Decoding Illuminati Leader Kodiak Playing Nick The Bachelor: "I'm not from Mars." YES HE IS.

Here’s a Simpsons portrayal of Kodiak, holding a Martini, which is Illuminati Code for Martian (he’s also Kendrick LaMar and Marshall Applewhite, for example, not to mention Jimmy Comet).  Kodiak is standing in front of the “window” which is Code for Earth, because we are situated in a window to the past (we’re in the past here) from where this episode was made. Kodiak is the Martian who is going to bring War of the Worlds to our window of time.

This guy with a Martini is symbolic Code for Illuminati leader Kodiak the Martian. War of the Worlds is happening in the background window (our Earth window here in the past)

He’s also Nick on The Bachelor.

We are taking a break, but want you to see this video clip below. The first part is Kodiak playing the “role” of Corinne’s father. And his message is two things: First, that “this all is going away,” which means this Earth, and “that’s what Daddy’s here for.” Second, that he is Kodiak and is the Boss (“Daddy” as code for “the Godfather” of the Travelers and Illuminati) and he is telling them to pay attention, as he shows them “who is this Nick guy.”  This Nick guy also is Kodiak, and Nick says “I’m not from Mars.”  It is no coincidence that we’ve been telling you that Nick is Kodiak, a vicious Grey alien and also head of the Traveler and Illuminati Families, and now Nick is denying being an alien. Just click the category tag “Kodiak” to see us pointing out his various manifestations in different “human personas.” Kodiak is aware that we blog (he is on our Tether and sees everything we type), and is also aware that Travelers know he is Nick, so he is assuring them that he is not an alien.  He is an alien, and he is set on making “this all go away” meaning EARTH. That is “what Daddy’s here for” (Daddy says as he slams down his hand in the video).

By the way, the name Nick Viall has meaning to Kodiak and the Illuminati. Nick is Code for “Nickel” which we’ve explained is code for “silver” which means “Grey alien” in the Illuminati Lexicon. His last name is pronounced “vile” and he is.  He does this a lot, inside humor on how utterly evil and sick he actually is. Vile doesn’t begin to cover it. Other similar names he uses in human personas is “Greg” which is Code for “Gregory” which is Code for “Gory.”  This is how they do it. They mix up their message by setting it out of order in a TV show to make it especially hard for you to notice and follow.  We follow.

We implore you humans to stop listening to Kodiak. He also is Pizzagate’s Jimmy Comet, and Sandy Hooks laughing autopsy Dr., Wayne Carver plotting an alien attack at his press conference, Satanic “goat herder” Wayne Griffin spotting UFOs, and he is as evil as any being could ever be.

Below is the video, but before that are these Simpsons images telling us what is going on right now: (1) Cannibalism, of (2) human clones (Taco Factory; Pizza Ovens), who all will be destroyed, by (3) Kodiak, the Martian (coded as holding a Martini) when he brings the War of the Worlds here to our time window (look behind him there in the window, which represents the past, where we are now), and he is the (4) Mob Boss of the entire Traveler and Illuminati Family.

via The Bachelor’s Nick IS FROM MARS. HE IS. (and we claim FAIR USE) – YouTube



  1. Sorry we didn’t see this comment earlier. Yes, that is a painting and Van Gogh is actually pictured in the back corner of the shot on the video version, as a message that the Simpsons’ artist is “painting us pictures” of what will happen. (“Get the picture?” is the intended way the message is meant to be received by us. We call these pictures of past events that have yet to occur here “windows” because each painting represents a specific point in the past and an event that will occur. These are called “time windows” so, to the Illuminati people who pass these messages, they represent different windows into the past where different events will occur. Pictures are time windows.


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