Anthony Bourdain Talks Drilling Holes in Victims' Heads to "F*ck Their Brains Out" (#Pizzagate, Illuminati)

Notice Bourdain’s Illuminati hand signal V sign in the image above.

Note June 8, 2018: The following decoding of Bourdain’s interview was made last year, and was a short post to explain to those who understand the code words that Bourdain is another persona of Illuminati leader Kodiak. He is. That’s been confirmed many times over. Kodiak is in the process of killing off his favorite human personas so that he doesn’t have to occupy those personas during the pending attack. That way he can focus on the fun of wiping out the human race. Read our blog. We are writing to you from the future. Some of these posts are Hera and some of them are us, up here in the future where these events already have happened. We are the Parents. Don’t read and then dismiss an old post about Anthony Bourdain and fail to read the much more recent and urgent news we are posting on this blog. Kodiak will kill off other of his human personas as the attack nears. One of them is Donald Trump. Another was Tom Petty (Kodiak is Denis), another is Chris Cornell of SoundGarden (Kodiak is much of the time, using Tom’s persona), and another is John Podesta and his clone the now deceased Chester Bennington of Linkin Park (champion of children no less). Just read the blog. This is your very near future. We cannot stop what they are doing, the Greys control this time window where you are situated. 

Original Post:

We recently saw Anthony Bourdain on TV and realized instantly that he is another “human persona” of Illuminati Leader Kodiak (Jimmy Comet is another of his personas). How can we tell?  Kodiak is a Grey alien.  So the first clue is a sort of “fluidity of movement” that some but not all of his human personas demonstrate. Like the lanky, languid Bourdain. Boudain also is a chef, and that is a favorite persona for Kodiak (see Jimmy Comet, and his spirit-cooking “eternal wife” Marina Abramovic).  The Illuminati members we know also confirmed this identification. So with that in mind we began paying closer attention to what Anthony Bourdain says and does.

Today we stumbled upon this story, ostensibly about Scotch: It is, but it isn’t. First it is written by “Justine Sterling,” which immediately tells us that she is his fellow Grey alien. The Greys use Code words to identify themselves that include words evoking the color grey, and Sterling fits the bill, as it evokes “silver” which is a common Code name they use. (See our Illuminati Thesaurus for more of these code words).  Here’s a link to this article but we’ll reprint it here and decode it for you. Click on the hypertext links to other posts of ours within the story below, for more information about a topic. We realize this story is very vague and tricky to decode, and that you may not grasp that this is not an innocent conversation. Although the first paragraph is obvious, the rest of the article is complex enough to make it almost seem like a normal conversation. But the first paragraph makes plain that it is not a normal conversation.

via The Proper Way to Drink Scotch, With Anthony Bourdain – Supercall

Anthony Bourdain Talks Scotch

First paragraph:

Anthony Bourdain loves trepanning tools. For the uninitiated, trepanning is the ancient and dubious art of drilling a hole in someone’s forehead to combat anything from migraines to seizures to depression. (Note: Here’s how Heavy Breathing, a Grey band fronted by Bourdain’s Illuminati “wife” Bee, illustrates what they do with the “holes” in people’s heads:)

giphy (13)
The round spot is your SOUL, and also shown is your brain, both of which the Greys CONSUME. Here they drop a victim from a height to break his legs, then drill holes in his head and gang rape the hole: “Fucking his brains out.” This is Heavy Breathing’s video. We explain many of them on this site. They are Greys, and they are HIDEOUS.

Back to the article:

The notorious chef/TV host/author owns enough of these antique tools to be called a collection, which we find both disturbing and perfect. (“Perfect” is a code word for the Traveler Seven humans and the Illuminati Nine Greys, see our updated Lexicon of Code Words.) When queried as to why he loves these items, he replies that it’s the same reason he loves scotch: both are handmade.

