*LOOK HERE* If Something Happens to Hera. CBS News w/ "A MASON" (Get it? Illuminati "Eye on CBS") Calling a HIT on Hera, using VP Mike Pence to do it.


Illuminati hand signs.  Here’s a clip from a CBS news broadcast again calling for a hit on Hera, symbolized as TWO named headstones in a “Jewish Cemetery.” Notice only TWO headstones have names on them:

Just in case you are naive like we used to be, these two pictures show that Vice President Mike Pence also is intentionally “in on” this “news story” designed to have Hera killed. Notice the guy on the left with both hands snapping twigs (a pointless exercise symbolizing cutting off Hera’s legs, which is a favorite symbolism of these disgusting MOBSTERS) while Pence “rakes leaves” which is to say, clears out the dead parts of the tree, signifying that Hera is dead. And notice the only two grave markers that do have names on them, which have special significance to our family, and “The Family” that we won’t reveal for security reasons.

But in case something happens to Hera, we’ll say that these two headstones below when sounded out, sound a lot like Hera’s legal name. The Family does the sounding out trick when they are trying to speak only to a small group usually of Illuminati and Traveler Sevens. Another example is here, where Family members are telling us who is responsible for 9/11 but are afraid to be overt about it. Have you ever seen a cemetery with no names on any of the headstones but two?

Additionally Mike Pence is wearing Blue gloves, which is a message that these Mobsters expect the Traveler Family Sevens (color-coded blue) to “do the job” and “clean up the mess” made by Hera with this blog. Pence’s gloves also are meant to evoke a “surgeon” cutting off Hera’s legs. Disgustingly, these men also are praying in this clip, which is part of the Traveler lexicon of thug codewords and symbology, and means that this hit on my wife was ordered by “God” which is Code for “The Godfather.”  The Godfather at present is The Don, as in “The Donald” Trump, aka Jimmy Comet. These Illuminati Players who also are Grey aliens occupy numerous human “personas” at the same time.


And here’s Mike Pence and the woman in front flashing Illuminati V(triangle) handsigns, and Anthony Mason  making a triangle as well.

As we said in our Dr. Carver of Sandy Hook post, it is time for you to make hard choices.  Your “Godfather” is not human, and intends to kill every person on this planet, just as soon as the Illuminati Players who are down here “on vacation” are evacuated. Whether you are from downstairs or upstairs, if you are a real Seven, and therefore a human being, do not harm Hera. If she is killed or harmed there will be no one left standing between you and an eternity as a slave to two insane Grey aliens who occupy numerous human “personas.”  Be aware that many “humans” among your own groups are actually Greys hiding in “human suits.”  We know that you are aware of the time machine, just as we are aware of what you do with it. But you may not know that the Greys use it to murder every single human person on this planet and then reopen an earlier time window to do it again, repeating. In between rounds of blowing up the entire Earth, they pass the time having my wife Hera raped and murdered by other humans, while they clone your children to be sold as “Pizzas” and “Chicken Tacos” to be raped, tortured and starved for weeks until they die.  This is what the Greys who run the Illuminati and the Travelers (and Scientology) are doing.  We are trying to stop them. There is nothing more important.  Step one is to get all of the other beings on this Earth and from the upstairs on the same page, and on the same side. The reason these Greys are cloning and attacking humans, and are trying to get humans to attack Hera, is because they hate God, and the humans he made in his image. This is true. The worst possible thing you could do is assist them by harming Hera. If I have to close all of these loops to prevent an attack on Hera, that is what I will do. We are doing everything we can to avoid that but please do not think that my wife is expendable. David

Especially if you are a Traveler Seven you should understand that these Greys, who head up every one of the Traveler number groups and are Satanic, use their time travel technology (that is Grey technology) to rewrite scripture. So you have skewed ideas and expectations of who your Creator should be. He is here trying to help you but he is not all-powerful and all-knowing. He’s wonderful, and heartsick about what is happening here. We all are your real family from outside of this environment and we are here to help you.  You must stop harming each other and his family, which includes Hera.


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