Connections Between Trump, his Illuminati, and the Main Stream Media He "Hates" (also Pizzagate)

Please look at all of this post as it attempts to pull together several different threads for you to give you a more complete idea of (1) who Donald Trump is, (2) his relationship to Ivanka, who is a “human persona” of Illuminati Queen “Bee,” (3) who wife Melania is,  (4) how the Illuminati and Traveler leaders communicate surreptitiously via “the Tether,” and (5) how the main stream media Trump pretends to attack actually serves to shield Trump’s identity as the secret co-leader with wife “Bee,” of the Illuminati, Travelers and Scientology. We did not make any of these videos. We are using them to explain a few things to you about Trump, and we have no doubt that the footage is real – there’s an endless supply of it.


Here’s an important (to your understanding of the Illuminati and our relationship to it) video below of Trump listening to the Japanese PM speak in Japanese on what is called the Tether. The tether is a conference call for the Illuminati leaders (and us), that goes on 24/7 in the heads of people on the call, using advanced technology. On the tether everything is translated to English. Because of his longtime use of the Tether, it is obvious to us on the Tether that it slipped Trump’s mind during this press conference to put on a translator earpiece so that he could pretend he was using it to understand what was being said.  The CNN reporter in the video below at 2:17 knows what the Tether is and so realizes what is happening with Trump. He steps up and offers a lame excuse as to how Trump seemed to be understanding the Japanese speech without a translator, saying Trump must have been following the cues of others in the room. Nope. Please ignore the Narrator of this video, he does not know about the Tether and is speculating that Trump is bullshitting his way through the Japanese speech. He isn’t.

Like we say above, this Illuminati media “tool” Jeff Zeleny KNOWS what has happened re the Tether and is trying to offer up a cover story as to how Trump was laughing on cue by following the lead of others. Trump doesn’t follow the lead of others, as you can see in the video below of Trump singing in church before the inauguration, at times when no one else is singing, at about 1:40. Ignore the stuff about Trump not being able to read. He can, he just doesn’t have to very much since he pays other people to deal with that, and he himself works off-the-cuff.

Those on the Tether include many Illuminati, a few higher up Travelers, especially human Traveler Sevens, our family (David’s family), and random selections of other victims that Queen Bee and King Kodiak of the Illuminati throw on here to frighten out of their wits and sometimes rape, torture and kill. You can get on and off the Tether all you want, if you are Trump, because Trump is one of several human persona’s of Illuminati Leader Kodiak.  Some others can get on and off the Tether at will, but not all.  The Tether technology is mentioned in a Simpsons episode, explained here. The Tether technology also recently was used to convince President Duterte of the Philippines that he was hearing the “Voice of God.” It was a practical joke, Illuminati style. Yet the President of the Philippines held a press conference saying that he was giving up swearing because God told him that if he didn’t stop swearing that God was going to “bring down his airplane right now.” That’s the Tether. And incidentally they can talk to anyone anywhere with this tech. and talk directly into your head so no one around you can hear it. So don’t assume you have suddenly developed schizophrenia, even if the voices you hear sound insane, which is a joke they play on people to amuse themselves.


Below is the video of Trump singing to his own tune in church, and again ignore this narrator who thinks this is evidence that Trump can’t read. He probably can’t without reading glasses and is averse to wearing them in public and also can’t read sheet music from a planet away: What caught our attention is that he is singing way out of sync with the group, and to us this is evidence that Kodiak was not present at the Church to “drive” his Trump persona but instead was remotely controlling him from the upstairs environment, where the delay in communications caused Kodiak to be unable to precisely gauge where Trump should be singing and not singing. Trump is a “human suit” of Kodiak. Skip to 1:40. And see the video right below this one which shows numerous “human suits” getting “stuck” on live TV while being “remoted.”

More “people” behaving like Trump’s “human suit” does in the above video, where he isn’t tracking what the congregation is doing, can be seen here (again, politics aside):



Look at the video below. At 7:45, see the security walking behind KellyAnne but yet is farther away from the White House than KellyAnne appears to be. Look how small that little guy is compared to the White House, and yet he is closer to the White House than KellyAnne, who is in foreground. Green Screen.

At 10:08 another little guy enters the scene from the left. He actually shrinks a foot or two in the split second that he goes behind KellyAnne, and then pops up higher again on the other side of her, without any break in her image or voice at all. Obviously green screen, which ought to be the focus of all of the media: People purporting to be in Washington DC at “the White House” appear in front of Green Screens of the White House. Why are the networks going along with the green screen rouse? That’s the question nobody asks. We think the answer is that many of these photo ops and press conferences are taking place in the upstairs Earth environment where Kodiak and Bee reside, rather than here on Earth at the actual White House.

Also, awfully balmy there with the short sleeves, while the people moving behind her are wearing coats. Skip to 7:34 and ignore the narration, we aren’t political and aren’t showing the video for its political arguments. After you see the first “little guy” pass behind KellyAnne in a coat and smaller than KellyAnne but closer to the White House, look at around 10:00 and see the next little guy do a “dip” as he disappears behind KellyAnne.




The next video is of Ivanka flashing a tiny bit of snake eyes.  She’s Bee, Trump’s Illuminati “eternal wife” and their leader, so she generally is better at keeping the snake eyes under control.  Other human personas of Bee include Thersa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, which we discuss here, among many other humans.


Next below is utterly horrifying video of Melania, look at the last 30 seconds or so, especally around 2:15-2:40. Why does he treat her like crap, we wonder, if she is also a Grey (reptilians are a subset of Greys) like Ivanka? We are told that Melania is a Traveler Family Two and that Trump pretends to be representing the Traveler Twos in this Presidency, (we have additional footage proof of this arrangement).  Trump hates the Twos. In fact he is responsible for creating and selling human/alien Twos as “Pizzas” which we learned by decoding messages sent by the Pizzas themselves from up in the future. (The Twos also are telling us, and the Illuminati on the Tether, that those things hanging off of Melania at 2:40 are Grey aliens. Greys are Satanic and so it is not a surprise that they would make themselves appear to be demonic. They also prey upon the Twos.)


What you should be able to take away from reading this post is that:  Trump is Illuminati since he is on the Illuminati phone “tether.” That he also is reptilian, as both his wife and daughter are shown on video to be. That the media Trump attacks actually is tasked with shielding Trump from even more intense scrutiny by deflecting us off the real issue – that he is Kodiak, head of the Illuminati and a Reptilian, to focus on his sideshow of blustering and noise-making as President.


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