VP Pence's Disappearing Fingers, on CBS's Illuminati "Eye" #FakeNews

Here’s a still shot photo of Mike Pence from an “Illuminati EYE” CBS News broadcast story that we decoded for you yesterday.  Notice the left hand and fingers, which disappear into a background that does not match the actual background. He’s also missing a finger! Which I guess is around his side, along with his thumb, in a common casual pose (try it yourself and see). So not only are the fingers, and therefore the rest of his body, Green Screened into this cemetery story (disappearing hand), but the background cemetery itself seems to be a hologram (background coloration of Pence’s left hand does not match the actual background behind the rest of his holographic body). The Illuminati’s advanced (Grey) technology can make movies entirely out of real-looking fake people, moving and interacting with other real-looking fake people, locations and objects. It definitely seems magical, but it is just technology. Amazing technology, and it does exist. Probably this entire news story (link above) is one of those done with CGI people in a CGI place. So much for Trump’s fake battle with fake news.


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