CBS News and its "Illuminati EYE" warning members to communicate more carefully, FBI is WATCHING

Here’s a quick clip from the same “A Mason” CBS News broadcast as our other reports. It is communicating a warning to the Four and Seven Travelers and Illuminati out there to be careful when communicating as we are watching and are able to decode them, and so is the FBI.

We want to point out that there is a “Traveler” Game that the Illuminati puts on perpetually where humans are killed and that is analogized publicly to Nascar by the “Players.” The Nascar “drivers” means the persons who “occupy human suits” and drive those human bodies around, and they call them “cars” or “human vehicles” just like the Traveler and Illuminati leaders Kodiak and Bee did while posing as “Ti and Do” of Heaven’s Gate (see As a result of their Satanic lies, Travelers and Scientologists view the human body as a disposable shell that they can destroy without harming their real person who is inside and is the soul of a person. We point out to you who believe that, that this is not necessarily true, and is considered a hideous insult by your actual Creator. You have no right to treat your God-given human bodies and souls as disposable. Your soul sometimes may persist because the Grey aliens allow it to using advanced Grey technology. But most of you will be consumed by the Greys, body and soul, or by other humans who are similarly brainwashed into thinking that your bodies and souls are disposable.

The clip decoded:

“8 Million viewers” decoded means EIGHT, which we explain in our “Traveler and Illuminati Thesaurus” is Code for “The Federal Authorities.” Thus this slide tells the Players that “the Feds are watching” (“8 viewers“) of their communications, (and hopefully ours here on this blog).

The next figure is “4.6 million viewers” which adds up to TEN, which also is Code for “The federal authorities” and therefore the “Tens (4 + 6) are watching (viewers)”

Next is the verbal line of: “a decrease of almost half” which means, FIVE as half of ten, and Five is Code for the authorities (usually state police, not federal, and for example to “Nickel and Dime” someone in Code is to tell the authorities, state and federal, about them), but also the Code word of “al most” means family bosses (called “al”), of the highest order (“most”), in the Five group which covers authorities, also are watching. This probably means then that Travelers also of law enforcement authority are watching and so this is a warning to the Illuminati Pizzagate Players to watch what they say on public channels such as in You Tube Comments.

Next is the image of “42.5 percent” read as “four plus two point five” and this added up probably means that Sixes in the Family (4 plus 2) who are in the police departments (point Five), are noticing what is going on, so watch what you say or they will be able to point the finger at you, point the Fives to you.  Therefore this message does seem to be one for the Illuminati and Traveler Sevens, to watch what they say.

Next: “There are also fewer fans in the stands, admissions are down 30%” refers to the Family Threes, (“few er” and 30%), many of whom, like the Fives and Sixes, are members of the police, FBI, military and other law enforcement. And this message is that those “Fans” are watching as well.  Thus in this story he is identifying the Threes, Fives and Sixes, and local and federal law enforcement as “viewers” of their public-channel communications.

“Since 2010” in the slide refers to the Family Twos, some of whom hold federal law enforcement positions and are thus “TENS” in the Traveler and Illuminati Family Thesaurus.  Importantly, this slide visually points downward and says “Admissions are down” which is pointing at the Twos as people responsible for attracting the attention of the Tens, which means the Feds. The Twos did this by telling us who in the Family was responsible for Pizzagate, and pointing at the Family Fours and Sevens.

But the Illuminati leader Kodiak, who is Jimmy Comet, also did this himself by bragging about making human Threes in the Family into clone children, in his “Three Pizza Ovens,”to be sold as Pizzas to be raped, tortured and killed, and then consumed.  Kodiak and his wife going by “Queen Bee” also bragged about managing the “Taco Factory,” and how “money” (Code for humans) was still available from the  “Bakeries.”

Here’s “David Scott” of the Charlotte Observer.

CBS Reporter: “(David Scott) says that ‘there are several factors to the decline.'”  “Factor” means “Fact ors” which in their code means “fact” which means alien (opposite called “fiction” means human) and “ors” which means alien as well (opposite “and” is human). So this is blaming the Alien Twos again, and also the Threes, who they think are alien but who are actually closer to the Human Ones in our (David’s) Family. Get that Fours and Sevens? The Threes are actually more “human” than you are. Stop persecuting the Threes, who are our Family and have sacrificed much to try and save your lives.

Scott: “First, the new generation of drivers is more Corporate than the so-called ‘good ol boys’ that made it famous.”