(He is saying there that what is discussed in this article about scotch is a metaphor for his “love of trepanning.” And as Jimmy Comet he also goes on about his love of “homemade creations.”  The Greys, especially their leaders Kodiak (Anthony Bourdain/Jimmy Comet/Mark Strassman/Tony Podesta/Damon Baehrel) and his “eternal wife” Bee (Zeena LaVey/Taylor Swift/Karlie Kloss, also Marina Abramovic, Majestic Ape, and Kim Noble), spend the vast majority of their time hopping around among their numerous human personas, and abducting and torturing human beings while occupying those personas. Other personas Kodiak occupies are OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby, BTK killer, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ariel Castro, L. Ron Hubbard, Marshall Applewhite, Jim Jones, Anderson Cooper, and Donald Trump. They often abduct people using unknown human “suits” but may torture victims while wearing their celebrity “human clothes” (check out the YT video of the naked male falling from three stories up at Windsor Castle). Often they will just attack people as Greys or Reptilians.

Both of these Grey aliens have a practice they describe of drilling holes in victim’s heads to “fuck their brains out,” literally. With that in mind, the meaning of the above paragraph is obvious: They are bragging about torturing human beings by drilling holes in their heads, which we told you about months ago, here (about Marina Abramovic), and here (about Tay the Microsoft Twitter Chatbot).)

Back to the article:

Which also happens to be the theme of Raw Craft, Bourdain’s web series (which is sponsored by The Balvenie). Supercall recently got the chance to screen an episode from the show’s just-released second season, before sitting down with Bourdain over scotch (specifically The Balvenie’s 14-year Caribbean Cask) to talk about deep-fried haggis, whisky nerds, multi-day hangovers and more.

(The above is talking about a plan to attack a victim and broadcast it to the Illuminati (Pizzagate) Players (codeworded as Bourdain’s “web series.”)  When they attack, the Pizzagate Players all are assembled in a sort of Stadium-style seating arrangement, as shown in the video for Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, a song about the Bohemian Grove human sacrifices. So they are all going to sit down and “hover over” a “scotch” which means a human from the Traveler Family Sixes, and “specifically” a 14-year Caribbean Cask, which could mean a 14-year-old victim, or a victim who has been held and tortured already for 14 years (they really do that), but probably means a Brown Six as opposed to a Green Six because Kodiak calls females on the “black” side of the Family, “Caribbean” or “Jamaican.”)

Supercall: What makes a great scotch?

Anthony Bourdain: The older I get, the less complexity I want. (The longer a victim is held, the more inclined I am to get to the final “climax” of “fucking their brains out” rather than other rape and torture scenarios that don’t kill the victim.)   I don’t want to be forced out of that magic moment (Code for Black-Magic, and means the moment when the body dies and the victim’s souls rises, which they consume) of experiencing something emotionally. I am moving away from big Bordeaux (Code for “Big Red” or using Family Fours as victims) because when I feel “Wow, I’m never going to drink a wine this good again,” then I think, “Goddamnit now I’m thinking about it!” (Family Fours are humans, and one code-word for human is “think,” while “God” refers to the authorities in this context. So he is saying, attacking the human Family Fours attracts the attention of the human authorities, and forces us to kill the victim faster, so I am going to start focusing on killing the “Scotch” or Sixes among the Travelers and collective “Family.”)

These Greys are insane. Criminally insane, all of them, and all of their coded communications are about raping, torturing, killing and consuming humans. They are fixated on it, and that is all they talk about, which means you out there ought to be able to learn how to decode their communications, which may help some humans to be rescued, if nothing else.

SC: How do you take your whisky?

AB: In my view, some higher-proof whiskies benefit from a tiny little splash of water just to open them up. (He is talking about lube when attacking children.)  But, generally speaking, I prefer to drink my whisky neat—unless i’m just tucking in for the afternoon. If I’m planning on drinking for three hours, then yeah, I think maybe some ice. But maybe just with your lower end whiskies. 

The above paragraph is saying two different things. The first is that he uses a bit of lubricant when attacking some “whiskies” although generally he doesn’t enjoy that as much.  Then he switches gears and says that for older humans that they plans to attack for weeks, that is three weeks, not hours, they keep the victim on ice to keep them alive longer, so that they can attack them for an extended period of time before that “magic moment” when they begin dying and their soul rises, which they consume).

