Travelers & Illuminati Leader "Kodiak" Plays Dr. Carver of Sandy Hook, Decoded Discussing Planned Alien Attack Resembling "War of the Worlds" (Really)

This is a very important post, showing that Carver is The Boss behind Sandy Hook, (and as we explain also Pizzagate).  This is our Greatest Hits mix of Sandy Hook’s Dr. Carver. It is very obvious to us that Carver is the collective Illuminati and Traveler Family Leader “Kodiak,” and on this video he’s giving orders, rebuffing prompts and bragging to his media accomplices about how lucky they are to have him there. In a word he’s TRUMP-LIKE, but in Traveler Code. That is because one of Kodiak’s other “human personas” is Donald Trump. Another is Anderson Cooper, and another still is Jimmy Comet.  You Travelers need to wrap your heads around the fact that you are behaving like thugs at the command of an insane, mercurial Grey alien pretending to be a human and leader of the Fours, Sixes and Sevens. And stop doing it.

Your Creator is watching. What do you want him to see? What would you like him to know about you?  We are asking you to hang up that hat for awhile. We are telling you, you’ve got a Grey alien hiding under there. Get it off of you! They have taken over the Travelers. They’ve always had Scientology and the Illuminati. Think about how you really want to spend your eternity. Right now some of you are nothing but thugs and butchers working on behalf of Grey aliens, attacking your own human race.

We at try to explain who the Traveler and Illuminati Families are, and explain some of their coded language that enables secret communication. The purpose of the blog is to show everyone what really is occurring here on Earth, who controls the government, who is attacking “targeted individuals,” and how these “people” use the Family Code of Silence not only to hide their manipulations of our government and our very lives, but also to intercept Traveler and Scientology Family communications and redirect Family members to harm each other. There is no “magic” here on this Earth. It is all advanced Grey technology. We try to explain this on our blog, and give you examples of how these beings are harming our human race.

This is Hera and I will decode this interesting video of Dr. Carver because it is very enlightening. You should see the parallels with Trump once I decipher what is really going on at this press conference. After reading this post, please see our just prior post, showing Wayne Carver playing the role of “Wayne Griffin,” satanic goat herder (and Grey alien), who happened to make a UFO sighting.

Carver: “My sensibilities may not be the average man, but this probably is the worst I have seen. Or the worst that I know of any of my colleagues having seen. And uh, that all the more makes me, uh, proud and grateful to our staff, who, to a man, have uh, just behaved, most professionally and strongly. Uh, I hope they and I hope the people of Newtown uh, don’t have it crash on their head later.”

Meaning: Carver is giving the Newtown Cons a pep-talk about staying in character, while joking around that he hopes the people involved in this scam don’t get caught later.

Carver: “You’d think after the thousands of people I’ve seen shot, I could answer that question.  If I attempted to answer it in court there’d be an objection and they’d win.”

Meaning: What medical examiner has seen thousands of people shot?  Kodiak has, because he is head of the Travelers and Illuminati and they have time travel capability. He’s also, along with his Illuminati wife, the “human persona” of Adolf Hitler, Jim Jones, and numerous other mass murderers. Those two are a couple thousand years old, and have been spinning their wheels with killing humans over and over again in “time loops” for all of that time. That’s how he’s seen thousands of people shot. Many of the media and police there are Traveler accomplices, awed by their Traveler leader’s in-person presence at this scam event. They do not know that Kodiak is a Grey alien pretending to be human, and may not realize he is the co-head of the Illuminati along with his wife, Bee.  Notice the officer to his left (your right) trying not to smile at various times in the video. As for the second part about objections in court, that is Kodiak showing off his legal knowledge and skill at avoiding prosecution (he doesn’t get away with it a lot of the time, but he has numerous human suits or personas, and does not care (Travelers may not know about multiple human personas)). He also is Trump, so look for those similarities as he seizes opportunities at self-aggrandizement.

Reporter: Trying to COACH Carver to sound more caring, as he smiles his way through this press conference:  “You said before, when I asked you about, you said ‘in a third of a century this is the worst you’ve seen,'”


“I know you’re a professional again, and I know that you have a veneer that you put up, were you emotional at any point, did this get to you at any point, where you had to fight back tears?”

