Can You See Their Holographic Human "Cloak"? Click Here. OPEN YOUR EYES.

There is no sane-sounding way to tell you, and show you, that we have a Grey alien infestation.


Now do you see it?

They are infesting our media and our government. They are Pizzagate, and they are even Sandy Hook. They may make up the actual majority of the “human” population. They replicate and use some sort of advanced holographic overlay to blend in. They make movies and shows mocking our situation. They sing songs obviously about destroying us, and we sing along. We’ll try to continue to point you in the direction of objective evidence. But it isn’t easy. Once you see one human’s eyes turn into snake eyes, that should get the message across. Yet people go right back to sleep.

What can we do about that? If you’d be more comfortable focusing on Pizzagate, now also including “Tacos,” that’s okay. It’s important. Keep in mind that Texas Shrugged over on You Tube is the channel of Kodiak, the Illuminati leader who is theTaco Factory Manager and Astronaut” and also who bakes the pies over at “Comet” Pizza. Both of those the same Grey (Kodiak) and both, by the way, referencing outer space (“comet” and “astronaut”).

We are still okay today, but sometimes it’s hard to show and tell you the same things again and again. All of it is true. Please read the blog, not much of the info here is “outdated.” And we aren’t theorizing. It’s happening. Thank you.

Watch this video, and click here to see it decoded. There is meaning in the gibberish going back and forth among the Reptilians in this Good Day LA broadcast.



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