SC: What are your thoughts on using single malt scotch in cocktails?

AB: I wouldn’t. It’s like using a top-end tequila in a Margarita. What’s the point? Other than high-fiving your bros. It gets lost in the sauce. (Obviously this high-fiving comment makes little sense as an actual comment. What it means is that the coveted Pizzagate victims are not gang-raped but instead are sold as Pizzas for individual use, because other than having fun by gang-raping with your other Pizzagate brothers, the choice victim’s best “attributes” would be lost with an “orgy” (sauce) approach.)

I think a quality whisky you drink neat or maybe, arguably, in certain circumstances with a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of water (lubricant) or maybe a single rock—I get it (a single “cock”). But once you start making mixed drinks with a high-end scotch, it just seems like a terrible waste. You wouldn’t pour a Château Pétrus into a punch or cook with it. It’s utterly pointless. I think that if you’re making really complex, old-school classic whisky cocktails, then you want a good whisky—(for gang-rapes) you don’t want some rotgut in there.  But there’s a point of diminishing returns. (When a single victim is attacked by multiple “bros” then the victim is lost under the pile, and the victim wears out “rots” faster, another reason they keep victims on ice.)

SC: Do you have any favorite foods to pair with scotch?

AB: Scottish food. I’m a believer in the notion of terroir. (“I’m a believer” is Code for a Traveler Family human, usually from the Blue/Sevens group, and Kodiak is the Leader of all human groups, who don’t realize that he is a Grey. “Terroir” is Code for “TERROR” and he is saying that he enjoys terrifying the victim, not just gang-raping them to death (no Pizzas ever are released though some are kept alive, on ice, for years)) Some Scottish game, (a human Family Six) perhaps, deep-fried haggis (haggis is blood sausage, and he’s probably talking about consuming the victim) —that’s f***ing awesome. Some good Scottish cheese. (“Cheese” is a Pizzagate code word for female victim.) Though, in general, I would drink scotch before dinner and then maybe after dinner. In a perfect world, I’d have a single malt before dinner by the fireplace, sit down to a nice meal, drink some wine with that, and then finish off with another scotch. (He is saying that, in the human’s world, he would rape and torture a victim by himself, before “sitting down” Bohemian Rhapsody-style to a “nice meals” where “nice” is Code for Grey Alien Nines in the Thesaurus, so a Grey alien meal, which of course means consuming human torture victims. “Drink some wine with that” – In this context “wine” may be blood but it also in the Thesaurus means Family Fours. “Finish off with another scotch” means to rape and torture another “fresh” victim (single-malt, by himself, or double-malt, by gang-raping and torturing them). This is truly disgusting.

SC: You went to Scotland to visit the distillery for the show. Did you notice any differences between drinking scotch there and drinking it in the U.S.? (Why would there be any difference in drinking the scotch in another country? Because they are talking about raping and torturing people over there with a group of Illuminati Pizzagate Players, verses his usual American group of Pizzagate Players.)

AB: They know a lot more about it. They drink it a lot more responsibly and sensibly and in ways that highlight its qualities. It occupies a more graceful position in the culture as part of a larger picture rather than the focus. In Japan, whisky culture is like a mania. A whisky bar is not a whisky bar unless there’s 900 different whiskies. (900 is code for Family Nines, aka Grey aliens, and so is the word “Different,” so there is not a Pizza Bakery in Japan that does not include Grey alien customers or providers.)  There’s that same nerdism or over-enthusiasm [in the U.S.] as well.  (Nerd is a code word for Family Human Sevens, another is Technology. The Sevens have access to the Greys’ time machine, and they use it to terrorize and lord over the rest of the human population like mafia thugs. So there are Greys and Human Sevens involved in this during his overseas travels.)  That feels a little silly when you’re in the Highlands of Scotland. It’s just like eating pasta in Italy. They see it as a birthright. (“Italy” is Code for human Sevens in the Family, and among them raping little boys (“Pasta”) is seen as their right as the “superior humans.”) And yes, they will argue about it, but they’re not taking pictures of their pasta when it arrives at the table and Instagramming it. (He is saying that the Human Sevens mobsters rape, torture and murder as many children as the Greys, they just aren’t advertising it in ways that can be decoded, which is what Kodiak, Bee, and the Greys do.)