Carver’s terse reply: “Not yet. Okay?” Which means, “No, stop prompting me, now is not the time for me to break into a teary report. Not yet anyway.”

Carver:  “But, uh, yeah, there’ve been times in my career when I’ve, for reasons I don’t appreciate, (meaning, I don’t appreciate you prompting me, I do what I want), go in the locker room and sit down and cry.” (meaning, go and sit down – telling that reporter – you’ve been benched because that was too obvious.) “But uh, I think, if you don’t have to do that you shouldn’t be in this business.” (Meaning: YOU DON’T HAVE TO PROMPT ME AND YOU SHOULDN’T BE IN MY BUSINESS, I AM THE BOSS OF THE TRAVELER SEVENS (called the “Business Men” (and some of them are vicious mobsters, in effect)).  

Carver: “But for this one, not yet. Notice I said ‘YET.'” 

Meaning: “But for this one, not yet” probably means he is not ready to perform his teary-eyed routine yet during this scam.  Not for this one, just yet.  But then he repeats, and emphasizes “Notice I said ‘Yet'”  – In the Illuminati lexicon, which we try to provide here, the word “YET” that Carver has emphasized means “Y ET” where “y” means Grey alien, and “ET” also means alien (as in extraterrestrial, E.T.). They often use “yet” as code for “alien” and given what we have decoded below, this emphasis on “yet” – “notice I said ‘yet'” – means that he has a message for the Greys coded into the remainder of this press conference.

After this is a bunch more weird conversation reminiscent of Trump, where Carver seems to talk about facts only he cares about, but assumes the entire crowd wants to hear, such as in the middle of this press conference about dead children, talking about the origin of his name, and how lucky those reporters are to have The Boss there personally giving the press conference. Note the crowd all reverentially deferring to The Boss!  This is very much like when Trump goes to the CIA memorial wall and talks about how the media sucks and his inauguration crowd was huge, or goes to a National Prayer Breakfast, and prays for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Apprentice ratings to improve.  He’s entirely wrapped up in himself. And he’s also focused on inserting as many inside-jokey references as he can during his press conference. And also conveying a message to the other E.T.s (aliens) about future plans.

Reporter: “Can you say and spell your name?”

Carver: “I hope you all put this in your calendar, cause in 31 years and 26 as Chief Medical Examiner this is only the second press conference I’ve given. It’s H. Wayne, W a y n e, Carver, C a r  v e r, and it’s the 2nd (II), and that’s why I don’t use the H, cause when my father asked my grandfather he said fine but as long as you never call him Harold.”

Meaning:  Kodiak is trying to create the impression with the reporter and police accomplices that he is only the Boss of the Family Sevens (the business men), and that he answers to a higher boss: “when my father asked my grandfather he said fine.”

But he is also telling the people who know he is also the Illuminati Head not to tell anyone else in the Family that he is there participating as Dr. Carver. “Never call him …Harold” (Never call him by his name). Meaning, do not reveal his identity. (oops!)  

But there is also more going on here, and we think Kodiak has changed this interview very recently with the “time machine,” which they do all. the. time.  ALL THE TIME. (People are calling this the Mandela Effect.)   Kodiak is a Grey alien, and seems to be using his time machine to rewrite this interview to coordinate an attack on us. We aren’t sure what all the numbers mean exactly though.  Kodiak is saying, mark your calendars, 31 and 26 but also that it is the second, which he repeats: “the second press conference,” and “it’s the 2nd.”  What does this mean?  When they repeat themselves like that, it is intended to flag that information for their followers. So the 2nd is significant.  Unfortunately, as we’ve decoded all over the blog, the Greys who run the Illuminati have been planning to attack this Earth, and we think that March 2nd may be the date for their followers here to mark on their calendars. But what about 31 and 26, is that 57?  Maybe. It also could be 31 added together equals 4, and 26 added together equals 8, so 4 plus 8 equals 12 days from tonight as we decode this message. They can change the video live in the present, but we don’t know what date they changed this video to add these figures. Don’t bother looking at old footage, when they change it with the time machine, all instances are changed. But surrounding information may not be, say a secondary source quoting the original press conference, and that collateral dissonance of information is what people notice, and what people call the Mandela Effect, although they do not know that is what they are witnessing.

