New Clip: Illuminati Leader Kodiak, "The Chickenman," Directs His Satanic "Goats" to Shield Texas Shrugged's (Pizzagate) YT Channel Comments From Prying Eyes

Illuminati leader Kodiak is portrayed as Hector on Breaking Bad, because he is the man who supplies the chickens to the Pizzagate community as “Jimmy Comet.”  The other day we told you that we had found that Illuminati head Kodiak, aka Jimmy Comet of Pizzagate, has a You Tube channel under Texas Shrugged. Today we have confirmation, although we already were certain, by Kodiak’s order in this TV show they often use to pass messages, to “shield the comments section” now that “the club” has “publicity.” This is how they pass secret messages in plain sight, and this one confirms that Texas Shrugged’s comments sections on YT need protection from prying law enforcement eyes. Notice also at the last second of this clip the girl in the background covering her mouth, obviously also a signal to his followers to be quiet about Pizzas now that Texas Shrugged’s “Club” has so much “publicity.”

This episode of the Young & the Restless also contains a bunch of messages about raping, torturing and killing me, HERA, which we may put up on the blog later (they come through all day long, so it does get repetitive even though they are completely serious).  To the Goats who follow this Satanic Goatherder: Attacking me will cause this time loop to close and it is THE LAST LOOP. That’s it! So don’t attack me, especially not under the direction of Pizzagate leader Kodiak, a Satanic Grey alien who clones “hotard” infant children specifically to be sold as Pizzas – to be raped and tortured to death and then consumed. You need to pick a side now, and be strong about it – we understand how horrifying it is to stand up to Kodiak. But humanity itself is at stake and as we all agree here, where we are currently held hostage, it is better to leave here with more than we had.  Such as our love and respect for our human and other family, our integrity, and our decency.   We would not trade it for an eternity of raping cloned children, and those are the two “fates” on the table.

via YTs TEXAS SHRUGGED is Illuminati Leader Kodiak, as he orders his “COMMENTS PROTECTED” – YouTube


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