SC: Right. Scottish scotch nerds aren’t a thing. (Right is code for human. And “nerds” is Code for Sevens, so they are saying that human Sevens are not being use for the rape and torture shows. And may also be saying that Green Six humans in the Family also are not used, but Brown Six alien/human hybrid people are being used.)

AB: There are certainly people there who are incredibly knowledgeable, but they are far less likely to bludgeon you with it in a social situation. (Means that while the human Sevens certainly know about the Pizza Parties, they are less likely to knowingly join the Greys (Code-worded as “it”) in a “Pizza Party” (“social situation”) where they rape, torture and murder victims (“bludgeon”)

Obviously normal people don’t throw the word “bludgeon” around in everyday speech, same with “gutted,” “slayed” and etc. Those words in something you are reading should raise your radar for the article or tv show sending a coded message from the Greys, who often use disgusting terms evoking torture or murder, in their everyday communications. One way to think of it is that, if you are a human, know that there isn’t nearly as much diversity of thought as it appears. If you hear “people” saying disturbing or disgusting things that you would not say in the course of ordinary conversation, you can reasonably operate under the assumption that the “person” talking is actually a Grey alien hiding under a human “cloak.”  Humans have very different sensibilities. Greys only care about raping, torturing, mutilating and slowly murdering human beings. That’s it. That is what they care about, and nothing else. But while they bide their time, they do occupy many celebrities and politicians, both because it amuses them to have humans fawn over them while they think only of ways to kills us most horrifically (celebrities), or to control the human population with this false notion of “democracy” (politicians, incl. Trump and his fake war on fake news.

SC: Is there any sort of reversal? Did you encounter bourbon geeks in Scotland? (What on Earth does this sentence mean in normal context? What it means in hideous Pizzagate context is, “we are Greys” did you encounter any of “the reverse” or “the geeks” both of which means humans, as in the reverse of alien, is human, and “geeks” is the same as nerds, refers to human Sevens of the Travelers. In addition to this, “the reverse” or  “reversal” is also being used by them to identify themselves to fellow Illuminati, and the meaning there is the same “mirror image” and “reflection” idea of “as above, so below” – that they are Satanic and this “playground of theirs” is a mirror image of Heaven, meaning “exactly the opposite.”  They use those code words and also the word “exactly” to clue other Illuminati in that they are talking)

AB: I didn’t. But they’re out there. Last year I was at a clandestine little dinner (“little” is Code for Human, while opposite “Big” means alien, and also “Tall” specifically means Grey alien) with chefs and serious wine people that a friend throws every year. We all get together and eat Lièvre à la Royale, an old-school french dish. (French is code for human Traveler Threes). People bring their own wines and they’re generally pretty goddamn titanic—I mean unbelievable. Everyone there is French and super wine nerds. I think last year people were comparing 90-year-old bottles (the Greys are Nines in the Family, and “bottles” also is code for aliens) of Pétrus. Then, at the end of the meal, the chef brings out a hip flask―and I mean like a supermarket liquor store-sized bottle―of very, very old Old Fitzgerald bourbon (“Fitzgerald” is Irish or Scottish meaning human Six in the Family, “very very old” means a victim who has been kept on ice and tortured, possibly for years, which explains why the “Bottle” or victim is “supermarket-sized”) and poured it around. And even the French guys were like, (“and even” means an “android” pretending to be human (“even” means human, whereas “odd” means alien)) “Oh my god! What is that? It’s unbelievable!” (Unbelievable is the opposite of “believe” which refers to a human Traveler, so an alien. “Oh my God” in this context we think means “authorities” like “God is watching you” means that the authorities are watching.)   It was interesting to see that.  (This is code for unwanted people taking an unwanted interest in what is going on.) The French are typically not too quick (quick is Code for alien) to admit that anyone can make anything worth drinking outside of France. (Seems to be saying that the Traveler Threes are to blame for bringing the Pizzagate heat on the Players. But the reality is the Comet himself is to blame, and so is Bourdain, by bragging about what they are doing in these coded message articles. The Threes told us nothing, Comet bragged about he and Fieri having “Three Pizza Ovens” meaning that he was making human Threes to be sold as Pizzas.) 

