Important: The Greys use positively charged air for energy. This video discusses radio pulses that discharge electrons from the upper atmosphere, which explains how the Greys make "positive air" in the first place.

We’ve been saying that these Grey aliens travel around in miniaturized space buggies that are powered by positively charged air. Once we were informed of that we bought an air ionizer or ozone machine to see if adding electrons back into our air locally here would have any effect on the space ships, which can literally miniaturize to nano-size with no effect on the Grey behind the wheel. It works! Which we talk about in this post. Those space ships drop to the floor, temporarily disabled (and theoretically ready for a once-over with a vacuum cleaner, except that once they are operational again, they may just be able to shrink small enough to find a way back out (note to self to try HEPA filters)).

Anyway, this video discusses radar/radio pulses that are having the effect of dropping the electrons in the air from the upper atmosphere. When these electrons reach a lower atmosphere they can give rise to wind storms, tornados and even hail on a clear day. Although this person in the video does not realize it, he has just explained to us how the Greys are “making” positively charged air to energize their spaceships in the first place. Now we know. They pulse the air with radio waves that cause a reduction in electrons at higher atmospheres, and this leaves that atmosphere positively charged. This may partially explain some of the chemtrails as well. But we do know that they also use those to keep the population “docile” for lack of a better word, or more easily controlled with their mind-control technology.  They also control the weather, we have see them “make it rain” in a microclimate, following us around like we are Schleprock, but we don’t know how they are doing that.

So that’s what we need to focus on to defend ourselves here – some device to prevent them from pulsing the air to create a positive charge in the first place.  Alternatively we could negatively charge the upper atmosphere with some type of giant ionizer, so long as we don’t set it so low that it deprives the humans and animals here of breathable oxygen. We are just throwing this info out there, in case there happens to be any resourceful scientists reading this blog. It is their grid anyway, but that doesn’t mean we can’t possibly improve the situation from the inside, while we wait for help on the outside.

Here’s the video:


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