HOW TO DECODE: The Pizzagate Illuminati Players Go Trolling, in You Tube Comments About Pizzagate!

And in the process have given us a treasure trove of obviously coded messages that are easy to decipher and admit and explain who is who, and what is going on.  We were doing our usual Pizzagate research and stumbled upon this exchange happening in the Comments section to the You Tube video below.  We haven’t decoded the entire Comments section yet, but we want to get this up on the blog as quickly as we can so that you all may begin if you choose to decode these comments yourself. The comments are actually from the Illuminati Pizzagate Players, who are discussing what to do about the heat on them and their situation. 

Here’s their YT video link, where the comments are about solving their Pizzagate problem, and we have decoded some of the comments below:


Our comments explaining this to the other people on this You Tube page are immediately below, with the video and the link to the You Tube page below that, followed by a paste of all of the responses, as of now, to the Greg Silverado comment which initially caught our attention.  Please read our comments and see if you can pick out the coded replies to “Greg” – thanks.

Our Comments from Herasblog Dot Com:

Be wary of Greg Silverado as he is involved in Pizzagate. His comment below is in CODE: “do you know how many millions of people have seen that video and then they are telling millions of other people about it thank God you people exposing the truth so many millions of people are starting to really understand and wake up it’s a new day let’s take the trash out” – specifically he is saying that people are waking up to Pizzagate, and the authorities, which is coded as “thank God” commonly by the Illuminati and Travelers, are catching on. “Its a new day let’s take the trash out” also is Code. It means that it is time to close out this time loop we currently live in, and also time to kill ME, Hera, who these Illuminati lowlife’s call “trash” or “garbage” as we have explained on our blog, but as many Travelers will recognize as Traveler Talk meaning to force someone out. Our blog is all about decoding these scumbags, who communicate in common everyday words that carry a different meaning. You only need to know a few code words and the context to be able to spot and decipher these hideous people for yourselves. Please take some time to read our blog, which is hard to believe but nonetheless true and will with some diligence enable you to spot these beasts among you.

Almost forgot, the name “Greg Silverado” also has meaning. Greg is a name used by the Illuminati Leader going by Kodiak. He uses it as code for “Gory” as in gory murderer. It is twice removed. For gory he uses “GreGORY” “gregory” and instead of that uses “Greg” but the Pizzagate Players know he goes by Greg for that reason. He also uses names with Silver in them because, hard to believe but true, he is a Grey alien. Greys call themselves “Silver” as in same color – Silver/Grey – and Silverado has a third meaning which is the reference to “Trucks” which is a Traveler Term used to denote a mob boss. Mob bosses in the Traveler organization are Truck Drivers and also called Doctors or Surgeons, because they will mow you down with a truck or cut off your legs if you cross them. So they are a very bad crowd. The NAME caught our eye and then we were alert to see the coded message. Essentially Kodiak is trying to use your comments section to communicate with his “team.” Usually they use Amazon reviews to do it but we have been busting them there and had told the FBI that Amazon comments was being used to send coded messages within a Pedophile network. This guy Greg Silverado IS KODIAK. Another persona of KODIAK’s is JIMMY COMET. So be careful, you have Comet speaking in Code to the Pizzagate Network here in your comments. Be careful. We are very serious.