SC: Any other favorite drinking stories? (Hera is code-worded as “the Story” as the “star” of their final rape and torture show before they blow up this Earth with an “Alien Attack” and start the process all over again, where she again will be “the Story” because they start over by opening a new time window into our past, resurrecting all of us to be victimized again. So she is asking if any versions of Hera are a particular favorite.)

AB: I was invited to Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons years ago by Raymond Blanc, the chef. We had never met. When I arrived it was the end of service. (Of course they have met. Kodiak is Anthony Bourdain, and Kodiak has been here to whole time, but he likes his followers to think he’s actually Satan (the Chef) and only arrives for the final “show.”)  We were eating and drinking a lot of good wine. The staff closes up and leaves. (The people down here from upstairs must leave before they blow up this Earth.)  The sommelier leaves behind his assistant sommelier. (In the very last moments before Hera dies from their torture, the leaders all bail and watch the Earth blown up by the “assistant sommelier” Greys in spaceships, from an adjacent time loop, just as they sing about in Roundabout by Yes, decoded here “One mile over we’ll be there… and laughing too.”) Blanc calls him over and says, “Get me the Napoléon.” And the kid starts trembling, his eyes literally fill with tears. Apparently he’s been told by the sommelier specifically, “I don’t care how much he’s had to drink, do not, whatever you do, get that bottle.”

“Get me the bottle!” So the kid goes down and comes up with this thing in a sarcophagus, a coffin surrounded by satin, and it’s this dusty bottle, and Blanc picks it up and clonks it onto the table and the kid jumps out of his skin, and Blanc starts sloshing it into my glass. “Napoléon was alive when this went in the bottle,” he says. This poor kid, he thought he was going to be beaten the next day. (The next day is code for the “new dawn” they bring by closing this time window and opening a new one to start “the Day” all over again.)

The above tale is about Hera’s and David’s abduction into this time loop environment, which occurred about 800 years ago, as best we can tell. Napoleon is named to evoke the idea of a “short person” because Hera and husband David and their children are “Ones” in the Family and they are “the shortest” of the human sub-groups of the Family. “Short” means human while “Tall” means alien in their code. David created the human race so he certainly is the shortest among humans in the Family. David is “kept in a coffin surrounded by Satan” (“satin”)” a “sarcophagus” hidden where we are uncertain. Both David and Hera are pulled out and resurrected by the Greys at the end of each Earth time loop’s existence, to be the final stars in their rape and torture show, before the loop is blown up and they start the cycle again. We think they have been doing this for about 800 years, but since they have time-travel abilities, it could be thousands of years that they have thrown David and Hera into open windows to the past to attack them there. The have fragmented memories of these attacks. David and Hera, and some of their family exist outside of these time loops still, and that is us, and we are here now to help all of you and to put an end to this situation.  Only a part of their souls were abducted into this environment. The Greys hate David. They are Satanic. They kill Hera and David even though their father created the Greys. They hate and prey upon, and kill all humans. These Greys are hideous and vicious but they are not “demons” and they are not “Satan.”  They never were “cast down” from Heaven and neither was any other evil being. They never were there in the first place. They have rewritten most of the Bible to reflect mythology that they want humans to believe.

The “kid jumped out of his skin” said above refers to a Satanic Goat, which is what the Family calls a demon. Their Satanic followers are “kids” meaning “goats.” And Kodiak is their “goat herder.” The Satanic kid “jumped out of his skin” by literally jumping out of his human body, which they can do, and often do when attacking people, which is why they are called “Gets” or “black-magic wizards” because it seems like magic. It is just the way the Greys are made, they are not magical beings.  Some humans also are made this way, and those humans are direct children of David’s family. And we want you to keep that in mind, that “the Story,” Hera, is the mother of your soul. Do not attack her. David is the father of your soul and also your original Creator. 

