(@FBI @CIA) Adamant reliable Illuminati reports that #Pizzagate children ARE being held at CERN underground and possibly Colo & NM

We don’t have much more information than this. Numerous people have told us this in person but not through emails or with any other evidence to be able to post here.  We believe the people that are speaking to us, and we know that they have reason to know what they are talking about. They are Illuminati and they are on our “Tether” which is a conference call that we all are on, inside our heads.  They are hostages and so am I – all of us on an electronic leash and also the Tether.  Hopefully you know about that technology. If you don’t, I would be happy to explain it to you in person and take a lie detector test. I am happy to help in any way that I can, and you can email me at davidandherasblog@gmail.com.  I formerly had a Top Secret clearance myself and dealt with the FBI and Secret Service, so you do have a file on me available to you.  Hera

We are told that the “surviving Pizza children” sometimes are held underground in the CERN maze for years. Also look at that tunnel in Sweden or Germany that had the Illuminati ritual “opening ceremony.”  That video is on You Tube. We know they had multiple time loops open and that they would move a child into another time loop to attack them but we are closing the time loops as soon as we can detect them. That leaves underground tunnels at CERN, and possibly New Mexico and Colorado, and even possibly Area 51. Please organize multiple OUTSIDE investigators to do a complete walk through of every high security underground tunnel, but especially at CERN, Colo. and New Mexico. Please do that. It is horrendous to know that these children are raped and tortured for years.

We know how terrible these Pizzagate Players are, beyond human comprehension, beyond your imagination, the terrible things they do to these children and possibly some adults too. Horrific tortures and we must find thesebakeries here and therethat the Players brag are continuing to operate and hold “money” which is their code word for humans.  Code words for humans are “pizzas” “tacos” “money” “dollars” “hot dogs” and they are held (and also cloned and gestated using advanced tech) at  “Pizza ovens” “taco factories” “bakeries” “hot dog stands” “the farm” or “farms” and “freezers” or “on ice.”  Look for references to such places, even if they sound innocuous, in communications of Bohemian Club members, and especially James Alefantis and on the Podesta email servers. Look at Anthony Bourdain and Guy Fieri’s communications as well, they also are personas (Bourdain) and Pizzagate friends (Fieri) of the Illuminati leader who calls himself “Kodiak” and occupies Comet and Trump

We ask you to read closely this entire blog as in it we point out many places to find Pizzagate evidence. Even if you find the blog unbelievable that does not change the fact that what we are posting here is accurate and true information. Do not discount it because it sounds insane. The people doing this to the human population are insane. They are Grey aliens and every one of them is insane. They can act like regular humans for a time but they do reveal their irrational minds, inability to reason, and utter self-absorption, after just a short time of talking.  Trump is one of them and another of his personas is Jimmy Comet, and another was Ariel Castro.  Same Grey alien, doing the same horrible things.  Also please check on Castro’s victims and ask them if they have been hearing voices in their heads or are being threatened in any “magical” or “improbable” way. They do have time travel access and they use it to move themselves right into the room of any innocent person they choose. Those women may have information about this or may be still harassed and victimized by “invisible means,” which could cause them not to report this “untraceable” victimization. Especially the woman who is raising Kodiak’s (Castro’s) child. She certainly will still be monitored by Kodiak as some “human” figure in this woman’s life.

Do not dismiss this. We must reach those children and help them.  Bear in mind that Trump is head of the Illuminati, is a Grey, and another persona of his is Jimmy “Comet” Alefantis.  Therefore you may need to reach out to other governments to find independent people able to get access to these tunnels. Organize a group with numerous people from different countries if you can, since the Greys are everywhere and make up possibly more than half of the human population. We just don’t know. They tend to take government jobs and celebrity roles because that is more “fun” for them and it enables them to more easily control the human population (e.g., Trump).  Make sure your inspectors don’t split up as they check various places. Make them record with body cameras as they look and review every single person’s footage before deleting it.  Look for evidence of a holding cell very closely. These Greys also possess miniaturization technology and they may use it to render victims invisible to the naked eye, while the rooms they are in remain visible.  Hopefully you have technology available to look very closely, try infrared and heat technology to detect if these children may be present but unseeable with the naked eye.

We need you to do this, and right away.  If anyone reading this has the ability to help these children then you must do it, no matter how insane you may sound to others. Get to it, you have a moral obligation to your human and other brothers and sisters out there.  Just as I do, although I may sound insane.  Your reputation is not nearly as important as helping these hostages. Thank you.


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