In fact many replies to Greg Silverado are from Illuminati Pizzagate Players. Look at the some of the names: Gussy Gatlin (not 100% sure as we are w/Greg, but Gatlin is a GUN, which is code for Gunmetal Grey, another code word that the Greys use); Dawn Conners (definitely): Dawn decoded means to close out this time loop, one lifespan of a time loop is called a “Day” and Dawn means to herald in a new “Day” by closing this time loop. Conners refers to CON men and the Traveler leaders use it to tell the others among them who is talking. Notice Dawn Conners is asking Greg HOW, what can we do? They are asking because they are Travelers who know about the time loops but are not leaders of the Illuminati so they want to know what can they do if they are not the ones in control. Greg responds in Code: You gotta believe in something and I choose to believe that at least we’re on the right track. Trump maybe a lot of things I don’t think he’s a pedophile. “Believe” acknowledges to Dawn that he realizes she is a Traveler from the family color-coded Blue and number coded as Sevens. The Sevens know about the time loops. “Right track” means that the humans (the Greys as aliens are code-worded as “wrong” and also “left” and the opposite are humans code-worded as “right“) – means that the humans are “tracking” the Pizzagate Players. YOU BET. Next Greg Silverado says Trump isn’t a Pedophile. Silverado is Kodiak, the Pizzagate Illuminati Leader. He’s also Jimmy Comet and he’s ALSO DONALD TRUMP. So he is both deflecting for his Trump persona and also making an inside Joke to the Pizzagate Players all amassed here in your comments, about the fact that he is Trump AND Comet, which the Pizzagate Illuminati Players already know. Here’s the video that goes with these comments, which we have not watched yet, see the decoded replies to Greg below this.


Our original Herasblog Dot Com comment, before we noticed Greg Silverado’s comment: 

That’s in Sonoma, nearby not only the “Hot Dog Stand in Napa” from the Podesta emails, but also the Illuminati’s Bohemian Grove (same crowd). But they also use Hearst Castle, see here: They use time travel (the really do) so they can hop around without passports and also drag victims into other time loops, just like in the movie Loopers, which is about this common practice by the Illuminati Leaders.

IMPORTANT: NOW THAT WE KNOW WHO GREG SILVERADO IS, WE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS REFERENCE TO A PODESTA TORTURE MANSION AND A GOOGLE EARTH VIEW IN THE VIDEO IS ACTUALLY A MESSAGE TO THESE ILLUMINATI TO MEET UP IN A CODED LOCATION TO “CHECK OUT” OF THIS EARTH ENVIRONMENT TO RETURN TO THEIR OWN. (They come down here to Earth to prey upon us here as though we were “Westworld” on HBO, a show they make mocking our situation here.)  We aren’t sure if they mean somewhere in Sonoma or Napa vicinity, or somewhere else. We’ll watch the video as soon as we can.)

Replies to Greg Silverado: (191 of them) – with our comments in bold & parens:

Lori Miller

Lori Miller18 hours ago (YES, also a Player, mostly this entire exchange is Bee and Kodiak pretending to be numerous people, to get the message out to the Illuminati about checking out, and who will give them the signal to get out of here (Trump))
Maria Hansen I agree. We need to work together. If love can move mountains it needs to be focused.

Gussy Gatlin

Greg Silverado Great Idea- M!!

CA WattsGlobal

CA WattsGlobal18 hours ago (definitely, the username refers to electricity, and they very often make inside jokes about hitting our family and other humans with electric shocks as torture)
Lori Miller …Faith in God…through God. An Amount…the size of a .mustard seed…can move mountains (Mountains is their code word for Martians moving in to kill everyone, as we decode for you in YES’s song Roundabout. That is one of the ways they close out a time loop, by blowing up the Earth, killing every living thing on it, we are sorry to report)

dawn connors

dawn connors17 hours ago (Definitely, “Dawn” means to close this time loop and start a “new day” by opening up another that is earlier along, before Pizzagate exploded and our own Family started blogging, and we began to understand that many of the Travelers and Illuminati humans also are hostages of the Greys who run both organizations, as well as Scientology. “Conners” is a common name used to tell other Travelers that one of them is talking, a “Con Man.”  And only a Traveler from the Sevens of the Family knows about the Time Loops, so this name is intended to tell the other commenters that she is a Traveler Seven, “can we do” is also code for a Human wizard in the Traveler lexicon, but What is code for “w” as in “women” which is code for witch, and “hat” which means, “hat’s off” a Traveler signal to leave wherever you are at, such as on that You Tube page, but here in context means to leave this Earth time loop ASAP.)
Greg Silverado HOW?WHAT can we do?