In any event, regarding an attack on this Earth, the other day they said there were “47 days to Taco Tuesday,” and we know that humans are TacosAlso, the 47 days to Taco Tuesday post equals 11 days if the numbers are added together, while the Sandy Hook reference to 31 and 26 equals 12 days added together as above. We received this video of the Carver press conference the day before we received the link for Taco Tuesday. Therefore it could be 11 days from our Taco Tuesday post, and 12 days from when we received the Carver full press conference video, which would put this attack at March 2nd. (We thwarted attacks previously set for September and December 2016. But we do not know everything about who is involved, and thus can’t be certain that we will continue to thwart their plans.)

Reporter: “Can you just, real quick, did you say, Did they set up a tent in the parking lot?”

You all know because you’ve seen the aerial footage, there was nothing exciting set up over at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  This is an answer about the spaceship he reported during his only other TV press conference, mentioned above, as “Wayne Griffin.” This conversation with the media, along with this image of a Sandy Hook parent with Reptilian eyes, leads us to believe that MANY of those involved in Sandy Hook are Grey aliens. See Carver’s answer, and imagine what a coded conversation about a War of the Worlds machine would look like. It is important that you wake up to this reality.

On the left, Kodiak (Dr. Carver) holding a Martini, which is Code for Martian, with War of the Worlds appearing in the “window behind him” which refers to this Earth, which sits 200 years in the past from where this Illuminati leader lives “upstairs.”  On right, War of the Worlds.

Carver: “It wasn’t a tent, it was this magnificent thing. It’s sectional and it sticks together with velcro and then they stake it to the ground, and electricity and lights and heat appear, and it’s from the Department of Emergency Management, and I think it came from the Army but I’m not sure. I think it’s these things that they use to set up field hospitals.”

Meaning: Some of these reporters know that he also plays Wayne Griffin, goat herder and UFO sighter. He is telling them about the Spaceship from his UFO sighting report as “Wayne Griffin.” He must have created the impression as a Traveler Seven human “business man” that he was treated to a special visit by the “aliens” that he reported seeing in his “interview” as “Wayne Griffin,” satanic goat herder.  Get it? Goats. Baphomet. Carver is a goat herder. He is the Prince of Darkness. He herds the Illuminati “goats” (followers). He is telling them about the Spaceship he discussed in that interview, but is also telling them that it is coming soon to attack this Earth, somewhere between “the second” and “31 and 26” on our calendar. The reference to velcro and stakes is about crucifying Hera on the cross at Christmas. But other references he makes in other videos indicate he’s also talking about the vacuum in the War of the Worlds devices, such as this one Black Hole Sun

Take this to heart, please, all of you humans out there. Kodiak is a vicious and evil Grey alien, more cruel to humans than you are capable of comprehending. I have seen that “magnificent thing” too and it is not friendly. It is magnificent in the same way as a War of the Worlds contraption springing from the ground to pulverize and drink humans, is magnificent (warned about here). It is a Pizzagate Pizza Oven, a Holocaust Oven. A Human Taco Factory. They create human children and adults there, and here, to be starved, raped and tortured to death over weeks to months, and for no other reason. That is why Jimmy Comet calls that baby in his instagram a “Hotard” a retarded whore, infant.  Because he creates babies that are sold as hot Pizzas as soon as they come out of the Oven (gestation).  And Kodiak, Trump, Carver, Cooper, Comet, is the Baker, and Taco Factory Manager.  All humans and other beings (besides the Greys), whether Travelers, Scientologists or Illuminati, or unaffiliated, need to get on the right side of this situation, and do it now.

We also want everyone to know that they have done this before, and they brag about it here, in the monologue for the Matrix Reloaded, and here, in their Yes song called Roundabout.  We want you to understand that after they wipe out the entire Earth, they go back to an earlier point in time, before the attack, before Pizzagate, maybe even before Sandy Hook, and open a new time window here in the past. There you all are alive and well, and nothing terrible has happened. You have no idea of what will happen, and what has happened. And you move forward from there until they attack you again. We tell you now so that you will not despair about the extinction of humanity. That will not happen. We also want you to know that we are here from the outside and doing everything we can to end this horrific situation.



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