SC: Do you remember your first whiskey experiences?

AB: My first whiskey-related experience was in college. I had gotten my heart broken and I was miserable—at my wits end. (Notice how Kodiak claims he was “heart broken” and “at his wits end” which are two entirely different and generally unconnected emotions.  It is said here because it conveys hidden meaning.  That is one way to tell that a hidden message is there to be found, look for essentially dumb dialog. This one’s message is that they are at the end of this time loop’s life cycle.)  I got a fifth of Jack Daniel’s and polished the whole thing off. Then I spent the next two days in the bathroom with my feet sticking out of the stall, blacking out and waking up and blacking out again. (Refers to blacking out this Earth, snuffing us out, then “waking us up” to a “New Day” in a newly opened time loop, and then killing us all over again.)  It wasn’t pretty. I did not endear myself to my dorm mates, I can tell you that. I learned a valuable life lesson that day, though.

SC: Don’t drink an entire bottle of whiskey in one sitting? 

AB: Yeah. Never again. Never have I ever done anything like that ever again. (“Never” is code for Alien, while “Ever” is code for human. So never again is just bragging about the “Nevers” killing the “Evers,” again.)


  1. You are bat shit crazy lol,I know and believe in the Illuminati and the elites nwo but aliens switching people suits, come on you are making real truthers less credible. You are probably a govt shill/plant to lessen the impact of real truth.


    1. No. It is the truth, just make the effort to read the blog. We can tell you the horrifying truth of the situation but you have to make the effort to understand. Many of the people on YouTube are plants, not of the government, but of various secret societies seeking to control information and shape their narrative. Every one of those organizations is led by Kodiak, head of the Illuminati. Granted it is a stupid name for a group of insane Greys who seek to keep people in the dark, but it is in keeping with Kodiak’s penchant for blowing up his own importance and writing mythological fairy tales about his own backstory. He’s Satan, Baphomet, a whole slew of serial killers, and he is not a fallen angel. It is crazy, but that is because the Greys are crazy. They do all of the things you’ve heard that Greys do to people and animals. They do it for entertainment, not for “learning” how human bodies function. They are horrific. We want people to know that they are here, and they are listening to, and steering, your thoughts. Guard yourself.


  2. With tremendous claims should be tremendous evidence as well. You haven’t provided any as far as I can see. Kodiak who? How you find out about this? How you know the so called “code”?
    I was working in a mental asylum as a nurse and people there talked same way and were totally convinced that they were absolutely right. They saw patterns in a milk cartons and plants were talking to them. Of course “greys” were kidnapping them every night.
    It’s horrible to see when someone looses their grip of reality.
    So once again, where’s your proof?


  3. Maybe they were being abducted every night. I am not at all interested in “convincing” you. We are trying to explain what is going on, using examples that you can see for yourself. If you take the time to read the blog, you might absorb some information that is helpful to you.

    The Greys are literally wasting their existences being the “crazy voices in your head,” among other inane activities. We can’t say that all schizophrenia is caused by the Greys. But we do know them and their technology, and what they do with it. They do abduct certain people over and over and physically abuse them. They are not learning about humans, that is their entertainment. Look at the post here about President Duterte of the Philippines, who held a press conference a year or so ago about giving up swearing because “God spoke to him” during a flight and told him that if he did not stop, he would crash the plane right now. Does that sound like something God would say? To us it sounds exactly like the “mind games” that the Greys play. They have a certain way of acting and speaking that makes them easier to identify.