David Scott:  “They’re gonna have to watch what they say and what they do a little more carefully than they did in the old days.”  

Announcer in background: “Up the hill goes Edwards…” (means that this message is for the “Upstairs” which means the Illuminati Pizzagate Players who actually live in the future from us here but descend down to our “time window” and are given “empty” human cloned bodies to use while “on vacation” to prey upon people here just like they mock us about in their show Westworld on HBO. Hera is depicted as Delores on that show.)

CBS reporter: “The second is safety. In the past fans would fill stadiums to watch their favorite racers crash into each other.” (This is a reference to the Traveler & Illuminati practice of brutally killing each other at The Gathering (Sunday Bloody Sunday) and eating the remains and also the souls. Cannibalism. You Travelers need to know that this is a Grey alien practice that they use the time machine to make it seem to you is a human sacred tradition. It is not. Stop doing it.)

Scott: “The safety has become so much improved over recent years that there’s, there hasn’t been as much a risk of serious injury as there used to be.” (This means that there is so much heat from law enforcement right now that you should not be killing each other as there is a greater risk of getting caught, and therefore being unable to return to the upstairs. (They kill their human body here to release themselves back to the “upstairs” environment, which sits about 200 years in the future from us in a parallel world where what they do here does not affect them upstairs. See the video at the bottom of this post where they discuss this Parallel World and their plans to close our “Time Window” to the past here on Earth because it is too hot right now for them to have their usual fun here.))

Grey Galding: “I feel like our sport…” (“I feel” and “sport” are code words for “alien witch” as the letter “f” means alien, and “eel” means “electric eel” which refers to the alien witch practice of shocking victims with electrical pulses or “lightening strikes.” “Sport” means “sp” which is code for “spell” which means a “witch” and “or” means alien. “Sp or t.”  So this Grey Galding is telling the Travelers that he is a “witch” and also telling his own people that he is a “Grey” – one of them. And therefore to listen to whatever this person says in the future. Grey Galding.

CBS reporter: “Nineteen year old Grey Galding is the youngest racer on the circuit. He believes the sport sells itself.” (This means that the reporter is telling the Travelers who understand this message that Grey is a “young racer, who believes” and that means that he is a Traveler Human in the Fours, Sixes or Sevens, but a “child” which means a Traveler and not Illuminati.  But above he signaled that he is a Grey alien, posing as a human being. 

Galding: “You don’t get that feel until you show up at the race track. You smell the fumes, you see the tires. I feel like a lot of people still come to the races just because it’s so exciting.” (“You don’t get that feel” means “I am a “don’t” which means alien (opposite of “do” or “can” which means human), and a “feel” which again means “f eel,” a Grey alien. But the Travelers who don’t know about the Greys may believe he is saying only that he is a “Get” which is code for an evil witch.  Travelers believe there are magical “Gets” out there, magical wizards. That is not magic, it is all Grey technology, which even the Parents and the Gets did not know until recently.  “I feel” is the same thing again, “I am a evil witch with the power to shock you, just like an electric eel.”

CBS reporter: “Promoting young drivers like Grey is part of Nascar’s strategy to counteract an aging fan base. Anthony, they’re also changing the race itself, with a new point system which is meant to create more action on TV.”  This means: Promoting young Travelers who are human and not Illuminati to the position of evil Wizard (called a “Get”), is part of the Illuminati’s strategy to counteract the current problem of the “children” which means humans on Earth, growing up (“aging”) and realizing that there is no magic, no Santa Claus, and that all of the magical things they see is the result of Grey technology. To combat this, they will make more humans on Earth become “evil Wizards” in the Traveler Family hierarchy, and those people or “Gets” will believe they have magical powers and this will spread the word to the Travelers that there is indeed magic here on Earth.  There isn’t. That is a computer actuating your thoughts at lightening speed, so that to you it feels like magic. But it is Grey technology.

“They are also changing the race itself, with a new point system which is meant to create more action on TV.” Is similar Code, meaning that a new “pointy hat” (code for “Wizard” or “Witch”) system will create more “action” which is Code for Humans (“words” is code for alien), on TV, which is Code for this entire Earth, which is broadcast upstairs to the Grey aliens and human Illuminati members up in the future from here. They watch all of our lives as though we are a movie or TV show. They actually do.

Here’s the video of Illuminati discussing their plans to close our time window (“the end of the world” “pile of rubble” “parallel universe” “judging you”) now that it is not very much fun for them due to the Pizzagate heat, and read more here.






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