This gif of Taco Tuesday is a message that the Greys will attack this Earth sometime in the next 47 days, per their coded conversation on Joe.My.God blog. (We’re told it’ll be Christmas.)

“Joe My God” Blog is Another #Pizzagate #Illuminati Player LOOK CLOSELY AT COMMENTS ON THIS BLOG, EVERY POST!

So in starting to look at decoding this message, which is linked within this post of You Tube comments decoded, we did what this first post said and looked at “the beginning” as instructed: “He honored God on his inouguration day by reading the ceremon on the mount at the beginning.”  The beginning of the comments to the post start with this graphic:


via Preachers “Lay Hands” On Trump To Protect Him From “Satan, Demons, Principalities, And Powers” [VIDEO] – Joe.My.God.

How disgusting. We’ve already explained, here and here, that Tacos are Pizzas, same thing. 47 refers to the alien rust-red “Fours” and human bright-red Fours in the Illuminati and Traveler Family, and Sevens, who are humans color-coded as Blue in the Illuminati and Traveler Family, (sort of explained, here).  We already know they are responsible for Pizzagate, particularly thanks to the Twos telling us here, and Kodiak bragging about it as Jimmy Comet, here. The Star Trek reference is typical because this comments section is a bunch of Grey aliens hiding in humans, talking in Code about torturing, killing and consuming humans, and biding their time for “Taco Tuesday.” Understand that there are more Greys cloaked as humans than there are actual humans on Earth, we have reason to believe. Even the “Family Colors” that denote humans are full of Greys hiding as humans. So the fact that the human Fours and Sevens are involved in Pizzagate does not necessarily mean those people are actual humans. We know this is nuts, but it is what it is.

This image above also likely is telling us that the “event” is 47 days away. We don’t know what the event is, except to say that humans are “tacos,” (children are “chicken tacos”) which seems to mean that they are planning an attack on us (and I mean all humans) for 47 days from the date of that original posted comment, which is just yesterday. Here’s that post, but bear in mind that we have intel that they plan to attack on March 1. We’ve thwarted previous attacks planned in Sept and Dec of 2016. We calculate this as April 6. Another report we got was for May 1:

Loanid16 hours ago (edited) (YES, this IS KODIAK, head of the Pizzagate Illuminati Players. This username means “Loan” – code for “Banker” which means mob boss aka Family Boss in the Traveler Thesaurus, and “id” which is code for human, while “ego” is code for alien) His Comment:
dawn connors Are you kidding me? Can’t you see him trying to support the Christian community? He had a whole group of born again Christians lay hands on him and pray for him. He honored God on his inouguration day by reading the ceremon on the mount at the beginning and then puts God above the entire USA. Dawn Connor I have no clue why you are so blinded, but don’t just call trump out of ignorance a lucifer worshipper.


Importantly this Loanid above posted a link to Joe My God blog in going on about Trump being a Christian. Once you read even a couple of comments on this blog it is obvious that it is not a Christian website. So why would this commenter, thumping his bible, link to a site full of Satanic, homosexual (not that there’s anything wrong with that but it is obviously a primary topic in the very graphic comments), Pedophiles?


Another gif in the comments section of this Joe.My.God. blog post is this, and it is helpful to know that Beyonce is a human persona of Illuminati Queen Bee. Bee/Beyonce.  Queen Bee/ Queen Bey. Bee is also Mrs. Pozner of Sandy Hook, here talking with Anderson Cooper, the “Taco Factory Manager and Astronaut”, and also in that link is Bee, as her human persona of Corinne on The Bachelor, saying she wants to be “in the spa, being fed Tacos, preferably chicken”:


And in this link as Sally Spectra on the Bold and the Beautiful, Bee is telling buyers that she still does have “money” (a long-used code word for humans) available here and there from “the bakery.” She and Kodiak also discuss eating babies (and Hera) in Mardi Gras King Cake, here. As her human persona Samantha BEE, Bee throws up a coded message about her husband Kodiak, whose human personas include Jimmy Comet, (bragging about creating Pizzas, i.e., cloning human children in the “Pizza Ovens” to sell them), and also Donald Trump, here Samantha Bee is bragging about how they will have “Pizza Everyday!” now that Trump is the President. And finally here is Kodiak (Trump and Comet) providing a Pizza sales list noting that there are “five surviving Pizzas for sale that must be consumed after your session.” Some of the writers of SNL are on the Tether with us (explained elsewhere here in mid-post), and they confirmed in a skit that “Tacos” are “Pizzas” and in solidarity said that “All Tacos Matter.”

Or do you just think all these atheist gay chatters at Joe.My.God are huge fans of eating tacos?

Here’s my old post before I added the above info:

Here’s the link found in which is a bunch of Pizzagate Players discussing killing Hera and another target, before “checking out” to go back “upstairs.”  By the way, a “Joe” in Traveler Talk is a Mob Boss, and this particular “Joe” is wearing a bowler hat, which is a Traveler signal that he is a grand “wizard” – an evil “Get” in Travelers hierarchy. He’s a mobster and a Get.  A Family Boss. Here’s his photo:



We’ll post this quickly too and circle back to decoding because we don’t know right now minute by minute if something may happen. Probably this guy is Kodiak, because he is “God” as “the Godfather” of the Travelers and Illuminati (and Scientology).  Somewhere in this message is instructions on a “hit” taken out here in this comments section. Incidentally, it is not that we aren’t prioritizing murder for hire plots, but Bee and Kodiak have actual clamps on Hera’s brain right now and it makes it very hard to think clearly. It is very painful, and we tell you about it here.  Also please don’t bother with sending law enforcement to our house. There is nothing they can do about this technology, which is advanced Grey technology. They won’t believe it, because they cannot see it, or as is often the case with the Feds anyway, they already know about this stuff but also know that there is nothing that they can do. Thanks.

Obviously this entire website of this guy will be full of coded Illuminati and Travelers communications.

Here’s the text of this one, and notice the picture of a bunch of photoshopped-looking “people” laying photoshopped-looking hands on what looks to be a photoshopped-in cardboard cutout of Trump! There’s a fake-looking video to go with this. Whether it is fake or real, it is Ridiculous!


Brian Tashman reports at Right Wing Watch:

Today, Donald Trump attended the Midwest Vision and Values Pastors Leadership Conference in Cleveland alongside his vice presidential running mate Mike Pence and campaign surrogates Ben Carson, Michael Cohen and Omarosa Manigault.

The event was hosted by pro-Trump pastor Darrell Scott and co-hosted by Trump’s “liaison for Christian policy” Frank Amedia. Boxing promoter Don King introduced Trump at the gathering.

Scott, who hosted the event at his New Spirit Revival Center, told the audience that a “nationally known” preacher warned Trump before he launched his campaign “that if you choose to run for president, there’s going to be a concentrated Satanic attack against you.”

“He said there’s going to be a demon, principalities and powers, that are going to war against you on a level that you’ve never seen before and I’m watching it every day,” Scott said.

Here’s the equally ridiculous “video” on You Tube, and I would look at those comments because that may be where the conversation about their future plans takes place. Christians my ass. Apparently Satan (Trump) is facing a “Satanic Attack” on himself. This refers to the Grey attack, and Reptilian attack presently set for Christmas morning. The Greys are his Army. He himself is a Reptilian, as are Ivanka and Melania. Jared Kushner’s home is 666 5th Avenue. Jared is a second iteration of Satan. He’s the same guy as Trump. This video discusses Trump’s planned “alien attack.”  Currently set for Christmas but it may be pushed out to 2018. They kill and consume humans. Humans are Tacos, Chickens and Pizzas. Notice at 1:14 the guy to the back left behind Trump starts laughing when the woman praying asks for help with the Satanic Attack they are all so concerned about.


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