Illuminati Bold & Beautiful Clip About Earth Apocalypse to Make Home for the Greys

Above image is Anton LaVey, Church of Satan founder, presiding over “the show” just like he does on the inside cover of Hotel California, decoded here. Bill Spencer is the Bold and the Beautiful character below in the black who intentionally evokes the Prince of Darkness. He calls himself “Kodiak,” and is head of the Satanic Illuminati along with wife Bee. That cross Bill Spencer wears symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus, which he caused.  They are Grey aliens which, as we explain in our Thesaurus, are code worded as smoke and chrome/silver, and a number of other words that evoke the color Grey (or sound like “Grey” such as the word “Great”). The name “Bill” is a Kodiak favorite (and he is the “Bill” portrayed in the movies “Kill Bill I & II” while I am portrayed as Beatrix (Uma Thurman’s character) and Bill’s wife Bee is actually portrayed as all of the women in the movie that Uma’s character must kill in order to get to Bill and rescue her child. But we’ll decode that movie later).  Kodiak is evil incarnate, in reality. And the Illuminati Players, both Grey alien and human, use advance technology and time travel to move themselves into any room to attack anyone at any place or time.  Travelers call them “Gets” as in “gonna get you!”  But they are not magical.  They can remain unseen because they pull an adjacent time loop up beside wherever the victim is located and it creates a screen effect where they can attack through the screen without the victim seeing them at all, which seems to the victim to be black magic. It is advanced Grey alien technology.

To confirm to the Greys that Bill Spencer is actually Kodiak talking to his followers, Kodiak adds his signature phrase “I get it,” which is a reference to him being a “Get” described above, and also “I am a monster,” before also describing his new building which he plans to build here on our earth as: “smoked windows, glistening chrome, (both meaning Grey aliens), mirrors everywhere. Did I ever tell you how much I like mirrors?”

Mirrors refers to the fact that the Illuminati operate in the underworld, in Hell. “As above, so below” which is the Illuminati notion that Hell is the mirror reflection and therefore the exact opposite of Heaven. They chose Hell, and much of what they do is designed as a homage to that choice, such as the artwork in their Hearst Castle, which is painted or sculpted in a mirror image of other great works of art around the world, as explained here.

What Bill is doing in this clip is discussing tearing down our world (“the building”) to make room for his “new building” with smoked windows and chrome, both referring to the color Grey, as in Grey alien.  The word “windows” refers to this Earth in the past. We are about 200 years into the past from where the Illuminati actually lives, and we are here because they opened a time window into the past to create an environment where they could prey upon humans here without suffering any consequences for it there.  They live in a parallel future and not direct. Nothing they do here affects their real lives there. For this reason they call this “Westworld” which is their show on HBO mocking our situation. Once they have their fun with Pizzagate and other atrocities, they blow up our time window with an “Alien Attack” and then close it, reopening a new window set up however they choose. Usually.  But thus far our family from Outside is closing new time loops as they open, in the hopes of leaving Kodiak (Bill) and his Grey army and human Illuminati idiots (and hostages many), with nowhere else to go but back to their upstairs home.  If they want to continue to exist down here, where many of their progeny are trapped because they were created here, then they will have to leave this window open.

With that in mind, Bill is now discussing in the below clip a new plan to wipe out all the humans here and rebuild our time window version of Earth as a Grey Empire.  But if they do that, our family will close this window on them. The Greys are not very rational. But they are virtually indestructible, completely evil, attacking even their own creator, and they possess advanced technology through which they hold this Earth hostage, even at present, although you may not realize this.

Listen in the clip for “I get it” “I’m a monster” “look at her” (“her” is Code for alien in the Thesaurus), “smoked windows, glistening chrome” (both code for Grey alien), “mirrors everywhere” (Code for Satanic Illuminati).

We want you to notice that Bill (Kodiak) says “look I get it” in the beginning of the above clip. He says that in many of his communications as a code phrase to show that it is him (Kodiak) talking.  He also says it as one of his other “human personas” Jimmy Comet/Guy Fieri here, discussing handmade gestated human Pizzas verses cloned human Pizzas, and also torturing human children, and as Anthony Bourdain here, also discussing the “handmade” children they gestate, rather than clone, to be raped and tortured to death.  He talks about the same thing as Anderson Cooper (yes “COOPer” the “chickenman”) here.  In fact raping, torturing and killing humans is about the only thing they ever talk about, as far as we can tell. These coded messages by them literally blanket the airwaves and appear in well-known songs, TV shows, movies, and articles.

Here’s another one, with Bill saying he can’t wait to tear down our Earth to rebuild it as his Grey Empire, but first he has to tear them down, meaning kill the humans on this planet. The Illuminati call this Earth a “Dream” because from the upstairs where they live 200 years up in the future, they have to descend to down here. They go to sleep connected to a device and “Dream” through a vacation existence down here on Earth, treating the rest of us here like disposable robots from Westworld on HBO, which we explain in various places. This is why they can’t bring their progeny from here back up to their home with them. Bill Spencer’s (Kodiak’s) “eternal illuminati wife” Bee facilitates this descent into “the dream” from the upstairs environment to our parallel past environment with her advanced Grey technology, so she is “Sally Spectra” and we here on Earth are her “dreams” to be squashed according to this clip.

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