THE PUPILS. (Illuminati Greys)

Newtown mother’s eyes Go Reptilian in the video below. Look closely and you’ll see them morphing back and forth from circular to elongated.  That’s what it looks like as they try to keep a lid on themselves, just like in this Long Island Medium clip. Actually look at her mouth too, her hologram is failing a little bit in the above photo, as she gets excited talking in Code with Anderson Cooper, who also is a Reptiliannot about her lost daughter but about killing human children. Don’t see this lizard in the photo and then remain in denial about what they are doing here, please.

This same mother also is talking in Code, using the Illuminati and Traveler code words “she was laughing at us” – Laughing refers to an evil clown, which Travelers and Illuminati call a “Get” – they laugh like jokers in hell, sort of notion. “Our artwork, it was terrible” refers to the Illuminati practice of turning human bodies into sculptures just like the one Tony Podesta has that was made in tribute to Jeffrey Dahmer. They call carving humans into objects, such as using human skin to “make a purse” – “artwork.” “It was terrible” is Code for it was “terrifying.” And so much fun! Which is why this reptile is laughing as she talks about it. They similarly call raping and torturing human children and adults “theater” or “the opera,” just like Jimmy Comet brags about in Code here.

I know this sounds insane but it is true. This woman probably is being “animated” by the same Illuminati leader who animates Mrs. Pozner. Essentially they play a card game that is like the board game Risk, but with live humans from the “graveyard” (this Earth sitting in the past from them), as game pieces. They call Earth “the playground” too, and Westworld is their show mocking what they do to us here.

This is what we try to explain on our blog. Everything is connected, and these insane aliens delight in destroying humans, or even talking about destroying humans, like this Newtown mother is doing in Code.

Here’s the original video from Random Shots 174, where we got the above Sandy Hook mom footage:

Check out below an image from the original Sandy Hook video of the photo-shopped hand of the girl raised in the air (left hand, on your right), where it is photoshopped into an unnatural pose with the pinky finger far away from the rest of the fingers, which is an Illuminati hand sign of pointer and pinky going down with two middle fingers going up (and also they do the opposite as a hand sign), but in this case is too far out to be humanly possible. Her elbow also is completely disjointed and seems to be facing the wrong direction, and her arms would be scraping the ground if they were really that long. The little brother’s left hand (your right) looks like it just got pulled from the garbage disposal and is also doing the Illuminati hand sign.  And of course the younger dead brother looks exactly like the older surviving brother.


The scrunched up face to make the brothers look different reminds us of this other Newtown couple in the photo below. Nice “couple.” Look at the “guy” on your right-hand side – at his nostrils – which have odd photoshopped-in shadows under the edges. How does that look human? They are just weird black creases under an otherwise normal-looking nose. Maybe they gave “him” a “nose-job” by cutting and pasting a nose from some other source, and couldn’t be bothered with making the entire paste-on nose match the color of the guy’s face?


Also in the video at 4:24 is a clip from the disgusting Anderson Cooper and Mrs. Pozner interview, decoded here to show you that “Taco Factory Manager” is the same thing as a “Pizza Maker” in Illuminati Pedophile Code words. But look at this still shot below of Anderson’s hair above his forehead. Notice anything? Like the church in the background shining through his head?  This is a Green Screen interview.  They are pigs, no two ways about it. Anderson is snickering because he is the Taco Factory Manager who clones children and, as Mrs. Pozner goes on to explain, gestates them for 9 months in the “Pizza Oven” before selling them to the Pedophile network. The reason Cooper is also “an astronaut” is because he is a Reptilian (same as a Grey).  True. This is not a theory on our part. This man is the same Illuminati Player named Kodiak who also personifies “Jimmy Comet.”  Same guy, which is why his nickname is “COMET” as in outer space, just like Cooper is an “astronaut.”  Kodiak also played the role of Dr. Carver, the autopsy guy who chuckled and smiled his way through the Sandy Hook live interview about the deaths of 20 children.  And incidentally, this same guy Kodiak also is Gene Rosen, which we know because Kodiak often uses the name Gene as a pseudonym and also names with the word “Rose” in them because he is the head of the Traveler Family Fours, explained here.  Ignore the arrow pointing at Anderson’s snicker below and look at the front top of his head where the Green Screen is slightly shining through his holographic overlay.  His nose also gets “cut off” by the green screen in the long version of this interview at the link above.


They also are lizards, which we need everyone to begin to comprehend. They are all over the place and we need to be prepared. We are told that they will all “uncloak” at the same time and stage an “alien attack” in the near future and generally frighten all of us out of our minds before killing us all.  We know they have done this before and wiped us all out! They then reopen a window into our near past where this has not yet occurred and go forward as usual, with us here none the wiser about what has just happened and is about to happen again. We explain this all over the blog.

Thanks to Random Shots 174 for another awesome video to put under our microscope. There’s a lot of info to be found in old Newtown footage once you know how to look.

via Say What? At Sandy Hook. – YouTube

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