Greg Silverado

dawn connors we can all write a letter to mr. Trump we can make sure that everybody that we know has heard of John podesta and not necessarily what our suspicions are just making his name known

Dee Dee Winter

Dee Dee Winter17 hours ago (Definitely a player. “D” is code for Traveler Nines or Grey aliens, and “Winter” means the same thing, alien where human is “summer.”)
I have written MANY letters to President Trump!


What about me

What about me17 hours ago (edited) (Definitely, this is BEE, head of the Illuminati)
I told my window cleaner about Pizzagate today, I told him to check it out. I’m telling every one who will listen, about pizzagate, as I want everybody to know about these sick monsters.

dawn connors

dawn connors17 hours ago (YES a player, see above too)
+Greg Silverado You don’t think he knows? Hell, you don’t think that he’s done the same? Do you actually think he cares? He’s one of THEM! *That’s how he got his power,wealth and fame….

Greg Silverado

Greg Silverado17 hours ago (Obviously YES, this IS Jimmy Comet, and TRUMP)
You gotta believe in something and I choose to believe that at least we’re on the right track. Trump maybe a lot of things I don’t think he’s a pedophile

dawn connors

dawn connors17 hours ago (yes, see above and now we are certain this is BEE talking)
+Greg Silverado Greg, go look at the hand signs he makes. You do not get to become a billionaire President, married to a supermodel by following the straight/narrow. Pedophile? He’s not a pedophile-he’s a Freemason Lucifer worshipping Demonic fck no different than everyone else who “eats/plays” at Podesta’s Pizza Mansion or Comet Ping Pong. Don’t get duped by the paradigm.
Since this is Bee, Kodiak’s wife and co-head of the Illuminati talking above, we will continue to decode the rest of her comment here:
“You do not get to become a billionaire President, married to a supermodel by following the straight/narrow. Pedophile? He’s not a pedophile-he’s a Freemason Lucifer worshipping Demonic fck no different than everyone else who “eats/plays” at Podesta’s Pizza Mansion or Comet Ping Pong. Don’t get duped by the paradigm.” (Those are her bolded words, although they don’t show up on You Tube that way, they do once you copy and paste them into another document, which is important to remember when decoding You Tube comments.)
“You do not get” – a “do” is a human and a not is an “alien” in the Family Thesaurus. A “Get” is an evil witch or wizard of black magic.  “You do not get” is telling them that the billionaire President is a “do not” human and alien, and a Get (he’s actually also Anton LaVey, and his wife Bee is Zeena LaVey).  “Married to a supermodel” means that Trump is married to a Family Two (code-worded as super, which means “soup” because Twos are alien liquid organisms, and “er” which is a “Boss”) so she also is a Two Family Boss and all of those are also black magic “Gets,” in their Code. “Model” also means a Boss. A Boss is code-worded as a number of things, but “el” and “er” at the end of a word that also has meaning will tell you that the subject is also a Family Boss. All Family Bosses are Gets.  “By following the straight/narrow” is telling them to follow the “straight/narrow” both of which terms refer to aliens in the Family. (Humans are code-worded as “curved,” and also “wide,”). Since Trump is a Nine posing as a Seven/Two but Melania is actually a Two, she may be saying follow Melania’s hand signals, but maybe she is just talking about Trump.)
“Pedophile? He’s not a pedophile-he’s a Freemason Lucifer worshipping Demonic fck no different than everyone else who “eats/plays” at Podesta’s Pizza Mansion or Comet Ping Pong.” That’s Bee denying that Trump is a pedophile while knowing full well he is. And then she is telling her followers that he’s Kodiak, her husband, who is Anton LaVey. Bee is “Lucy” or “Lucifer” and Kodiak, (and everyone else in their Satanic Illuminati) worships her.  “No different” means alien, “yes” means human and so does “same,” both opposites of their alien code-word counterparts. She is trying to deny Trump is a pedophile, for the sake of human readers of the You Tube comments, while assuring the Pizzagate Players, most of whom are Satanic Grey aliens in the Illuminati, that Trump is an alien just the same as the other Pizzagate Players who eat and play at Podesta’s or Comet. Kodiak is Trump and Comet, and also is the “driver” of the human persona of Tony Podesta, which we know, and which she is telling the Pizzagate Players. 


