Why's Trump repeating "It's the reverse" 3 times? It means "Illuminati, tune in" (to my Presidential Address)

Above is a tweet showing the media pondering Trump’s quizzical statement that “It’s the reverse” three different times in a speech about anti-semitism, where he was condemning it. What could he mean by such an odd statement and why insist on it by repeating it for a total of 3 times?  Repeating something times 3 is Illuminati Shorthand Code for 666, and it lets other Illuminati know that there will be a message to follow.  Additionally, the reference to the “reverse” is an Illuminati Code word similar to “mirrors” and “reflection” which they also use, all of which are meant to evoke the notion that the Hell they rule is the exact opposite reflection, the mirror image, the reverse of – Heaven. We told you Trump was Illuminati in this post. And we pointed out in this post that they all are under orders to speak much more carefully because the heat is on.  Finally, we also pointed out that VP Mike Pence is about as “fake news” anything can be, in a post showing him CGI’d into a fake story about a “Jewish Cemetery” where the only two headstones with easily discerned names on them conveyed names that reference our family.  In other words, it was a “hit piece” in the most literal sense.  We’ll review our recording of the State of the Union, and the prepared written speech, and report back on anything we can discern.

And here’s a recent photo of Trump pointing (which means “as above, so below”), and below that flashing the Illuminati “Six” hand sign (or circle modification), signifying 666, and his “eternal wife” Satanic Priestess Zeena LaVey/Taylor Swift (and also Corinne from the Bachelor (really)) doing the same. Just ask yourself how many times you make this or any of the other Illuminati hand signs as you go about your day. We use Mickey from Fantasia to demonstrate the proper Illuminati hand signals, because that is an Illuminati film and Mickey’s signals all are Illuminati hand signs.





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