Illuminati show The Bold and The Beautiful discussing ending our world due to Pizzagate heat

Here’s one of numerous videos of the Illuminati discussing their plans to close our time window where we sit about 200 years into the past from the “upstairs” earth, which is in a parallel time window such that what they do here has no effect on their real lives “upstairs.”  They want to close this window “to the past” because it is not very much fun for them to prey upon us due to the Pizzagate heat. The Bold and the Beautiful has always been an Illuminati communication mechanism. Listen on the video for “the end of the world, (but) not ours anyway” “yesterday” (code for us here in the past from them by about 200 years), “bulldoze that pile of rubble” “dropped into a parallel universe” (refers to the “upstairs” Illuminati down here on “Earth”) “end of the world” said again, reiterated to emphasize to the Illuminati Players that they need to evacuate this world, and, finally, warning that authorities are”judging you” i.e., monitoring our communications and investigating Pizzagate.

This message is telling the Illuminati “Players” down here from upstairs to get back upstairs because they are going to wipe out our Earth by reducing it to a pile of rubble. They usually accomplish closing windows to the past with an “alien attack” scenario designed to frighten the living daylights out of everyone on Earth before blasting their ears and brains out with Sound Guns, and hitting our ozone layer with lasers to poke holes in our protective atmosphere, to watch us all burn to death. It is true, and we are sorry and doing everything we can to stop them. You upstairs people need to know that Kodiak and Bee (or whatever names you call them) did this to your environment about a month ago. You are not at all immune to the “alien attack” scenario.

Check out the Bold and the Beautiful’s opening sequence shot showing Anton LaVey, head of the Church of Satan up in the balcony, just like his image is shown on the inside cover to the album Hotel California, decoded here. Notice the same three arches from Hotel California also appear on the cover of the Satanic Illuminati Band Rush’s Moving Pictures Album, decoded here (bottom right).


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