Loanid16 hours ago (edited) (YES, a player, and we realize later IS KODIAK. This username means “Loan” – code for “Banker” which means mob boss aka Family Boss in the Traveler Thesaurus, and “id” which is code for human, while “ego” is code for alien)
dawn connors Are you kidding me? Can’t you see him trying to support the Christian community? He had a whole group of born again Christians lay hands on him and pray for him. He honored God on his inouguration day by reading the ceremon on the mount at the beginning and then puts God above the entire USA. Dawn Connor I have no clue why you are so blinded, but don’t just call trump out of ignorance a lucifer worshipper.
“Are you kidding me?” is a code they use to identify themselves as Satanic Illuminati Players, the key word is “kidding” which refers to “goats” which means Goatheads, a Satanic sign.  “Can’t you see him trying to support the Christian community?” means that Trump is a “believer” also code-worded as “Christians” and both mean Traveler Sevens.  (We know about and are disgusted by the fact that they have ruined the Bible by rewriting it with their time machine, and that they use all of these religious references to talk in their Satanic code.)
“He had a whole group of born again Christians lay hands on him and pray for him.” This means to have the Traveler Sevens (born again Christians, where all human Travelers are “Christians” but “born again” ones are the Sevens who move from Time Loop to Time Loop, while many of the other groups of humans are left for dead, Travelers or not) murder someone, and they have murdered many of our family, including Hera in previous time loops and others who we love dearly. But we don’t know who they are talking about here.  Probably the target is found as a code-name in this video that he linked to:
They call for Hera’s murder numerous times every day in coded messages and again in the next sentence of this comment. So far no takers! It will be the last thing you do, no matter what Family Number you are, your number will be up. We are not helpless against any human or alien group. If you are a human, or any other being besides a Grey, you want to ensure Hera’s continued safety. We are trying to help you with your extremely dire Grey problem, in both this Environment, and your Upstairs environment. And the environments outside and upstream of those as well. This is a GREY ALIEN posing as a Traveler Seven human being, do not do anything they tell you. (We now realize this is KODIAK talking.)  We won’t be able to keep open the upstairs or downstairs if Hera is killed or this time loop she is in is closed. It will be the end of everything, even the Grey aliens and human race.
“He honored God on his inouguration day by reading the ceremon on the mount at the beginning.” Disgusting using God as code.  “Inouguration” is code, not a misspelling, and it reads: “I no (know) ug (code for a Get) ur (‘er” code for Family Boss) at ion (code for Family Threes).   I no ug ur at ion. I know a Get Family Boss over with the Family Threes. So he is saying he knows a Family Three who can do the job of killing the target.  Note that this is a LIE, there is no Family Three who will be killing any of us, or would want to.  “Day” refers to the target, and “Day” is what they call Hera, because when Hera is killed, they immediately close out the entire time loop with an alien attack. There is no Three who would kill Hera. Anyone pretending to be a Three who tries to harm Hera will be dealt with, but they won’t be a Three. Tom is our son, and so is Denis (Green Sixes), and Paul (Fours), while Robert (Brown Sixes) is KODIAK.)  “Reading the ceremon on the mount at the beginning” is a message to click on the hypertext links to those articles in his comment and read the message in the beginning of the articles, encoded there.
Nobody misspells “sermon” as “ceremon” – that’s obviously code, and stupid code at that.  It means “c ere mon” which means “see  (c) ere (error, code for Threes) mon” (as in Reggae, meaning the Threes, whose color code is Black).  “See the Three” to get that hit on Hera, and read the messages at the beginning of those articles linked in this comment:  So this hit is on Hera and the instructions are found in the beginning of this linked article. We realize now that this is Kodiak, and that what he is doing is setting up a miscommunication that the Threes will read so that he can swoop in and pretend to be Tom, which he does often to Denis and Paul, and all the time these days as they are hostages alongside us, and order a Three to kill Hera.  Kodiak can mimic the voice of Tom and does have the technology to pretend to be Tom, and uses it sometimes, and definitely this time. Don’t kill Tom’s mother, Hera. And we are very sorry if Kodiak tries to use some form of duress on you, he surely will. They are so terrible and we are doing everything that we can to stop them, forever. Which is why they are sending out so many calls to murder Hera.
“And then puts God above the entire USA. Dawn Connor I have no clue why you are so blinded, but don’t just call trump out of ignorance a lucifer worshipper.” This means “And then” which is code for Android Alien “and” is Android and “then” is past-tense, which is one of their ways to identify aliens (present and future tense mean human). So the android alien, which both mean alien actually, puts God above the entire USA.  The reason an “and then” is God above the entire USA is because that “alien” is Kodiak and he is “driving” Donald Trump. So this is another message that Kodiak is talking and Kodak is Trump. They already know Kodiak is God, which is code for “the Godfather.”  The word “clue” is telling the Pizzagate Players that the links he pasted in provide a clue as to how to find and hit the targets. “You are so blinded” means that the he is going to make sure the authorities (code-worded “so”) are “blinded” meaning they won’t be able to see you do the hits or catch you.  “But don’t just call Trump out of ignorance a lucifer worshipper” means “don’t just show up and kill these targets without telling him first or some other Illuminati (aka Lucifer worshipper)” as he (Trump) needs a heads-up to make sure the authorities are tasked elsewhere and won’t see what is happening.