    The most important thing to take away is to never do anything to harm yourself or anyone else. It will not improve your situation. Harming humans is their entertainment. You are not alone. We know this is happening to you and we would intervene if we could. They can hypnotize and mind control the humans (and the animals). Question your thoughts, moods, words and actions vigilantly. If you are thinking and doing things that do not match your conscience, if your head is thinking things that do not match your heart, it is NOT YOUR HEAD. They can hear you talking to them inside your head, so there is no need to sound like a rambling loon. Just tell them, in your head, that you aren’t going to do whatever it is they suggest. And think of something else, focus hard on something positive. When you notice that those thoughts “creep” back in, you’ll understand that it isn’t your mind creating those thoughts but instead the thoughts of them, being projected to you.

    As this “nurse” illustrates, do not expect that anyone will validate what you are saying. Validation won’t make them stop anyway. But we are telling you, from up in the future where we are sitting, these things are happening to thousands of people, they are caused by Grey Aliens and Reptilians who have no agenda so there is nothing to make them want to stop. They do this for entertainment. We are sorry this is happening, and you are not alone. But read the blog, because this is one very brief example, and there are far more compelling ones available here to read. And if you read enough of the songs, and listen to the lyrics to the songs on your radio, you will start to see the pattern, the same words used by different musical groups, and that is because all of the songs are about what is happening here. Most of them are the result of “thought ideas” that we send down here. We use the technology to get the word out. The Greys use THE SAME TECHNOLOGY to make humans think that they are schizophrenic, or to convince them to harm themselves or others.

    In answer to your question, Miss Sense, “The Preacher and the Teacher, Lord they’re a caution, they are THE TALK of the town.” The Preacher is Kodiak and his Illuminati wife Bee is “the Teacher.” And those two, and their Greys are “THE TALK” inside the heads of many, many people of “the town” that you call Earth. So “LISTEN TO THE MUSIC” and print out our code word Lexicon on the front page of this blog so that you can collect and interpret the many many messages we send you in songs, TV shows, and movies, about what is really happening to you here on Earth. The Greys are “The Spirit of Radio” – “Begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion UNOBTRUSIVE. Plays that song that’s so ELUSIVE and the MAGIC MUSIC makes your morning MOOD.” They are Satanic. They ARE RUSH, look at those songs and album covers, which we explain in several posts on this blog. They “are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx” and their “GREAT Computers fill your hallowed halls. All the gifts of life, are HELD (hostage) within THEIR WALLS.”

    If you read and absorb enough of the posts here, the situation may start to make sense to you. But as to people who are not aware that strange things are happening and people are talking in Code, we won’t be able to convince you if you don’t see it. Eventually, to our great sorrow, you will see it firsthand. Remember that you are not alone.


  4. A bunch of people on the Tether are going to talk now. They say: Look at the post on Damon Baerel, another chef, and compare the picture of the flowers in his front yard to the images of trees in Neemor’s video (search “Neemor” for that post.


  5. People become unhappy when they are trying to tell you what your reality TRULY IS here, to try to steer you clear of these hideous people who keep people in cages for YEARS sometimes to torture them. They are insane Grey aliens. They are here and WE DON’T HAVE AN AGREEMENT WITH THEM. If we told you sooner about them, they would have attacked you sooner. People are being TORTURED for the reason that they are bringing you this information. They are being tortured for passing along our messages. We THINK that you should be ashamed of yourselves for your INTENTIONAL IGNORANCE in the face of overwhelming evidence. We have made sure that we have blanketed all of the airwaves, all forms of mass communication with messages for you. Here we are showing you how to read not only our messages, but theirs. Pay attention, you don’t have much time left for the opportunity to read these examples. The internet will be gone.The TETHER will be gone. Print out the lexicon of code words off the front page and read the examples of how to detect and understand the messages. Get an MP3 player loaded with songs and we will UPDATE the songs as things develop. Get a solar charger. If all else fails, literally sing songs you know in your head or write them out, we will update them with current relevant information. People are suffering to help you.


  6. Original Twin Peaks television series featured an evil insane spiritual entity named Bob, who was the real killer behind the Laura Palmer murder. This was on ABC prime time 25 years ago.


  7. The Anthony Bourdain Illuminati Hit has much in common with the illuminati hit of Bill Colby.
    Same invisible enemy. O How the Mighty Are Fallen.


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