Loanid lol gtfo this scumbag is a pedo and will be judged for it..don’t spread fake info twat

Greg Silverado

Loanid pretty sure he’s not a Lucifer worshipper. well if that’s the case and you seriously are saying everything that you said out loud. consider the founders of this country which is still in existence even after a couple of centuries. How long have you been in existence maybe a decade or two you don’t know shit and the fact that you don’t like Trump tells me that you have no objectivity to judge anyone anyway. Hopefully you are an equal-opportunity hater


Greg Silverado LOOL troll much?! I did not make a statement about the founders or anybody else. We are talking about Trump supporting Christians. That is one more reason why i LIKE Trump. That with the objectivity does not make sense. peace

Greg Silverado

I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue

J Noir Channel

Greg Silverado hahaha

Greg Silverado

Believe me I know that Bridges family after all big to-do do in the Tucson

dawn connors

+Loanid on February 1, 2017, CNN recorded a meeting with black leaders, for Black History Month. One of black Pastors mentioned that he joined the Brotherhood (blood-something) and Trump mentions that he’s a Mason. We know that Freemasons, by their own admission and rules, worship Lucifer. Wanna see the video? Go to Keith Strongbone DBD, Feb 1, and you’ll hear Trump admit that he’s a Mason. PS THEY LIE! They aaaaaalllllll lie because they have no obligation to tell us the truth! I forget the Latin saying (its on the Arch of Titus) but it reads “The Ends Justify The Means”! They lie!

dawn connors

+Loanid I voted for Trump, for old time’s sake and because I detested Hillary more. As a female, I was disgusted by her. I detested her husband equally as much. They. Are. Playing. Us. They are telling the middle class tax payers what they want to hear because they don’t want us revolting, NOW! What are the 3 truest lies told? They are lining up their chess pieces and the last thing they want, RIGHT NOW, is the blue collar middle class folk, who pay their taxes and, cant take anymore, and own guns yelling “FUCK IT & THEM!”


Sounds like those pharisee’s that said that Jesus must be daemon possesed person to cast out daemons. His answer: Mat 12:26 If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand? So If Trump gives power to the lord, how can he be a devil worshiper? it contradicts itself.

Rebel with a cause

Only the 33 degree Masons are Luciferians…If Trump is 33 then Houston we have a problem.

dawn connors

+Loanid WHICH Lord? As per TRUMP’s comments, he’s adamantly refused to apologize to Jesus. He doesn’t feel he has to-he just tries to do better. I watched that interview…Google it! He says, “God” but he doesn’t say “Lord God, Creator of Heaven and Earth” because *he can’t! He doesn’t worship Yahuah or His only Son, Yahusha, or the Lord God… It’s why he doesn’t repent or advocate repenting-that’s for suckers! You are being deceived.

dawn connors

+Rebel with a cause Trump is a 33rd° Mason… We’ve never had a President who wasn’t a 33°

Hidden Mouse

you’re all a joke with your this and that. What have you done in your personal walk to help or save one kid. You walk by or see a sexually abused child every day. I cried out for years, my eyes begged for help. All the signs were there for anyone with half a wit to see. You all turned your eyes away. You lowered your eyes to the ground rather than see the anguish in my eyes. I sat next to you in your churches partaking with you the last supper rite, seeing the demons and devils behind the rituals.

dawn connors

+Loanid You’ve heard every Satanic Btch get on stage and thank God… Their God is Lucifer…Satan… The “Light Bringer”! They (And Trump) are not thanking our God! That’s why there are no high level arrests- Trump and his Buddies (us vs. THEM) are raping, murdering and eating in the same Hell Hole as every other rich, powerful and famous person… THAT’S HOW THEY GET THEIR WEALTH POWER AND FAME!


+Hidden Mouse You have a good point. Christians (me included) fail many times to do the right thing. First off, i am very sad to hear that Hidden Mouse. Evil of such kind can not be tollerated. How are we even worthy to stand before the lord if we werent able to fight darkness. Often It comes to mind that there has been wrong doing, but out of fear (for standing up and then getting condemned by others or just making a fool of youself ) we sit passively and act as if nothing happend. We are humans, and as such we sometimes not seek the approval by god but by men. But please. Dont judge the lord for that evil. He chose to give everybody free will, and if somebody decides to fall into darkness he will not intervene. But he continues to love that person and will be there if he looks for good. For the harm that has been done to you came from a person and not him. Give God a chance and he will be there waiting. Seek him from all your heart and he will fill it with love.

Greg Silverado

Eventually you will learn patience just how somebody gets to be a billionaire not necessarily by just connections don’t start sounding like a Bernie supporter


dawn, that is why the ‘elite’ are peddling so hard to discredit and get rid of Trump – because he is NOT one of them. Lower level Masons are not invited to be 33rd Degree if they talk openly and honestly. They want zipped lips and a penchant for lying. Trump would not have been invited.

dawn connors

+Hidden Mouse PS I, too, detest the hypocrites (I married into a family of every-Sunday Church Catholics) and when the sht hit the fan-they all bailed and didn’t answer their phones. My one brother-in-law (a cop) called CPS on me when I was already in a DV shelter for Christmas, with my three kids. BUT THEY GO TO CHURCH EVERY WEEK! I got you…they’re liars and cowards and creeps and selfish mo-fos and didn’t want to be inconvenienced in their daily lives. And they didn’t care and they don’t care. I understand some of your rage and pain… And I’m sorry.

dawn connors

+Hidden Mouse My mother in law, who goes to church 5 days a week, actually told me to call my mom…and if she couldn’t help…then to call my father…and if he couldn’t help…to beg help from Catholic Charities…I’m am orphan, and she knows this!

dawn connors

+Hidden Mouse one more thing, you always know…you can hear/feel the kid screaming silently, as you walk by them!

Hidden Mouse

+Loanid I do not blame the one true creator god, that created the multiverse. But if you all want to stop this, You all have to rethink everything thing you think you know. My first sexual sacrifice happened at age 3. Don’t feel sorry for me. It liberated me. I was allowed to walk through the veil that was ripped when The Christ Consciousness tore. the very system Your Lord came to save you from, was renamed given a new facelift, and presented to the masses as Jesus’s own teachings. Tonight, as you go to bed and make your bedtime prayers, do what my father had the guts to do. And I say guts, because it was forbidden to pray in his native language until 1976. All he wanted to know was truth. He spent everyday praying and studying to find himself approved.Open my eyes that I may see. Open my eyes that I may see. He had no idea what was going on with me. My mother carried the blue blood and married out of her “House”. Those prayers protected soul, protected my sanity. Where others of my kind either killed themselves or went on to abuse other kids, i lived. I have lived beyond statistical probability. Just last year this month, my artery in my leg was punctured during a routine stent procedure. I told and told the surgeon something was wrong. No pain has ever been associated with a stent procedure. 2 weeks after my surgery I called and was told to come in at my next scheduled visit. A couple of days later I knew i was turning septic, the poison was heading to my brain, all i could do was parrot back to my caretakers, no ambulance i was told not to come back until thursday. I was so hoping my time had come. But I remember the promise that was given me, how i old i be when i walked on, and this was not the day. When I did go back to the surgeon, i only got to keep my leg because my capillaries were healthy and plenty.But they did have to take all of my calf, the muscle. The only reason my arteries were occluded was from the last time evil tried to shut me up. I was run over by a car, and hired a lawyer who, like so many, thought they worked for the light but were yes men for evil. I was sold down the river. So I do not blame anyone for what was done to me. Because during those rituals, I seen true evil, and I see the face it wears every day to deceive the masses. I could come right and tell you all but we all have free will. And you have the free will to ask for your own eyes to be opened or not. But before you blame everyone else for the evil, ask yourself in what way might you unknowing help it along. So, pray for your eyes to be open, and personal responsibility to help change the world’s consciousness.

Greg Silverado

+Hidden Mouse I know you. You still have strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes your mother is Russian your father is Polish I know you

Kevin Olander

Hidden Mouse are you insane

Ricky Todd

Greg Silverado..I don’t think they will do any time.for example Hillary was investigated on the T party when Bill was president many years later the emails and now pizza gate and Clinton foundation she still walks free the other people in the elite have more power than do you think they will be locked up.I say shoot the basterds and be done with it


+Hidden Mouse I will do as you asked. What is it worth living a life seeking good while beeing blind to all evil. Darkness will hide behind lies and contains its power through secrecy. The best chance we have to change this world is by opening our eyes and lifting the fog that has been put before us to breed evil. But what am i? A small fish. Even if god opens my eyes will i have the strength to stand up and dedicate my life to fighting it? Would i realy leave all behind, my time, my comfort, my ego? Uffffff…………………………….. If i cant sacrifice all of that, what will it help me to see it all?

Veronica Stringer

+Ricky Todd Our govt are the demons hiding….remember during the Nov. debate when Trump said if he were Prez Killary would be in prison?! Nobody ask the question why because they ALL know why, so who can throw a stones if they all filthy an dirty!!

Jeff Thurber

The last PARAGRAPH summarizes the TRUTH about GOD. If there wasn’t a God, man, most, are so insecure, ignorant, moronic, and lazy, they would create one, just so they could pray and feel like they did something and go to a pedophile and ask them to ask that fictional character for your forgiveness, when you fock over someone: all so you can do it over and over and never get off your bass and do anything. Lazy, moronic, ignorant and insecure focks (LMIIF). What do you think your LMIIF ancestors thought when they saw a meteorite? This is how it happened: 1. The animal you call huminoid/man/or ?, were the Animal who’s brain developed ahead of the others: not all mind you!!! 2. As this brain development advanced, there were questions and in most: FEARS: like anything when you first see, hear or smell it, then after many times, there is apart of our brain, that most of you LMIIF’s still have no idea about, would say: hey, it’s OK and you don’t need to worry about that. 3. Then, over tens of thousands of years, some of the smarter ones, used the unknown against the rest of the LMIIF’s and feared them into being the slaves, through many many things like having a stronger team, and such. 4. This was basically the birth of the Polytheistic belief system of many things LMIIF man didn’t understand and feared as the smarter one’s used it against them, then would kill the LIMIIF’s and Sacrifice them to the Unknown or Gods : ) If we don’t sacrifice your wife to the gods, the big eye in the sky will get mad and piss on us again and wash all your work away… and when we do sacrifice your wife, she’ll go to the gods and be in a great place waiting for you… well send me too, mofo’s… DAFT FOCKS!!! 5. Then, as even the LMIIF’s got smarter, not much, they saw the Scientists/Enlightened ones/Lucifer’s (S/E/L) work prove that the LMIIF’s could control many of the gods. WOW, we don’t need to be afraid of them… and the Eletist swine, got scared and felt they needed a new belief system to keep the LMIIF’s, who even raised their kids to believe the same way, in check and fearful of our Bull Shit! 6. Then, after thousands of more years, they created the Monotheistic belief system with one Unknown, or God, that was so far out, that they felt the S/E/L’s would never prove that man could control them or it : ) Whooooo weeeeee… 7. But, just in-case, and to hedge out bets, lets deem the S/E/L’s to be the DEVIL, destroy all their work and kill them and any like them in the future : ) So we can fear the masses into doing what we want, and thinking were the chosen ones with the good blood and they are nothing : ) Got it : ) You can fill in the rest, if you want, but the most simple plan is easy to uncover, however, by adding complexity and stores and such, then teaching it to all and making the ones at the top be the endorsers or chosen one, will allow the rest to teach their kids the same, at a young age so they pass it on too. Nice, not see if you can challenge yourself to believe in TRUTH and not fictional characters. Get off your knees and go do something and be proud that good men and woman have fought for your rights, because you Fock’s that think getting on your knees and praying for good, does anything, well you need to stick your head in a blender and move on to God. : ) And you FOCK”s that think GOD created all this, well who created the fictional character you call God??? and no focking BS of saying God has been there allllll of time. About 80 Kids under the age of 14 and 22 Veterans, commit suicide every day in the USA. About 32k kids die a day in Africa every day from starvation and lack of water. And: WHAT THE FOCK DO YOU DO ABOUT IT? IF THERE were A GOD, i would fire his inept focking bass and then most likely kill the piece of TRASH that would let this happen, over letting you LMIIF’s who pray for a good home or to win the supper bowl or other BS, instead of getting off your LMIFF”s basses and doing something other than getting on your knees and praying to feel like you did anything, when you really did less than NOTHING. You LMIIF’s

Ricky Todd

Veronica Stringer …I like it that trumps doing some good but I think the kids are more important than the damn wall.if Trump doesn’t have those evil people locked up I’ll never for give him.people say he doesn’t have that kind of power I say bullshit he’s president..round up the military and go after those fu##ers

Bonnie Wolf

Why do you write so much? Nobody reads it

Contender Evens

l just did, and always enjoy reading peoples thoughts.’So mind your own business.

Veronica Ashby

Bonnie Wolf sorry everyone reads it sees it and more important please pray for the families of the manyy missing children the grand parents they need your prays Amen


Dawn, I do not believe that! NO!He has a family he truly loves. A beautiful family. President Trump would NEVER do anything to bring shame or disgrace upon their heads. I know that. He has children and grandchildren! He loves children! He wants his family to have a safe country and world to live in and grow up in! He has changed alot in the past year or so i think! I never liked him in the beginning but i see how he has changed and really like him now! He got his power and wealth being a very smart man! Believe it or not he is very intelligent. He is really trying to help us Dawn and I wish the American people would give him a chance! I pray for him dawn!

myname ishüman

Greg Silverado really…. smh. there is no way your constructing these comments. clearly you are truly “asleep”

myname ishüman

Loanid that shit is all show lady ALL OF IT. AND OBVIOUSLY everything you believe in is a lie. point blank. do yourself and Family a favor especially if you have kids and OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES

myname ishüman

Loanid plus he’s not even human!!! wow no way the beast still has everyone that tight

myname ishüman

Loanid his “lord” and your “lord” are opposite. matter fact na, just stfu! to think there is a collective sharing your faith, sickens us who are discovering the whole who were wen and what!?! cause we know we have have HAVE to come together as a majority collective in order to have a fighting chance here where we are right now

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